these guys are gonna be building the
craziest pool house villa with just primitive technology and I did not
phosphor this video it’s by default fuss worded because you will see how crazy
this build is and it must have taken them literally weeks if not months to
complete so they’re starting off by creating a foundation I assume that
these poles are gonna be you know sticks to keep the villa up there straight up
gonna be building an insane villa I’m happy that there were two people because
even with ten people this would take a very long time that are starting off by
sticking it into the ground now they seem to have you know a
structure that can can hold it up and now grab these rope vine things and oh
wow okay okay now it’s time to build the walls they already started on the walls
they need to do a lot of these stuff and it’s so strong already that these both
these guys can climb on top of it together and it won’t break tighten that
tighten this type in that tight and this it seems that that that the villa is
starting to take shape and trust me this is something to be very jealous of it is
in sane okay so they seem to have a some some form of chopping tool alright
they’re chopping up these trees and people chopping up trees like this it’s
not the end of the world I know that like you know this is if it was the
Amazon rainforest and it was for or other uses it would be horrible but
they’re still keeping it in the forest okay so I don’t think it’s too bad all
right keep on chopping that piece they have so many slices right now it seems
that these are gonna be the tiles on the outside as you can see they actually are
like that the bricks they look like bricks weight they put sticks in between
them – they’re gonna be covering the entire villa with this this must take
them so long this is insane look at that instead of putting like
sticks there or whatever they have all these brick looking things they Jam a
little stick in there oh my goodness they almost have the entire house done
already give these guys like 10 years and they will have the biggest like city
in the world built in like the woods somewhere I don’t know exactly where oh
they have a staircase already but it seems that they’re building another one
maybe one that’s a little bit easier to climb well they have a ladder but now
he’s building a staircase I think so much more is to come I’m so excited to
see how they do it alright put one there put one there and and oh wow okay no
they’re actually building a legit staircase usually I see these ladders
they building these type of videos but wow look at this beautiful staircase
that got now that’s crazy that’s a straight up staircase I’ve been to
people’s homes and they didn’t even have staircase is that nice like straight up
I kind of want to know like where where’s the pool with this house they’re
gonna be just building it on the roof or how are they gonna make the pool
waterproofing alright they’re gonna make it be able to support it this is what
they have so far however I told you it was gonna be a villa and a pool this is
not a villa yet this is a really nice looking house though but more paths that
come I’m so excited to see it okay they’re already starting to expand this
guy is building something over there and the other guy is he’s working on
something up on the roof I don’t know exactly what he’s working on up there
you go imagine you walk through the woods and you see this what do you do I
would just jump into the pool I would swim with these guys swimming with these
guys look at this beautiful public up Louie
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it’s so awesome Wow he’s built a really cool roof
that’s a reef that’s a really nice looking roof already like I just like
the pyramid formation you know that sorry triangle formation that’s not a
pyramid what are you silly this guy is he’s
putting this all together because I’m pretty sure this is a very nice roof but
I don’t know what this guy on the left is doing oh is he building a door well
this guy is a roof he needs to climb all the way up there and then he’ll fly and
there you go this is a this is how you make roofs I’ve seen many many of these
videos I know let’s say you make a roof oh this guy’s making the doors what
these things have moving doors this is it I’ve never seen a moving door before
that’s crazy I mean in real life I have but yet oh I mean did this type of stuff
in this setting they’ve shutters for the windows that’s so cool and then there
but what about the back of the house we never get to see the back did they just
forget about the back of the house is it just like hey we’re not gonna show you
guys like I said they’re working on a villa over here and that’s what they’re
building right now they are building the most luxurious of houses I just see like
fire like I see you smoke some smoke guys be careful don’t say your house on
fire then they started working on a fence they’re putting a fence all around
their villa this is to keep trespassers off and so that the neighbors know that
this is your piece of land okay this is yours this is this is not anything for
anybody else to live at we just everybody knew how to do that nobody
would be homeless anymore in this world and all the trees would be done so they
are looking for these plants I don’t know exactly what they’re gonna do with
these plants but they eat just grabbed it and he’s now on his way to the Oh
to the house oh he’s gonna just put the plans in a their plant pots that’s so
cool now they have some beautiful plant pots
and then putting some grass around this place you can say you know the house
needs to look beautiful they’re decorating the house with
and sand and grass and whatever you know whatever you need in the house they got
you covered this beautiful isn’t it a beautiful house but we’re still missing
something we’re still missing the pool it’s also facade because it’s just the
front that’s covering it I’m pretty sure the back there’s not much in the back we
also haven’t really seen the inside of the house but so far these guys are
having a great time is it is it pool time is it pool time look at this guy
look at this guy chomping away into the ground digging this is how they dig
crazy so cool okay oh wait no they’re they’re digging more pole holes for more
poles because clearly they’re not happy enough with the house that they have
just built these builds are not finished until there is at least one pool okay so
far every single primitive technology like build we’ve seen they always have
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they’ve got this up put it in tighten it make sure at night this one has to be
really tight if this is gonna be the pool it needs to be the strongest thing
you’ve ever seen in your life how else is it gonna be able to support all the
water day you’re gonna be pouring in there
there’s no way imagine you build a pool it just breaks and all the water flows
out that’s not okay that’s that’s pretty bad I mean it sucks I mean you can just
build a new one and these guys could probably do that within like a day I’m
really curious to see like how long this exactly – I would I would assume weeks
alright so oh they know exactly how to do this they’ve definitely done this
before they’re not never talking by the way they do exactly what they need to do
they’ve built these pools a million million times in their life they’re even
building that the walls sideways because they know if they do it like that it can
be it can support more of the water pressure
if you pour a lot of water in there it’s gotta like exert pressure and it’s gonna
push outwards it’s gonna try to escape the water so these guys they’re building
it so that you know it can hold the water in the it’s the strongest
formation I’m really curious to see how they’re gonna make it waterproof because
obviously everybody knows if you pour water in there it’s all gotta be leaking
out there it’s got a seat by what is this guys what what are you what are you
doing here so I think that’s some bamboo they they chopped it into some pieces
and are they gonna use them boo – I’ll lay the foundation okay – put it down
but that’s not gonna be waterproof not not yet at least
but it’s a good it’s a good floor they need to make sure it’s really really
strong now wood is really strong you’d be surprised eh they’re planning to
build skyscrapers out of wood which sounds insane but it’s actually possible
and you still live in a house built out of wood not joking and it was flippin
cool okay come up so there do they’re doing the sides they’re just
doing everything to make it you know it’s a little bit more supportive I
assume what they’re gonna do now is they’re gonna get some cement some
concrete some whatever some clay to not play to yet there there it is they got
some termites to make that stuff and they’re gonna be patching patching it
waterproof and then once it dries up the water shouldn’t be able to sit out
anymore look at this look at this this is beautiful so you pour it you put it
on the wall I still don’t know exactly what the name is of this you put it out
the wall and then once it dries out it’s waterproof it’s straight of like just
just water proofed the water doesn’t go out doesn’t leak out but obviously it’s
pretty heavy after a while it really adds up plus the water I hope that their
pool can keep it up but look how beautiful this looks on the right side
it’s all dried up on the left side it’s still very wet and they have to do it
all the way around wow this Villa is starting to take shape
they have to do it all the way around you can see the bugs crawling around
here the earth oh they’re pouring of a foundation underneath it I think because
a lot of pressure is going down I think that’s it that’s the weakest point right
now oh no they just poured it around I think it’ll be fine I think that they
believe this structure will be able to support their their beautiful creations
so it probably will okay Wow okay these guys now this is what that what I call
smart they made an entire aqueducts all the way to their pool so they don’t have
to run up and down and instead they can get fresh water whenever they want they
just need a plug so they can pull it out so when it’s a little bit you’re okay –
oh my goodness you’re so smart so what happens here is the pool will fill up
and whenever it’s dirty look at this they just pull out the plug and then
they wash the water through there so you’re not gonna get nasty diseases
in your water because you just let it flow a few times
this is such a cool Villa this is actually insane
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a primitive technology build this crazy this has to
be the craziest one I’ve seen ever they got decorated they’ve like
designers working on this house they have a flippin pool I’m just really
hoping for them that they they spend a long time on the interior because this
house with an interior with a beautiful interior Wow a bedroom each or a bedroom
and a living space would be so flippin amazing I also I’m really worried about
this their structure like collapsing under the pressure of all this water
water is really really heavy like you’d be surprised how heavy water is but it
seems to be fine it really seems to be fine they can water their plants they’ve
make it all and you can just jump into the pool look at these guys you’re
having the time of their lives if you enjoyed this permit of technology
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