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THEY WANT TO EAT ME | Arizona Sunshine (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

THEY WANT TO EAT ME | Arizona Sunshine (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

*WAPOOSH!!* Top Of The Morning to you ladies! My name JackSpedicey and welcome to a wonderful HTC vive game called Arizona sunshine. It sounds lovely It sounds like a wonderful little game It’s actually a game where I’m going to go around shootin’ zombies But the reason I’m playing this game. Well, I’ve heard lots of great things about it one of the reasons I’m playing it another reason is because I got a new head strap for the vive So if you can see it here that we have new like head Built-in headphones They can’t like all of this is all new everything here outwards is all new so There’s a better strap because this thing actually sits better on your head now you can twist this to tighten it. it has built-in headphones So this is the thing actually made by HTC It’s called the Deluxe audio strap And I’ve wanted one for a while. I saw them teasing about it ages ago, and then I forgot about it Then I actually bought one so here we are It seems like they took some of the ideas from oculus with the headphones and then from the PSVr with this So this actually sits much nicer on my head this time So when I’m moving around and the thing is it feels like it’s actually tugging here instead of hanging from my face anymore which is a really great thing if you’ve ever tried an HTC vive you know what I’m talking about because It can get kind of heavy and it kind of just sits on your face And then every time you look down it gets very like wobbly and it kind of comes loose But this this is much better, and I like the idea of having Built-in headphones That’s one of the things I really liked about the rift That the vive was missing so I don’t have to plug in my own headphones every time they’re not the best headphones I mean, they’re not going to be like the ones. I normally play with but they’re pretty damn good for what they are But anyway enough talking and let’s play. “Move hands to waste.” My hands are at my waist. “Press triggers.” Ok calibration complete press foot. Hey! That wasn’t so difficult. Now I can play the game. Now I can shoot everybody. Give me all the zombies. whoa Holy shit Can I pick anything up? No? Ooohhhh so we’re moving around like this. Gotcha. Can I – Oh, that’s how we do it! Grip buttons! What do we got? Do I got some like, fuckin’ beef jerky or somthin’? Uh I wanna open it? Ahhh, lovely. What is this? Is this just a knife? Well anyway can I pick up this tennis ball? Yes! Boom! Ha ha, okay, let’s actually play the game. Insert cartridge. I wanna play horde mode, settings, campaign please. This a gun? That sounds pretty fucking awesome. Okay, insert cartridge – Oh, this isn’t actually the game! I thought that this was like, the menu! This is like a- a video game within this game! Okay! Or maybe this is actually how I choose it… It is how I choose it! That’s fucking badass! So is this really meta? Am I in my trailer playing a zombie game but I actually get to go in and play it in virtual reality myself? Is that what you’re telling me? Hello? That doesn’t sound very good. Oh, god. I AM TIRED. Yeah, me being out here in the middle of nowhere missed my alarm clock oops. Um, can I move? I have a hundred heart rate; that’s good. I can’t do anything! Oh, I have to look over here. Got it. UMMM. Main Character: G’morning there, ugly. UMMMM. Main Character: Alright. So I guess I’ll
Jack: OH Main Character (Cont’d): do the nice thing here, Fred. Put you out of your misery. *feels grossed out* Main Character: Right,
Jack: Are you just – Main Character (cont’d): where is my gun? It’s, like, right there. Are you just like totally normal with this?? IT’S FUCKIN’ MOVING! Hello?? Tap tap. Okay. Main Character: Locked and loaded. Main Character (cont’d): Guess this is it, Fred. Jack: “Shoot head.” Fred… I’m sorry we’ve come to the end of the road, Fred. After all these year – *Fred is killed* OH! Main Character: Damn. Well hey, I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us, buddy. Sorry Fred! Main Character: I’m out of here. Main Character: I mean, what can I say?
Jack: Yeah! I’m out of here. Can I put on my mask? I can! I’m fucking locked and loaded now! How do – oh jesus – I’m fuckin’ hitting a wall. Wait – wait things aren’t showing up. My boundaries. Normally when I’m playing a VR game if I get too close to the wall my boundaries show up. They’re not showing up. Why?? Oh fuck this is going to be bad, I’m going to start smacking shit. Okay, off we go. Wait there wasn’t like a – a magazine or anything around was there? No? Okay, off we go. Out into the wilderness. OH. Main Character: Oh shit, Main Character (cont’d): damn Freddy. Got you good, Jack: So that’s what happened. Main Character (cont’d): didn’t I? Jesus! Main Character: Well, gotta get goin’ buddy. Gotta start the day. Yep! Main Character: Hey, break a leg, ugly. It’s time to start the day and kill Main Character: Oh!
Jack (cont’d): lotsa zombies! Main Character: My ammo belt. Main Character: Oh, I’ve still got some
Jack: Fuck yes! Main Character (cont’d): ammunition left too. Let’s stock this baby up. Ooooh! I actually get to do that! “Eject empty magazine.” “Move to ammo belt.” Main Character: Yeeaaahhh.
Jack: Oooohhh!! Main Character: Alright, time for some target practice. Okay. Give me those ammos. All the ammos – SHIT I dropped one – Okay!! I’m in it! Ah! Ah it’s hard! Uh oh. Zomb. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh, Main Character: Ah, there you guys are. I was startin’ Jack: HI! Main Character (cont’d): to get a little lonely. Okay, it’s time to start! Main Character: So what’s up, dudes? It’s time to start shootin’ some bitches. What’s up, bro? You – you want to go? Nice!! NICCEE!! So I can actually aim when it comes to games like this. Like you can actually – oh fuck – you can actually aim Jack (cont’d): down sights…
Main Character: Hey, don’t get too clo – Main Character (cont’d): guys – what did I just say? Jack: Yeah! What’d I just say!
Main Character: Don’t. Get. Too. Close. I’ll fuck you up!! Um, but whenever I’m down sights like – the game gets blurry. So I prefer just guessing. Ah fuck. Even though I’m runnin’ out of ammo doing that. So. Jack: I should actually aim. Main Character: You happy now? Awww he died in a cute position. Can I grab anything? Ammo! Nice! So the thing I like about this game is that yeah, it is kind of like a wave shooter, like all those other kind of games that I played before but I get to freely explore around this area! So I have like a whole open world and it is again it’s kind of like this sort of movement, which gets old very quickly, but I mean, VR is hard to get movement right in; Especially in a game that you’re supposed to be accurate. So, I can forgive it in this but I just like the fact that I can explore around this whole world. Heyy Fellers! Can I have another gun? I’d really like another gun. I’m a fucking gangster style You see that shit, you see that shit. What’s up? Hahah im a fucking regular old badass y’all better watch out. EWW! What do you want? What Do you want? Death!? okay happily to oblige There we go. I didn’t trust them I thought he was going to come back so I had to like shoot him right in the head. This game is very pretty. Okay, what’s up? I’m gonna get really close to y’all Fuck off. Oh Ohh dude you are Jacked! I thought I was jacked, buy do You guys see the muscles on this guy Fucking I was Complementing you! Ahh another beautiful day in God’s country It’s lovely out here that’s a big boy. Mc: Its so damn Hot, and look at Freddy over here trying to get a tan. Hey, Freddy Come on. Freddy Come on! Why are you naming them Freddy? You got to get them all individual names the last guy was Freddy. You’re gonna be Wilson, yeah I like Wilson. Wassup Wilson Ahh Wilson I’m Sorry!! Okay, They’re all dropping like flies pretty good. Whats that Banging sound? Is that other people shooting? Ohhh! Got a bit of a side step. I mean it’s not Gonna help you I still shot your face off, but I like your moves sister Give me ammo yep. Yep. Thank you. Thank you. Where to go. MC: “Hey a radio” Yeah boii Turn oh the Radio MC:”All right” “Lets see if this still works.” What we got? Gimme some tunes. “Someones Broadcast is sifting thought” Hello! Okay, okay, okay I can’t fucking hear you. “Damn It” Yeah, I shattered the bottle but I didn’t “I need to find another radio.” “Gotta get to the source of this.” Hell yeah um Lucy we are at the mine. Lucy!!! Did ya read the sign Oh whoa. OH JESUS CHRIST Whoa ‘Kay I knew I should have shot that last one Cause they’re fucking their voracious they’re fast I don’t like that. Why aren’t you dying? I shot you in the face a lot Put some clothes on your indecent Even though you’re a zombie. I’m sure you don’t care about being indecent. Oh these are not all dying in one hit anymore. Oh he did hes a bro Yeah, yeah! Ohhh It’s weird as you play, Vr Games. I Think this would actually help you be good with guns in real life Like this kind of aiming not like aiming down sights cause that’s hard to do. What are you stop? um Well, it’s weird because you actually get a feel for Like it’s like being out here. You kind of get a feel for where your shots are going to go? I mean, I’m not the best at it clearly, but I Know it’s strange. I never thought that VR would actually help in that regard. What’s up? Basketball I’m Gonna hit a wall. No. We’re good. Okay. Hello ah Hoops Now bring it back. Okay, He tried to get it but he almost fell over. You trying to see the sights? Mmm. Can’t anymore cause your dead Can you sit down fucking homeboy coming at me shit I keep wasting my ammo God you guys were all out like at a swimming party or something everybody’s like wearing trunks and Bikinis and shit this guys got a fucking… Why you got a vest on? Were you at a hockey game? Were you in the hockey game? Imma Just close that homeboy thought he could step up on Jack that ain’t gonna happen. Fack Yeah, one-handed Aimin boy welcome to the old Dutchman mine. You’re just a few Uhhgh Minutes away from a step back in time. Thats pretty fuckin sweet so you can actually use this shit as cover I can be like Blam blam, blam blam Blam blam, blam blam you know Like a real cool motherfucker all right moving on stippy step it on out. Anybody got any ammo? Oh ho! Ammo Getting that ammo Boi Mc:”I would love to visit Amsterdam someday” “Just relaxing” Ohh Fuck Yeah! “Look at all these cars looks like somebodies funning from a hoard.” Aww man I can’t wear it “Welp speaking of the bastards” Come on! I wanted to be like what is up mah Zombie ya know be all cool like dat. Ohh Jesus *Pew* *Pew* *Pew* *Pew* *Pew* *Click* *Cick* Okay, okay, okay, okay Okay! Headshots might not be the order of the day anymore. We might have to just like go for it All right, cool you are not sneaking around on Jackaboy. Jackaboy takes no shit from no one Except maybe you cause I had to reload. Oh wait I lied Fuck you! kay Let me get some let me get me some more ams (ammo) oh you died in a lump. Oh whiskey fuck Ooo This is the thing you have on like saint Bernard dogs around their necks. Probably whiskey as well. Hey, Here Chase, nope close that fucking thing. Stop in the name of me. Oh fuck oh fuck OH FUCK. Oh wrong… Wrong Hand I don’t even know how it did that fucking hell that could have all went wrong very quickly Yes Fuck okay I was going to say I only do Head shots. Why am I reloading? should I reload only when it tells me to. Nothing in here. I know I’m just bummed out as you guys. I was looking for like some cool shit You guys seen Ammo? not the ones in your head, they don’t count You know if I was a smart person which I mean, I’m not I would take one of these cars and go But I guess I’m not a smart person. Oh, this is the shit right here. You see what this is Fuck, okay, wait fuck okay? *Yeeet* Go Grenade Fuckin Jesus! I mean I knew what grenades did, but I didn’t think it would do it like that “Maybe I can get around here”can I go through there? No thought I could check the car. Hey wassup Fred Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa Fred I know I said I didn’t like your wife’s cake, but I mean her cake fucking sucked. What do you expect? You guys all come this way Ohh Yeah, that’s very nice Hasta Lavista Hahaha, I’m a regular old Burt Schwarzenegger Ohh this feels Aww fuck This game makes me feel like a badass. Oh my god. Oh my God wait wait, rubber Ducky, rubber Ducky friend *Im always watching you* you are going to be my friend forever I am keeping you for all times now You are going to be my friend Duckie, and we are gonna get through this together. Are you are you ready ducky *Lets feast on the Blood of the innocent* Good boy, Good boy um Click Click Click click boom Click click the room no, I think there’s a fucking head right here. Oh no. It’s a mask Can I wear this? Hyup I Guess not jesus christ my tracking keep going off stop that. “Lucy H. come to the mine” Lucy! Did’ya Find em Yet “I don’t think she made it Huh let’s find out.” What do you think Ducky? I mean, we can’t go here yet. Cuz we don’t have the mechanism “Looks like it’s missing the winch” of course it is. “Let’s see if it’s around here somewhere” stop talking to yourself (Says the man talking to the fake rubber duck) Not like I never fuckin played a video game before. I know what I’m doing okay? You put the clank on the svhnk and then you win Oh, hey Ducky you see those guys in there. Those are the bad ones you don’t wanna mess with them They’ll fuck you up I will mess with them because I am your protector Ducky I Will save you Your your uh your your precious little bean I’m going to save you forever. Umm Ducky you sit there, okay now wait for Daddy Okay, uh no one was home ducky um crazy thing about places like this. They’re usually fairly empty um sooo You wait there daddy will be back “Nice” Oh, I got a new gun Fuck I do have ammo for it sweet Jesus. Oh but now I can’t carry Ducky! Ducky? Ducky I’m sorry little buddy. Oh wait I can never mind. Okay here We go Sorry Ducky I thought I was gonna have to leave you there for a second, but we’re okay. We’re a happy family forever and always This is how we get down Kay Nice That’s a piece of that. Ducky you Okay? Hmm no water that’s a surefire sign of zombies “Nice” whoa, wait is this better? Oh, I’ve got loads of guns I dunno if it’s better, but I’ll take it um ducky, what are you doing you freaky weirdo um “Yes” ahh, “still works” sweet ah “Lets check it out” I guess this is my car Uh-huh Yes indeed my car sure Um wait, I don’t wanna go in that fuckin door What was the point of this? “Hey a winch” “Exactly what I needed.” Oh fuck “Oh shit turn it off turn it off! FUCK here They come” Uh oh Uh oh Uhh Ohh UHH OHH Ducky Ducky we gotta get out of here. Ducky Ducky lets get lucky. Wait is there Barrels up here? There’s barrels up there somewhere. We’re gonna Dodge around them. Watch this Ducky. Ducky you with me? Ohhhh Uhh Ohh. UHH OHH Okay Ducky I’m Gonna Keep you safe. That Didn’t work! It’s okay I’m a fucking Wizard apparently 100 handed shooting these bitches. Ahh Fuck Fuck you, fuck you. Oh balls Ducky Ducky we’re getting out of here. Ducky! Okay OKay, I am the best Marksman Ducky hold on for a second. Ohh Yeah, what’s up! Ducky are you seeing daddy? Daddy strong. Right? Fuck yes! she’s looking at me ha ha ha Ducky That’s not your mommy. Don’t worry about it, okay Let’s go my little bro. Oh God Its one of these. Oh fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh FUCK, Oh god. Jeez I touched the fucking foam on my wall with just the hairs on my arm and it scared the shit out of me man, I actually Felt like a zombie was one me. Ducky I think you might be more annoying than your worth Rookie It’s time for me to go now Time for me to leave you here. I have to clear out this town. The town is yours now I give it to you, okay Okay, I’m doing this apparently Ducky. I will leave you here for all eternity *Don’t leave me Mortal I am your god!* Think of me think of me and your times of loneliness a need daddy was always here for you But it’s time for you to grow up and do your own thing now How do I how do I get the winch Insert winch. “Alrighty then here goes” See Ducky Daddy strong Look how strong daddy is I’m amazing There we go Farewell Ducky *Mortal Please do not leave me… you are all i’ve ever had.* We hardly knew you I don’t look back. Don’t look back. Just keep going and don’t look back “Soft crying in the distance getting softer till no onger audioble* oh God oh God oh I’m so glad ducky wasn’t here to see this No trespassing Beyond this point danger of shooting I Get it I get the Joke “Hello anyone there? Claridy you in there?” Whys Ohh god. “People were here recently” This persons covered in popcorn “might still be around somewhere” hey I got him Oh God never mind whoo oh “Ohh Yeah baby Grenades” Okay calm down “These will come in handy.” I want to do this oh fuck Oh Fuck Well that sucks. Here we go watch this shit Hyup run, Run Away Yeah “Ha ha ha On my way.” Oh that’s fucking awesome can I do that again? Oh, Jesus Oh God. Oh fuck. “Nice View” Hey is that Mario?! “Ohh and there’s a gift shop” “Im too thirsty hope their fridge is stocked” a gift shop Just making sure sir We’re just doing a routine check to make sure that all yourdeads are dead. Ohh Jesus Christ I got ta bit too close there for Comfort That scared the shit out of me really “Someones either really underpaid or really under educated” Can you stop talking to yourself Do what you’re good at? shooting zombo’s, okay No one cares about you talking to yourself What’d you guys get at the gift shop? You get me anything nice? Come on now You can tell me I hate surprises Joking I love them. Haha surprise That was supposed to be cooler. Okay. You were supposed to like go down at the first shot like surprise bang bang like that. Thats How it was supposed to look. Yeah, that’s what you were supposed to do Can’t even fucking comply properly “Definitely been people here. Let’s look around” okay theres a key here “I gotta find something useful” “check it out got a key nice” okay um sir Hello poke poke wake up sleepy head Hi, my name is Jack. We’re doing a routine survey in the area We have to make sure are all your deads dead. can you comply that you are dead? No, answer that means you’re probably alive. Dude I got a cookie Wait no your meat. Why am I eating random meat I am finding? Ooo tennis ball go Fido. Can I eat the tin? No ok whatever fine Didn’t want to eat it anyway What do I look like hungry? Ooh? Yum yum. I’m a hungry baby, ooh Down the grenade look what I got oh Nice. Yeah, fucking nice. Yeah, actually I like this pistol better um Okay, okay We’re doing good. We’re stocked up. We’re ready to win. I can feel it now This my bag? Shit I thought that was my training gear um right moving on Oh, oh fucking wall Demon a-Ok fuck this fuck this Yeah, that’s how we do that’s how we do. I don’t think I have a lot of ammo for this thing But if this doesn’t make me feel like a fuckin badass That’s awesome. I feel like I feel like I could just really mess-“To all them Freds out there” “I just want to say you know this tour so much fun” “really enjoying myself Now your acting weird. Why you Gonna make it weird? Uhh Huhhh Yes, oh my God “All right, let’s get the power back up.” They just-just get melted that’s amazing. Okay power “Looks like that did the trick” I have the power Kay im out of ammo on these so I’m back to pistol Bang-Bang-Bang Pistols are fun Bang bang, you shot me down, “okay” “here goes nothing” wait am I oh jeez am I going through this fucking place? “I have a bad feeling about this” What the fuck is this? “Shut up dammit shut up every Fred in the neighborhoods gonna hear ya… Turn off Turn Off” Are you opening or? What’s going on? Oh? shit, oh Shit, okay, I gotta get back in and get my homie grenade. “Shit here they come”. Where the fuck was that other grenade? There was another grenade here somewhere grenade? Grenade? Grena- Ohhh No, oh fuck, okay last stand AUGHHHHHHHHH AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHH Kill her! KILL HER! Chrsit almighty. Fuck me DIE YOU SONS OF FUCKING BITCHES! AHhhHHHH I hate this. Are these grenades? Is this ammo? This is not- Ohh this is all the ammo I’m wasting Yeah Was that it? “DAYMN” “Whoo” “That was pretty crazy” That was some scurry shit I wasted like all my ammo, “let’s go come on” Okay, okay. I thought this was like a little cart That I went along on is it? No a cart comes to this my bad. I didn’t know what I was doing my bad, “okay well” “Lets head inside” Down into the Deep Dark Depths of Doom I guess Well, I’m gonna leave this episode of Arizona Sunshine here It was a lot of sunshine, but I thought it’s gonna be a nice little romp through you know, Arizona We have a really great time, but no Everyone wanted to kill me that was really fun, though I really really enjoyed that and this is a very nice upgrade to the Vive I highly recommend anyone get one if you can because it’s it’s so nice It just sits nice on your head, and these are like super cushioned And they don’t press against your ears or anything like that. You don’t even feel like you’re wearing headphones So they’re just kind of there, so it’s so that’s really nice and for recording purposes It’s very handy because all I do now is just unroll all this and put it on and I’m done I don’t have to get an extra set of headphones. I don’t have to worry about Swinging my head too hard anymore and the headphones falling out or anything like that I don’t have to worry about extra cables It’s all neat and nice and it’s also like moving my head around now is much nicer so very happy with that I don’t know if that was the best game to test it out with but God fucking stresses all balls now well anyway. Thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that Like button in the face LIKE A BOSS and High fives all around WAPSH WAPSH Thank you guys and i will see all you dudes in the Next VIDEO This has been ToTheT your captionist for this video signing off Peace everybody Playing games like this is like a full-on workout I’m sweating

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    Jack: OOHHhh, ya got bit of a sidestep! *bang* I mean it’s not gonna help ya, I still shot your face off but, I like your moves sister! c:

    As anyone would say in a zombie apocalypse! XD

  2. 12:58 every CSI agent ever: what kind of black magic is this?

    (Kill the joke by explaining): every crime show where the victim was believed to have suicided and they found out they used their left hand when they were right handed. And then go on to say "since this person was right handed, it would have been impossible for them to shoot themselves with their left hand" when in fact people that are right handed can still do stuff with their left hand. Makes me so frustrated. I'm right handed and i can easily shoot accurately with my left hand.

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  8. By The Way. It’s annoying to hold The duck. Because if you want to bring it with you. You have to hold down button the whole time. Also it disappears after a checkpoint which sucks. I love my Boi ducky

  9. Jack u can change the movement style from teleport to walk / run in settings and to run you hold down both the buttons u press to move to run also make sure u check all the cars for extra ammo and other things like guns

  10. The thing where he says it could help with real guns it wouldn’t because it doesn’t prepare you for the weight of the gun and the recoil

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    I’d rather have a bunch of Iranians come visit me than my own family from Arizona! Lol!

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