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Things Preppers Forget What Do Preppers Need- Prepping Supplies to Stockpile

Things Preppers Forget What Do Preppers Need- Prepping Supplies to Stockpile

Items Preppers Forgot prepper pantry must have supplies things to store stockpile for emergency survival situations bartering hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m at my underground survival supply bunker
and I’m adding some items to my emergency stockpile these are items that I want to make sure I always have on hand no matter the crisis I haven’t forgotten or I wouldn’t want
to run out of these things in an emergency situation I thought I would share the items that I’m stockpiling
today in case they’re items you want to make sure you always have enough of also
none of these items are expensive they’re just items that you would rely
on and if you didn’t have them that could be an emergency the first thing I
did was go to the grocery store to the bakery they’re usually willing to give
away the empty 5 gallon buckets and lids take them home wash them out you have a place to store
emergency survival prepper pantry supplies for free these supplies are essential handy to use as a bucket they’re handy to store
things in you can even make it into an emergency potty if you need to and if
the buckets are free and can help you store your items why wouldn’t you get them the first bucket
holds household items that I always want to make sure I have plenty of paper
plates when you’re out and you see plastic utensils take one or two put
them in a bag put them away with your emergency meal supplies if you don’t
have water to wash your dishes having the disposable plastic utensils can be a
lifesaver coffee filters are essential if you need
to collect wild water you can pour it through the filter first to get out any
debris and floating chunks before you need to filter it you can use each one
to portion out snacks you can use them to wipe down and clean things there are
lots of things you can do with coffee filters get a nice big jug of dish soap
I chose Dawn because it’s gentle enough but strong enough that they use it to
clean the oil from wild animals after the Exxon Valdez oil spill you can use
something like a dish soap to clean your dishes you can use it to wash out some
hand laundry if you need to you can use it to clean your body because this detergent is
gentle it may not be the soap that you prefer but if you
can only have one more soap I would go with Dawn Dish Soap
go to the Dollar Tree get a few extra pairs of readers reading glasses you want to be able to
see up close read the directions on things see into someone’s Splinter a few
pairs of extra reading glasses from the Dollar Tree the readers could be essential in
an emergency get a jug of Kirkland multivitamins in a true emergency if you had to start
living off of your stored food take a vitamin you don’t need to worry
day to day meal to meal am I getting adequate nutrition in a time of crisis
when we don’t necessarily have the food choices that we want we can take a Kirkland
multivitamin it can help relieve the anxiety over whether we’re getting
enough of the proper nutrients getting enough to eat helps you get going so you
can make better choices later on so make sure that you have some plenty of food
and water and then some multivitamins as a backup the second bucket has items
that help keep the area clean and help keep my things safe get some black
plastic bags get the sturdiest and biggest ones you can find there’s a lot
of things you can do with a black plastic bag you should also make sure
you get some tall kitchen bags because they’re the perfect size to use in your
port-a-potty don’t rely just on the extra grocery bags in a real emergency
you need some heavy duty bags that can work for you if you’ve ever been in an
area after a flood or another natural disaster there’s an inundation of
critters insects mice rats cockroaches so I have a Dcon Mouse poison I have some Raid house rooom foggers for insect fogging
inside of your home and I have some flying insect killer if
I’m in an emergency where I might be overrun by insects or rodents
I want a tough way to deal with it and be able to handle this situation be sure
you store any poisons away from your food don’t contaminate your food with
the other things that you store snap on the lid and label your bucket then put
them away with your other emergency supplies knowing that you’ve done your
best to make sure you and your family will be okay no matter what comes along learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

24 thoughts on “Things Preppers Forget What Do Preppers Need- Prepping Supplies to Stockpile”

  1. Great to have a bunker. Beware your neighbors are now aware of what you have stored. You might want to consider having a backup storage site that no one has seen or knows about. Thanks for info.

  2. No matter how much I think I have what I need there's always something I should have thought of. The reading glasses is a good tip. Thanks.

  3. How come none of preppers stock on computer supplies? You still need to upload YouTube videos even when the power is out. 😉

  4. I stock pile my old eyeglasses as backups. Smart idea about the coffee filter and trash bags. And awesome bunker AG. 👍🏾

  5. Reading glasses! Genius! I wear prescription bifocals but if I ever lose them, otc readers would be a real boon!

  6. Can you tell me more about this outside building area. I live in SC and I am interested in a root cellar. How was this built? Your ceiling is made of what? Thanks for any information you can give me.

  7. Great ideas! I've found ( @Wal Mart) a big ass box of "contractor" grade trash bags and they're nice and thick.

  8. Good tips. Hadn't thought of the insecticides… altho I do have mouse and rat traps; but they're more for 12 gauge booby traps.

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