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Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody
this is the burger that changed my life. If you are new to my channel you might
not know this but I love steaks, and I can honestly say I’ve tried them all. Burgers in the other hands I have made
quite a few as well; monster burgers, fancy burgers, premium
burgers and to be honest burgers are just awesome but today I’m gonna share
the burger that changed my life forever. And it’s easy so let’s do it! This burger has very few elements so you
gotta get them right. This is ground beef from the USA it is important to use 80%
lean and 20% fat you need the fat content in order to make this burger
right. It won’t be cooked medium-rare so you can just buy on your regular grocery
store you’ll do just fine. This is the easiest burger you ever made in your
life. One of the things that made this burger awesome is getting the ratios
correctly. And for me, from my size bun I like to use two and a half ounces per
patty you might be thinking that I’m a little bit crazy by measuring it but
trust me you will get the best results. So two and a half ounces balls were made
for each individual patty, it is the perfect ratio. As you might have noticed
I did not season the meat you’re only going to season it once it’s on the
grill. When making your balls I’m just going to recommend you not to compress
them too much leave some air gaps, because what you want is maximum browning.
The browning is where it’s at on this burger. By leaving the air gaps when
you’re smashing it it will render the fat and basically fry the patty on its
own juices and it’s awesome. I also made a super simple and easy sauce remember
exact amount in the description down below. I stand it up with ketchup,
followed by mayo, a little bit of yellow mustard, for a nice kick I’m using this
Brazilian hot sauce if you never tried it oh man it’s good, then I finish it up
with Worcestershire sauce. Mix it well and my sauce was done! All right the next item is going to be
quite controversial, and I know this. Some of you are gonna tell me Guga that’s not
cheese that’s plastic how can you eat that processed thing that’s terrible.
Yes, I understand all of you but trust me you cannot replace that with this burger
if you want to have the experience you have to use the American processed
cheese, the cheap stuff. I have other cheeses but for this burger
I am not using it hashtag go easy on Guga in the comment section you know
what I’m talking about all the cheese police. For the buns I am using brioche
buns if you don’t have brioche buns available in your area you can also make
Guga’s buns it’s quite similar but not the same. and if you haven’t seen Guga’s
buns video yet make sure you check it out later on it’s an awesome video. But
now that we have everything ready it is time to get cooking but first I want to
explain the technique because it’s a hundred percent about the technique, if
not you won’t get it right. The number one thing to remember is heat. If you
can’t get it hot this will never work instead of cooking your burger you will
steam it and you will never get the same effect.
I recommend that cooking over charcoal because that will get as hot as possible.
If you don’t have charcoal available at least get a powerful gas stove and let
it preheat for quite a bit. These burgers will cook in seconds and if you don’t
have a strong stove like this one just make sure you let it preheat for quite
some time, and do it in batches, and you gotta use cast iron. The number one thing
you’re looking for is browning you want them maillard effect hard and well
pronounced. If you put it on the heat and it’s not hot enough
instead of browning you’ll get steam and as it’s steamed you will never get that
deliciousness that comes from the maillard reaction. The second thing to remember
our tools make sure you use the right one, if not you would just make a mess
and you will just be terrible you will never experience it the right way. The
burger would just be nasty I’m telling you I’ve done it I recommend these two
items; one is like a burger flipper and the other one is a spatula. When you’re
putting your meat on the grill it will get stuck like there’s no tomorrow and the spatula is amazing to rip up all that goodness from the cast iron. You need the
right tools. Again don’t use this or this. But now that we have everything ready it
is time for me to introduce you to the burger that changed my life. And I say it
is enough talking it’s time to smash them. So let’s do it! All right everybody this is the burger
that changed my life for so many reasons. It is easy to make, well you guys saw it
are you guys ready. Looks good! Okay enough talking let’s give it a try go for it guys dig
in. All right big bite smash burger baby. Cheers!
Cheers! That’s the best burger in the world period period period.
That is incredible everybody oh my goodness! Wow juicy I, I can’t even
believe how good it is it’s incredible. There’s so much browning when you are cook, when you make it
that way everybody it’s so flavorful so juicy my goodness. I can actually just
give it like a soft press like this and I can see the juices start moving yeah
the cheese melted amazing.You know a lot of people are gonna hate on me because I
use American cheese but with this burger you have to use the American cheese. I have a question. Tell me Ange. What kind of ground beef did you use? 20/80 a lot of fat! So I have a
question. Tell me, oh I see where you’re going with this. I have an important question. Let’s keep eating Chris cuz I know where he’s going with this tell me. What
if… Mmm… Oh you’re not ready. I know where you’re going. Oh I know what your gonna… Wagyu smash burger! I know he was gonna go there. This is already amazing, but if we take it to the next level. Chris want to be on that video. No I have to be invited for that. You have to be invited. You guys want to wagyu samsh burger let me know in the comments down
below. Give a thumbs up if you want to see it. I will make it happen only if you
guys want to see it like the video and put a thumbs up in the comments if you
really want to see it. You really want that Wagyu burger. And comment Angel’s a genius. And comment, bring Chris! Do a wagyu smash burger. I asked Chris what do you want Chris is like give me the triple decker, okay and I got
you. And I said, he is the guest. He is the guest. Like my boy Future said; sensational. Anyway guys if you want to see the wagyu burger comment down below and we’re gonna make a wagyu smash burger. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy
this video make sure to give it a thumbs up, if you’re not a subscriber be sure to
subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re interesting in anything I use
everything is always in the description down below. Make sure to comment if you
want to see that wagyu smash burger and we’re gonna make it happen. Make this
burger it’s easy you can do it. See you on the next one everybody. It’s easy, its fast. And it good. And its amazing! It’s amazing. See you on the next one everybody Chris is out I got to gotta go make you another one gotta go
make some more. What is this? Alright what is this? Remember I got your Father’s Day
present? Oh that’s the Father’s Day present oh my
goodness I don’t know when this video comes out with everybody but this Angel gave me a Father’s Day present check this out. That’s the second one the first
one was was the cup that stays cold for your beer. Yeah that’s the second one but he wanted me to give me
something it is a milk chocolate porter, porter. It’s milk chocolate chocolate beer. Milk chocolate beer, ha, ha. For real? They make that? Yeah let’s give it a try. All right well we are gonna try this right now we’re gonna give you
guys a fair review you ready? I wonder if it’s gonna be chocolate color, oh it’s
like a it’s like a brown beer. It’s like coke. It’s a dark beer. Yeah this is gonna taste
like chocolate? Alright well it’s already a little bit too late but happy Father’s
Day to all the fathers out there cheers everybody.
And yes everyone on this table is above 21. Yes even, even Guga are you sure? Shhh. Sometimes. Anyway cheers everybody let’s give it a try we’ll let you know. Oh my god it tastes like chocolate. It does taste like chocolate, it tastes like chocolate and beer together.
Yo 22nd birthday next week you gotta get it bro. You like it? Yeah. Im not a fan. It’s good. Thank you for
the present don’t get me wrong I appreciate my present my nephew.
It’s is weird beer everybody. It is different, it is different. It’s like a
chocolate milk mixed together with a beer and
have mashed it together and… It tastes like Hershey’s to me. What? It has like a Hershey’s taste. No it doesn’t. It’s a chocolate blah. And I even left and
got some… Look my burger makes it taste a lot better that’s a fact. I don’t know about the beer but the burger
is amazing see you guys on the next one everybody take care.

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