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This House Will Help You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse…

This House Will Help You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse…

Sometimes we all need to get away and escape
the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Of course, if movies and television are to
be believed, there will soon come a day where you will literally have to get away and escape
from hordes of the undead flesh eating zombies roaming the streets and countryside. It might sound a little crazy but nowadays
a scientific mistake can allow anything to happen, so it doesn’t really matter if you
believe in the walking dead invasion or not. In the case that a zombie apocalypse does
actually occur, make sure you remember these 10 zombie-proof houses located all around
the world, because one day they could actually save your life. Let’s get it on! Ice Palace! If you’re truly worried that the outbreak
will happen any day now, you can purchase the Lonsdaleite Estate in the town of Saint
Moritz in Switzerland right now. This absolutely massive mountainside mansion
is the most strategic spot in the world to ride out a zombie invasion, but don’t be
fooled by the mundane glass exterior. While on the outside it may just look like
a regular old house, this 185 MILLION dollar mega-mansion actually has 7-stories, most
of them securely tucked underground. This ice palace of course has more than enough
room for tons of supplies, gigantic bedrooms for you to sleep comfortably underground,
exotic showers, and even a 24-karat gold plated closet, in case you want your bunker to be
extra blinged-out. On the lower levels, accessible by elevator,
there’s a private ski lodge… yes you heard that right, and even colossal heated swimming
pool the size of a lake, plus a high end hot tub to keep you warm while the zombies face
the bitter cold outside. The best part is probably the colossal garage,
carved from the stone of the mountain outside, going several floors underground so you can
store all your emergency escape vehicles. And if you ever need to make a speedy exit,
the mansion is connected to a massive ski lift leading to its own private ski slopes. Actually you could probably just go there
to have fun, after all, you’re living it up while the rest of the world is swarmed by
the living dead. Skysphere! Of all the things zombies can do, theres one
thing they definitely can’t, and that’s fly. Living on the ground would put you at risk
of being overrun by zombies, but life among the clouds would probably be the safest bet
you’ve got. While living in a flying airplane really isn’t
possible, a New Zealand based treehouse lover has the next best thing. The Skysphere; located in Linton, New Zealand. The skysphere is an elevated, custom made
home of the future, with everything from projection movies that can play on the huge wraparound
windows, to a robot that’ll dispense soda cans to you right in the couch, so you can
save your energy for fighting off the hordes of undead below. If you ever go down there that is. The structure is completely solar powered,
so you don’t have to worry about the electrical grid shutting down plus you can even charge
your phone throughout the apocalypse which is important… considering the house is controlled
through an app on your phone. To add to all of that, there’s even a special
zombie mode which barricades the doors with nothing more than a touch of the screen. Cave Bunker! When you think of futuristic zombie defenses,
the last thing you’d probably imagine is the first homes of the earliest humans. But it turns out our ancestors might have
had the right idea, or at least that’s what the owners of Beckham Creek Cave Lodge thought
when they turned an old cave in the middle of Arkansas into a nuclear bomb shelter during
the Cold War. Over the years the fear of a nuclear winter
died down a bit, but the chance of a zombie outbreak seems to be rising by the day, so
a new setup was definitely needed. Looking at the lodge from certain angles,
you might mistake it for any run of the mill mansion, with its luxurious marble countertops,
high vaulted ceilings and 4 luxurious bedrooms with hardwood ceilings, but look a little
closer and you’ll realize this extravagant home is built into incredibly solid rock. Since the 1990s designer Zach Ness has put
in over two million dollars of work into the bunker home and it’s over 250-acre surrounding
lot. Add onto that it’s very hidden location,
and this nuke-proof cave has everything you need to ride out the zombie apocalypse in
the lap of luxury. Habitat 67! I promise you what you’re seeing is not a
scene from Inception or Doctor Strange, but rather a nearly impenetrable zombie proof
fortress. Welcome to Habitat 67 located in Montreal,
Canada. Originally designed as a masters thesis in
architecture, the bizarrely laid out building is one of the most confusing places in the
world. The core of this unusual structure as it’s
not too difficult to guess is a bunch of cubes, to be precise, 346-different concrete boxes
organized to be able to be stable while still very difficult to navigate. Once you’ve figured out the layout there’s
no way that a pack of zombies could ever find you, even if they somehow manage to get into
the fortified concrete structure. With 12 complex mazes of stories, you’re sure
to be safe, if you can manage to not get lost yourself. Plane House! In case of a zombie apocalypse, it’s good
to be able to move around, but it’s also hugely important to have a well guarded shelter to
keep you safe. Such is the issue for most survivors, but
not for whoever is lucky enough to make it to the Plane House. It might be a little hard to reach but that’s
also one of the advantages of this unusual hidden home. Originally a Boeing-727, the massive passenger
airplane has been hollowed out and turned into a very lengthy living quarters, complete
with it’s own kitchen, bed, and even showers with running water. The Boeing plane has a retractable stairway
entrance, so you can easily enter and make sure nothing else can get in after you, which
is pretty useful when trying to get away from a mob of zombies. Plus the hard metal exteriors of planes are
made to withstand harsh weather, huge changes in air pressure, and even crash landings,
so a few zombies trying to bite at it won’t do much damage to it at all. Missile Silo Home! Back during the Cold War, the United States
built massive missile silos to house nuclear missiles which were graded to survive a direct
nuclear blast. Of course that never happened, but they didn’t
just tear down the structures. Instead in 1996, one of many silos was sold
to an Australian architect who redesigned the apocalypse-proof underground cave, now
free of any nukes, into a cozy 185-foot deep apocalypse proof home. If you can make your way to Upstate New York,
near the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base you’ll find a house and former missile silo
that now claims to be one of the most protected underground residences in the world. In this 52-feet in diameter silo there’s
a living room, bedroom and even a kitchen where you can make a home cooked meal in the
midst of a zombie apocalypse. The concrete cylinder in which the home is
now located in can last for several centuries. But just remember, this thing can withstand
a nuclear strike, and has several floors of storage space for all the supplies needed
in case of the end of the world, so a few zombies won’t even make a dent in the fortified
metal entrance. If you do manage to make your way here, just
know you’re in good hands… Mountain Top Retreat! Of all the places zombies will probably be
when the inevitable zombie apocalypse is upon us, the Swiss Alps are probably not one of
them. That’s why the On Mountain Top Hut is likely
the most zombie proof house around. Located atop a massive mountain 2500-meters
in the sky, only the most skilled of climbers can even make it to the front door, so you’ll
be safe not just from zombies, but also any other human-being not properly equipped. The minimalist hut has enough room for two
people, so you and your survivor best friend can stay safe during the apocalypse. The land around the hut provides you with
everything you need, with a river of clean glacial water located right outside. Of course, mountaintops get pretty cold, but
the insulated cabin was built to keep any inhabitants nice and warm even in the toughest
of blizzards. The mountaintop location doesn’t just provide
a great view, which, it totally does, but also a perfect vantage point, letting you
see for miles around you, so you’ll know if any zombie gets anywhere even remotely close. Not that you’ll have to worry too much, after
all, it’s a long climb to your perfectly zombie proofed hut. Underground Village! If civilization were to collapse, it’s unlikely
you could rebuild the whole thing by yourself. Plus, it would probably get lonely living
in a zombie-proof bunker all by yourself, so it might be best to be able to keep an
entire community safe. Well, thankfully a small town located deep
in the Outback down under has prepared exactly what you need to rebuild society from the
ground up. Literally! The town of Coober Pedy is a rich Opal mining
site bustling with activity, but if you were to look at the town from above you might think
there was nothing there. But change your perspective a little, after
all you are in Australia, and you’ll find a town with a population of over 1700-people
living entirely underground! During the day the harsh outback sun can cause
temperatures above 36°C, so the residents of this small mining community dig their homes
out from the Earth itself, sometimes living in swanky 4-bedroom homes, completely safe
from the unrelenting solar radiation raining down from above. There’s even an entire motel carved into the
ground, so there’ll be more than enough beds for your entire survivor community. While you’ll be able to stay safe from the
scorching rays, I doubt the zombies will be so lucky, plus they won’t even be able to
find you, which makes Coober Pedy the most likely place to be the capital city of the
post-apocalyptic world. Mirror House! Have you ever wanted the power to be invisible? Well with a zombie apocalypse about to take
place, when has there ever been a better time. This incredible house in Sweden can get you
about as close as anyone to that seemingly impossible dream. One of several unique rooms in Sweden, including
a giant birds nest, and a UFO house, the mirror cube is made of special reflective material
that makes it blend right in with the scenic Swedish forest around it. Can’t see it yet? Well neither can the zombies! It’s a surprising hideaway nestled between
trees and camouflaged with mirrors reflecting the surroundings. The whole landscape is mirrored on each wall
of the cube making it virtually invisible. Luckily for all you survivors out there, the
tree house can only be accessed via a suspension rope bridge making it completely zombie proof
if somehow the zombies actually do catch up to you. This unique and exclusive zombie getaway features
beds built into holes in the walls, ladders leading to a rooftop balcony with 360 degree
views of the surroundings and even a bedside window leaving you one step ahead of everyone
else. Overall it’s the ideal treehouse escape
for survival not only because it’s perched high above the ground, but it also has a virtually
zombie proof entrance which makes it a pretty solid option for stylish and comfortable safety
against the undead. Island Escape! Probably one of the worst things about a zombie
apocalypse is that zombies never sleep, so no matter where you go they’ll never stop
chasing you. Probably one of the best things however is
that although they can walk, zombies can’t swim. But while a boat needs fuel and can only carry
so many supplies before needing to dock, Freedom Cove is a perfectly self sustaining, floating
complex surrounded by a garden with everything you need far away from the land that’ll be
totally overrun with zombies. Located in Tofino, Canada; it’s designed
and inhabited by a couple of canadian artists Katherine King and Wayne Adams. The Idea was to live sustainably without being
tracked by man, or in this case zombies because of their desire to not need to rely on anyone
else. Today the twelve interconnected floating platforms
hold different rooms, as well as a workshop, garden, sculptures and even a dance floor…
you know in case boredom kicks in. Freedom Cove is also thankfully powered by
generators located on the floating mat-island, with all the food you could ever need grown
in gardens all around the structure. As long as you can make it onto Freedom Cove
before the zombies, and granted that you don’t get seasick, this colorful floating home is
the perfect place to ride out the end of the world.

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