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This is DayZ – Gameplay Trailer

This is DayZ – Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to Chernarus, Survivor. With beautiful valleys
and breathtaking views, this was once a popular
tourist destination. Now, it’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland
struck by an unknown epidemic. You are one of the few immune to the virus,
but that’s where your luck runs out. Washed up along the shore, you must
face the harsh and unforgiving open world you now find yourself in,
with only one goal: Survive as long possible,
by any means necessary. With up to 60 other players on the same server, it’s only a matter of time
before you run into a bandit… Or two. In DayZ, when you die – you die. Permadeath ensures that when
you kick the bucket, you lose everything
and respawn back along the coast. A bullet to the head
isn’t the only danger in DayZ, as the game has a complex
set of survival mechanics. Ignore your hunger or thirst long enough,
and you’ll be on your way to an early grave. But take note:
Consume something of questionable sterility, and you may fall sick. Chernarus is big, but finding your way
doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Use maps, signs, tourist trails, compasses,
and even the stars to navigate your way around 230 square kilometres of
vast and varied landscapes. The rule is:
If you can find a town, you can find the loot. Built-up areas will have more to scavenge,
but they will also have more infected. Stay quiet. Stay hidden. Stay clear. If you have no choice but to fight,
melee combat can offer protection. But you don’t need to rely on
your fists, as any item can be used as an improvised weapon…
Some more effective than others. If you start bleeding, you will eventually die. So, wrap it up. The dynamic weather of DayZ can take a turn
for the worse at any moment. So, sometimes it’s best to stay put and prepare
for your travels until the bad weather passes. With the fall of civilization, there is no
more light pollution – and nights in Chernarus get dark. Use various light sources to keep
properly oriented – or to strategically mark locations. When interacting with other players, DayZ’s in-game voice chat and gestures system lets
you easily communicate your friendly intentions. And in DayZ, communication goes a long way. Guns and ammo are rare, and DayZ’s
authentic mechanics mean you’ll have to load your weapons manually.
One bullet at a time. Be sure to keep your weapons in good condition. Damaged guns might jam, which can be
the difference between life and death. Not all wildlife will try to kill you, however. With various animals roaming the countryside,
you can happily live off the land, provided you know how to hunt and cook. Sometimes, it’s not possible
to avoid populated areas. Chernarus is home to numerous “hot spots”
where you can find the best loot, but be warned – you’re more likely to
come across hostiles in these parts. So prepare for a gunfight. Of course, what’s the point of surviving
if you have nothing to live for? Once you’ve mastered scavenging and survival, DayZ opens up and provides a much
richer experience full of emotions. Be a lone wolf; Team up with friends; Learn the lay of the land; Fix a car; Build a base for your community; Raid the bases of others; Host your own radio show; Negotiate! Set up an ambush. Take captives. Restrain and force feed people! Protect fresh-spawns. Hunt down bandits… Or just enjoy the many other types of
emergent gameplay DayZ offers. Be a hero, a villain, or anything in between. The choice is yours.
This is DayZ. This is your story. See you in Chernarus, Survivor.

100 thoughts on “This is DayZ – Gameplay Trailer”

  1. Is this a joke? This totally does not represent DayZ. This is a serious, realistic, hardcore survival game. Not fortnite marketed for 5 year olds…

  2. Yea lots of people are coming back but how long till yall fuck this up again took ya 5 more years good to know you still dont give 2 shits 😂😂

  3. Actually started playing this again after 1-2k hours years ago, it's soooooooooo much better now! hopefully more to come

  4. Hey Everyone it's Broken Helmet and today we're going to be using the passive method to achieve the epic survival victory… As you can see I'm rubbing some scat and piss onto my arms to hide from the infected. Therefore I can make my way around these clickers and flee in an instant…
    This game looks more fun than 7 days to die not gonna lie

  5. Loving these official videos, keep up the updates coming and I will easily spend another 2000 hours playing this beautiful game 🙂

  6. I still remember first two weeks of arma II mod… a month before mod exploded with popularity, it was the 2 weeks of the best experience I think I had in online gaming, everyone was scared, everyone had no idea how to survive, so we had to band up, groups formed a lot more naturally, everyone was talking, the best stories was made in that month. Then the mod got popular… everything went to shit, people started killing everything that moved and new spawns out of spite because they had game mechanics in one finger, there was no more threat. Im gonna give this a go soon.

  7. This is DayZ:

    A $30 cash grab that is still not on par with the mods that existed when it was released nearly 6 years ago.

  8. i can understand that some people are complaining about the state of the Game but i had 1500+ hours fun for 20 euros back in the days….
    it was worth the money
    beside a couple of bugs and 9 out of 10 players beeing douchebags i had a lot of fun!

  9. I’ve over 1000 hours of gameplay, me and my mate enjoy to team together, and the experience always get better, not knowing what players could do to you

  10. "Set up an ambush, take captives." LOL that's cute and all but we all know that doesn't happen. At least not anymore.

  11. Bruh waiting this long for a game with features and graphics from the original release date. Get outta here

  12. Good job on ruining the game. The 0.38 was waaay better than the actual one.
    Sorry, but after 2800h spent ingame, I don't recognize DayZ anymore.
    Pvp gameplay feels less realistic, shots's sounds more arcade than it used to be.

  13. Welcome to Day Z, survivor. With beautiful graphics and breath takingly awful mechanics, this was once a popular tourist destination.

  14. Yeah I can make a base but it’s no use if people just switch servers and spawn in my base smh fix that and I’ll come back.

  15. Welcome to the buggy game named DayZ, with dangerous stairs and glitchy zombies. Once, this game was full of players and hype, but Dean Hall took all the money and ran off. You are one of the many players who have quit from the game, and we don’t blame you!

    I mean come on devs, it’s taken this long, this fucking long and there’s still flying cars. Gimme a break, you could spend 100hr on a single character and die from falling through stairs. Yeah we’ll migrate to Dead Matter, see ya 👋

  16. Why is there so much open space surrounding the map?? Get rid of this and maybe the game won't be so obnoxiously laggy.

  17. I just bought DayZ but I'm just waiting for PC to arrive before I can download and get in to the adventure, I can't wait. I love the survival and realism aspects that DayZ has, it's the best realistic survival game out there.

  18. EU Psychedelics |MoreGuns|Trader|Radiation|NoStam|Build|MapMarkers

    IP: many mods you guys will enjoy it! 20 slot atm getting upgraded when people join

  19. DayZ is seeing a massive resurgence. You guys are doing an amazing job at improving everything. I've had some of the best experiences on this game, and I'm still pushing. Keep up the amazing work DayZ dev team!

  20. Ill keep playing cause I absolutely love this game, it’s everything I want in a game. But the devs should know their job ain’t done yet, itl be done when you completely optimize the game and fix the glitches, add in helicopters and maybe even planes and make base building more expanse.

  21. Getting this game soon, i dont see why is has so much hate, but hey i havent played it y e t, so i wouldn't know.

  22. Alright look I tried this game, its bones are decent. But listen, nobody is going to play a game where:
    1. I have to spend two hours finding my friend because we don't spawn in together and there is no fucking map.
    2. When we did happen to find each other, we died within five minutes due to dehydration. It takes THREE days to die of dehydration. THREE. Not three minutes.
    3. Loot you say, duh. WRONG. There is no loot to be found anywhere in the fucking game. In my two hours I found, no shit, a crowbar, an axe, a potato, and various clothing items. Not a SINGLE drink to quench my IMPOSSIBLE THIRST.
    4. Try another server? Nope all that shit is gone too, and I'd rather not spend another hour or two trying to find my friend to have fun.

    Are you trying to act realistic? Then make me die in three days of dehydration. If you are trying to make some fake bullshit then GIVE ME A FUCKING MAP AND SPAWN ME NEXT TO MY FRIEND.

  23. Bohemia Interactive has announced that the bleak MMO title, DayZ, will be coming to PS4 on May 29, following on from its Xbox One release

  24. This friendly but also unenthusiastic sounding woman was the worst choice as voice actor here, pretty much ruined this trailer

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