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This is Why Daily Discipline makes people successful

This is Why Daily Discipline makes people successful

I teach people that, daily,
you have to prime yourself. You have to do something
for 10 minutes minimum. If you don’t have 10 minutes,
you don’t have a life. The first time I wake
up in the morning– people always ask me, how do
you still help all the time? Part of it is, I attend
all these seminars. I teach all this. But the real reason is– You prime yourself. I prime myself. That’s what I’ve done for years. It’s like, I change my body
with this radical breathing pattern or a movement. There’s many ways to do it. But then I do it for 10 minutes. I don’t want to be the astronaut
that, he went to the moon, that was his idea of
adventure, and then they all came back
more depressed because, what do I do
for the rest of my life? So the wind on my face, my
children’s faces, anything. And the reason for gratitude is,
the two emotions that mess us up the most are fear and anger. And you can’t be grateful
and fearful simultaneously. They don’t go together. And you can’t be angry and
grateful simultaneously. So if you literally
start today cultivating that– this is the part I
was talking about, creating a highway to happiness. And then I do three
minutes of my Three to Thrive– what are three
outcomes or results I’m really committed to? And I see them as
done and fulfilled. For that day? I usually look at something
that’s six months to 12 months out– something that’s
a little bigger. But I feel it’s fulfilled and
done and I give thanks for it. And you’re at the end
of those 10 minutes, and usually, it’s
15 or 18 for me– I am so wired. Now I’ve done that for years. It’s been the base of me. What’s different with suffering
is measuring it moment to moment, Oprah. And then the third one for me
is, OK, how do I love more? Because love, to
me, is an action. It’s not a word. It’s not emotion. It’s like, if you love,
you act accordingly. So love, and what can I do in
a loving way, and then what can I be grateful for? And that little three-step
process ends the suffering. Almost everything you do
from the time you get up in the morning is habit. So start to think
about yourself. What would be the
best habits to have? Now I have written a book
called Million Dollar Habits. It has 12 chapters. 12 critical areas of life. And in each chapter,
there’s 20 or 30 habits. So let me give you
some of the best. Number one, develop the habit
of daily goal setting and goal orientation. What does this mean? This means when you
go to sleep at night, think about your goals
for the coming day, make a list for each
day of all the goals– the little goals you’re
going to accomplish that day, keep a journal, and write down
your goals on a regular basis. When you’re driving through the
day, think about your goals. When you talk to other people,
think about your goals. You see, you do become what you
think about most of the time. You do achieve what you
think about most of the time. So all successful people
and all wealthy people think about their
goals most of the time. Second of all, be
results oriented. Now results-oriented
people are always thinking about the
most important things that they can do
right now to achieve their most important results. Successful people make a list
of everything they have to do and before they
start working, they set priorities on the list. Here’s a great way to
become result oriented– actually, it’s life changing. Ask yourself, once you
have your list for the day, if I could only do
one thing on this list before I was called out
of town for a month, what one activity would I want
to be sure to get completed? And put a circle around that,
and start on that activity immediately, first thing. And then discipline yourself
to work nonstop until you complete that one activity. This simple technique has
taken people from rags to riches all over the world
for at least 100 years. Pick your most important task
and start on it immediately, and then discipline
yourself to stay with it until it’s complete. Another habit that
you can establish is to become people oriented. Recognize that everything
that you achieve in life is going to be with the help,
or support, or cooperation of other people. So always think, what is it
that other people want and need from me? How can I help other people so
they’ll want to help me back? If you’re in sales,
top sales people think about their
customers all the time. They think about who
their customers are, and what their
customers want, and how they can help them
the most, and how they can help them even more today. In their relationships,
successful people are very focused on the
most important people in theirs worlds– both personal and in business. Another habit you can have
is to stay healthily in it. Think about your health
most of the time. Think about eating less
food and better food. Think about daily exercise. Think about getting
lots of rest. Remember, to be successful
in our competitive world, you need a lot of energy. To have a lot of energy,
you’ve got to eat good foods, get lots of rest, and
exercise all the time. One of the most
important habits is that of character and honesty– is always tell the truth,
no matter what the price. And the final characteristic–
the final habit– is that of self-discipline. And I have written
and spoken upon this for years and years and years. But self-discipline seems to
be the foundation habit that makes everything else possible. And the best definition
of self-discipline is that self-discipline
is the ability to make yourself
do what you should do when you should do it,
whether you feel like it or not. You see, anybody can do
it if they feel like it. It’s when you don’t feel
like it and you do it anyway that you eventually develop
the self-discipline that makes everything else possible. If you learn to
give, you will what? Receive. Maybe not in the
manner in which you gave, maybe not in like kind– someone will save energy
for you because you’ve saved energy for them– but in some mysterious ways,
it always comes back to us. If you give, you will receive. In fact, here’s what it says– that for the uneducated,
is a little bit strange. It says, it’s better to
give than it is to receive. Now see, if you didn’t
understand, you would say, that doesn’t quite make sense. Surely, it would be better
to receive than to give. And the answer is,
no; it is much better to give than to receive. And here’s why. It’s what we call
being and having intelligent self-interest. Nothing wrong with self
interest, as long as you do it the intelligent way. Here’s the key–
it’s better to give than it is to receive because
giving starts the receiving process. So to act intelligently in
your own self-interest, which is good, it’s much better to
give than it is to receive. Because if all
you do is receive, that may be very limited,
but if you give– and giving starts the receiving
process coming your way from unknown resources and
from unknown places– back it comes around to you
because you became a giver. That’s one of the unique
mysteries of life. We give to receive,
and it’s better to give than it is to receive. So that’s what mama said,
turn out the lights, make a contribution. Why not make the easy ones? Here’s what else– we talked
about it at our lunch break today to those who were there. It raises your self-esteem
plus your self-respect that you do things that the
average person doesn’t do. Maybe if they were
taught, they would. Maybe if somebody
mentioned it, they would. But it’s easy for most everybody
to just go on their way. And if they’re not interrupted
by a good idea that says, hey, it’s so easy to
make a contribution, this one would be easy–
turn out the lights when you leave the hotel
room and make a contribution. That’s interesting. Next, is the phrase, in
terms of environment, always leave something
better than you found it. I talked to a man one
time who rented out a long list of apartments. And he said, Mr. Rohn,
you wouldn’t believe it, but when somebody
rents an apartment, they usually leave it worse
than when they rented it. I said, you’ve
got to be kidding. He said, no, a high percentage
of people leave it trashed. If they stay six months
or stay one year, they leave it trashed– not just “not
better,” but trashed. I said, that’s impossible. Why would anyone do that? Mama said to me,
no, leave it what? Better than you found it. See, that’s just a commitment
to your own self-esteem. And why not do it, if
it makes a contribution to your self-esteem? It’s called intelligent
self-interest. Intelligent self-interest. Self-interest says, I wish
to be ruler over many; and intelligent
self-interest says, I understand how to
do that– be faithful when the amounts are small. If you’ll take
care of the few, we will someday give you a
position of very high importance over many. But if you don’t be disciplined
when the amounts are small, why would we trust you
when the amounts are large? Brian mentioned that earlier. Why would life
give you a fortune to manage if you couldn’t
manage the gifts of a few? Interesting philosophy
to consider– your own self-interest. Leave the contribution. I’m even aware of it
when I leave a restaurant and I get me a toothpick. And you take off the little
cellophane off the toothpick. It’s easy to throw it by the
cash register or somewhere where it looks like other
people have done the same. Mama said, put it
in your pocket. Somebody says, wow, a
little piece of cellophane– what difference does it make? It doesn’t make that
much difference, only in your self-respect. Take your trash
home and deposit it. How much does it
cost to clean up the trash on the
highways in America? Mega, mega, mega millions. Wouldn’t people take
home their own trash and deposit it there
rather than scatter it on the highways across America? And the answer is,
most people do not. It’s so easy to throw
it out the window. But now, add this– it’s so easy
to keep it in your car and have a few more points in your
favor on self-esteem– feeling good about
yourself, doing things that most people don’t do. If everybody did it,
what a different country we would have. [PIANO PLAYING]

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  2. What you have started today when you wake up will define your success
    disappointments and failures are there but it's not about them,it's about being faithful to what you are given.your faithfulness in your story will matter in the end.
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  4. You achieve what you think about all the time Brian Tracy.
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  5. "Successful people make a list of everything they have to do and before they start working, they set priorities on the list."
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