‘This looks like hell’ Hurricane Dorian survivors desperate to leave Abaco

-This, this looks like hell. Abaco, I don’t know
if we’ll ever come back. -It’s very bleak.
-Like hopeless. Everyone is helpless. -What happening now, everybody
trying to get on the boat. Because there’s no power,
no food, no water, nothing to live. Everything we had, gone. No house to stay. -We trying to get ourself
on the boat or plane and it is really hard because
we’ve got a lot of people. Some people have been here
for three days and still can’t get to Nassau. -Everybody trying to get out. It ain’t making no sense
to stay out here because automatically, if you
stay here you can get sick. So we trying to get out. You have kids with all
these bodies around here. To me I feel like they
don’t have no love for us. -Just a lot of confusion that
you don’t know where we going, what time we going,
what time we leaving, what boat you’re going on, it’s just a whole
lot of confusion. it’s worse than what we came
through in the storm. In the storm at least
we had a plan. We had a plan that
if our roof go, if we had a flood,
we had a plan that we would — where would be our next move
and where we would go. Out here it seems like
they don’t have a plan. You know, it isn’t organized. It’s very disorganized out here. -I fight in the hurricane
with my grandchildren trying to get them sorted out
so they wouldn’t drown. And now I gotta come and fight
with other people to get on a ferry to go
someplace where I could be safe? Come on. -It’s just too much.

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