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Tips To Help You Survive The Worst Natural Disasters

Tips To Help You Survive The Worst Natural Disasters

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  1. Every Canadian will tell you to also keep kitty litter in your car! Stuck on ice and tires can’t get a grip? Kitty litter!

  2. Good advice but the best advice is to avoid all these areas. All these areas have predictable behavior yet people rich and poor insist on living in environmentally risky areas. Most can be avoided with exception the Tornado being the hardest to avoid. My take..

  3. thank god i live in Sweden.
    the only things i have to worry about is blizzards during winter and the occasional forest fire in the summer.

  4. For tornado i put it tape in my windows. and i had a flashlight 🔦 and drinking water in my living room and thats one way to keep you sfake put tape in the window

  5. I"ve been through a hurricane, blizzard, the ice storm that hit the east coast awhile back, tornadoes, flash flood and a mild earthquake. I'm still here…

  6. 4:29 oh yeah it's not like tornadoes pick up semi trailers and destroy houses and throw heavy and sharp Debra around at high speeds yeah a table would be a perfect spot

  7. all this info is useful but where i live all we have was ONE earthquake and that was before i was born…we have never seen any other natural disasters since..

  8. Are they trying to get people killed? I stopped watching after I watched the wildfire part. I am a wildland firefighter and they gave some inaccurate information.

  9. i have tip tip : 1 dont die tip : 2 find shelter tip : 3 a tables and desk are good shelter tip : 4 drop cover and hold on again drop cover and hold on

  10. Also, if you are trapped in a car that is berried, do not turn the ignition on or the gas will build up. Also, the horn is a great way to signal rescuers to your location. It is a good idea to keep a wrench near the main gas inlet to the house. If a natural disaster hits you want to be able to cut it off quickly to avoid an explosion. If there is not a wrench you can wedge two bricks against it and twist with that for extra leverage. Also, turn off the main breaker because if there is a breech in the exterior structure the last thing you want is to be in a pool of rising water when it hits the level of electrical outlets
    If on a snowy mountain take an avalanche beaker with you and make sure it is directly attached to your body, not in a bag because if the avalanche hits and rips the bag off of you then the rescuers will think you are somewhere else because that is where the beaker is pinging from. If you are searching for someone with a beaker that was berried move in a diagonal path.
    In an earthquake if you are in a damaged house to get out only move things that easily slide out. Do not yank anything out of the way, because these may be used as little structure support and by disrupting it you could cause the roof or other heavy objects to fall. Once out of a building do not go back in until a professional has deemed it as being safe. Also, after an earthquake the ground rarely slides into a stable position which causes other tremors called after shocks.
    In the case of a major disaster, emergency services will be tied up and you have to assume that help is not coming for a while and therefore you might have to take matters into your own hand that you would otherwise call for help for, like putting out a small fire before it engulfs your whole house or even neighborhood.

  11. is carbon dioxide not moving downwards instead of upwards? so why would you need to put ventilation holes into a snow shelter?

  12. Saying my home state in the US (Missouri) just had a small tornado outbreak (one of which just devastated the state capital of Jefferson City and just grazed the Missouri capital building) The tornado one is useful. Even though me and my family already have protocols. One of the recent tornadoes hit a small town west outside of St. Louis called "Augusta" which is only like 40 km from my house… Yeah, sirens were blaring.

  13. Not so certain about your improvised shelter in a snow storm. Way too energy consuming and extremely dangerous has it may collapse and burry you alive. Use foliage from pine trees to build a shelter and MAKE A FIRE so you can 1 stay warm 2 keep animals away 3 stay visible to get rescued

  14. One thing I learned in a geology course about volcanoes…you’re likely not going to be in danger of the LAVA. Your house? Your stuff? Gone.

    No, no, the volcano’s deadliness is in those flows and in the non-lava things they chuck at you. If you can see a pyroclastic flow coming at you, you’re likely too close to outrun them. You want to get out of their path. They can also chuck ‘blocks’(what it sounds like, solidified brick of lava) or ‘bombs’(liquid lava encased in brittle shell of solid rock that cracks open on impact with the ground). Obviously the latter is dangerous.

    Also for one reason or another all the airborne ash and dust can cause lightning.

  15. once there was a thunderstorm and rain my mother told me its ok I can go out of the house but if I hear a thunder and I think its close to me I come back home as fast as I can

  16. I was walking home..It was not raining .. I walked pass a tree and lighting struck it. There was no lighting before that first strike.. I was wear tennis shoes.. The rubber souls save me..After that bolt hit..Just about 15 feet away from me.. I took off running. I ran the fastest Ike I never did before.. My house was about a half a mile way.. Before I knew it . I was there and inside.

  17. Building a snow shelter takes at least 4 hours, and it is very hard to level it out so it stays worm inside.. And then the whole time being petrified that you didn't to it correctly and having nightmares that it collapses. Id rather keep walking, looking for another cave than doing that shit again…

  18. For lighting, join your legs and feet together. When a lighting strike the ground, electricity can pass through ground. And difference of potential can electrocute you. Because your legs has different potential and the electricity will pass through your legs like a cable Thats why a lots of cows fall when there are lighting.

    But if you join your legs, the electricity will walk pass you without electrocuting you. Wearing rubber boots seems also efficient as rubber is an insulating material
    Don't forget to crouch to minimise your chances

    Don't wear any metal object. Just d'ont else you will act like a lighring rod

    Don't go under a tree, if a lighting bolt strike a tree:
    1) you will get the shock aswell, lighting bolt is searching for the easiest way to get to the ground.. human body is a conductor of electricity.. even the brains works with electric signals

    2) the tree will… EXPLODE

  19. In UK we have rain and the odd very mini tornadoes out at sea, (very rarely on land) and the odd mini earthquake. Generally our weather is dismal but safe.

  20. There are no more hurricanes today than in the past. It seems that there are because now days tropical storms are named too.

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