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  1. whewww shout out to my brother, my friends, & my new therapist for teaching me these things. 儭ALEXA! PLAY NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT BY MARVIN SAPP 唐
    I tell my students, 'When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game. – Toni Morrison

  2. Dont wait until your job gives you a day off because if it was up to them, they will having you slaving 24/7. Give yourself a day, couple days, or even a week off to chill and relax!

  3. I COMPLETELY & WHOLEHEARTEDLY FEEEEL THIS!!! and I'm 27. Thank you Evelyn. My imposter syndrome is off the charts. You're amazing lady!!

  4. Love this. Id like to add that Im 43 and I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up. Personally, everything Ive done has contributed to my career. Sure Ive changed focus a few times, but its all added to my experience and skills. I am interested in many things and I have many talents. I have recently learned that I dont have to fit in a box, I dont have to choose just one. Life may be short, but it is also long. Dont talk yourself out of leaving a job/career because of security, other peoples expectations etc. Be yourself. I truly believe thats why we are here.

  5. What advice would I give the next generation? 1. Listen to what someone who may know better tells you. If your mama, daddy, auntie, uncles, older siblings, science and if you believe Him, God has told you the same thing there is a good chance they are telling you what is right and it will save you from going through stuff that you really don't have to go through at the very least make things easier. If you choose to do differently THEN chalk that up to experience and do better 2. Ask, but ask the right people. There is a highly likely chance that someone who always tells you NO but you always tell them YES are expecting you to do more for them than they are for you, just a hunch. Stop asking them for help and getting dissappointed instead ask some one you at least have a 50/50 chance of getting the response you may need and want. And make sure the person you are getting that YES from is not doing it to have some type of control over you later. 3. Work for what you want at least try. Freedoms' in the tryin'. If you don't at least try to make some type of investment towards what you want first then why would someone else what to help you towards that dream? Stop having high expectations for what you are thinking about doing and go into it with an open mind. No it may not be as glamourous as you'd hope but then again not much we choose to do is. It's all about what you make of it. As far as jobs, heck it pays the bills and if its too bad other people are hiring. 4. Lastly, be honest with yourself then you can be honest with others. The type of person you want to be is self reflective because when you are you can't help but be better. Take time away from social media, TV and other influences that may block you from getting to know yourself as a person for a while. Yes, others may think you are boring, have no life, anti-social or mean when you put up standards as to what you are choosing to do or who you are choosing to become for your your own life but that is not your problem. Hope this helps.

  6. #3 made me take a full step back. Like an entire step back. Thank you so much, Evelyn. I needed to hear that one.

  7. You are so comforting. You/your videos make me feel like how I feel when I eat a Sundae in the middle of summer–full of joy. I feel so lucky that you're on Youtube.

  8. Omg Im gonna cry, these tips are so fucking helpful its really hard to go through life with two semi jobs and not going to school…and just kinda feeling like this is it, this is all its ever gonna be: living with yo dysfunctional fam in a rinky dink apartment always looking for someone to love and…what was I talking abou…oh right, its just really comforting to remember what kind of PERSON I wanna be instead of what JOB I want to have or what i want my CAREER to be…ugh Evelyn youre amazing

  9. I am almost 50 and still feel like an alleged adult. All these things are TRUTH. I wish I knew some of them earlier but the journey and the lessons have a place too. Keep shining Evelyn! 領儭

  10. I read this somewhere and I believe it, "Discipline is the purest form of self-love."

    Take yourself and your craft seriously. All of my 20's I was down for fun and letting other people dictate my pace and my schedule.

    30's? Nope, my time is valuable because it's the only thing I have.

    I'm not quite there yet, but putting yourself first, ironically makes people respect your time more.

  11. Oooo girl you had me in my feelings at tip #1. I'm over 24 and I still feel like an alleged adult. My impostor syndrome stay rowdy .
    One thing I have learned though is that the adults in your life aren't always going to know how to advise you sometimes you have figure it out on your own.

  12. Evelyn樹樹樹鄱m just 33 and this is advice that in need right now, in THIS moment! I wish someone had told me this at 18! Your subbies are wise to follow you, girl! Preach!樹

  13. There is no correct way or order to do life. Be cautious of the advice you receive, and remember you are the outcome of any choice you choose, no one can take credit, but no one can be the blame either. Trust your gut/instinct, it may not make sense to anyone else, but you are you, and you truly know whats best for you. Lastly, BREATHE. You dont have to do everything everyday. Its ok to have day or days (plural) of doing absolutely nothing, and your world not crash. Youre not behind.

  14. I needed this. Thank you also youre so hilarious I had to subscribe. This was sooo good. Fantastic advice and great sense of humor. I love it!

  15. This video arrived at the right time for me. I have to make a big decision about my education at the moment. Should I go to school and finish my Higher education because which I know I will dread/be stressed about or follow what I want to do right now in following my passion. Decisions, decisions, decisions

  16. Great advice! Sitting here, watching YouTube, avoiding and annoyed at my partner because I didnt specifically ask for what I need. We are way out of your demographic, age wise, and really should know better

  17. Be gentle with yourself as you grow. It take a HOT MINUTE to go from writing down the goals to actualizing the goals.

  18. Evelynnnnnnnnn伐伐伐伐伐伐 SIS YOU HYPED ME UPPP OKAY. Im sooo greatful you giving wisdom and advice to us youngins out here who legit have no clue what we're doingggg. ThANK yOU SIIISSS!! For example ive been sitting on my but not really making any moves scared to make a decision on college. But you reminded me it's okay to make a mistake, pero just move on to make a better one. At least I made a move in the first place this was grrrreeaat

  19. I love the point about focusing more on the type of person you want to become rather than what you want to do. Figuring out what I want to do has been a huge stressor in my life lately and I feel that this perspective shift will allow for less stress.

  20. Almost 29, my message:
    – Learn to clean your dishes if you live with others (roommates.) DISHES is one of the biggest chores that gets fought over THE MOST. 33 roommates 2009-now.

    – Not everyone's journey is the same and you MAY have to learn How to be a LOSER before you can become a WINNER. Trust < this is one thing I've had THE HARDEST time learning.

    – There may come a time when your closest friends won't even agree with what you are doing; know your truth, keep self checks, know why YOU are Doing it For You. Sometimes you can't always be an Angel.

    – Keep an open mind to people, but remember – not everyone has your best interest.

    – 3-5 years from now you'll learn more, but if you find yourself stagnant with no progress; re-evaluating things and finding something else to do may be what's best for you even if it's not a part of what you originally wanted to do.

  21. Heck I dont think anyone has it figured out until maybe 40 lol.. adulting is something else.. this was helpful and Im 33 樹樹

  22. Save your money, don't lend it to no one unless the person asking has a plan to pay you back and if they don't pay you back after the time y'all agreed to then leave them alone, this includes family and childhood friends.

  23. The best advice I can give is "Learn as many skills as possible. Trade skills, work skills." College is good and all, but at any moment, that piece of paper can be invalidated and what are we left with?? Skills. Rely on your two hands and your brain.

  24. Air boxing the notification bell.The fact that I'm getting this a month later is treason.
    Anyhow. This video is applicable for your 30s and…40s.
    Oh…forties are the catalysts for midlife crisis. So yup…store this video for the future. Thanks Evelyn. You are the truth!弘遲

  25. My advice: Take your time!!! Dont rush into getting an apartment/car without doing your research! TAKE YOUR TIME! Usually when you rush into things they turn out BAD. BAD !! Horribly wrong. With that being said, you can take your time but dont procrastinate too much. Get your life. Do your research. These devices are filled with information. Just search. And do your best. Some ppl get things slower than others. Remain humble. Your time will come. Im speaking from experience on this ongoing beautiful journey樹 I wish you all the best.

    P.S. Fucc niggas, get your finances in checc不荊

  26. NEVER be with someone or apart of something that makes you be LESS of yourself! (Advise from my old self). Love your channel, Evelyn!

  27. The title of this video could be "Tips To Survive", because my 40+ year-old self had never heard or thought about #1, and it is a life-changing perspective shift.

    Being in your 40's is wonderful. There's so much more confidence, growth, experience, emotional stability. So many things are just easier than in my 20's. There's a lot to look forward to, my young women friends.

    At the same time, it's also 20+ years to look back and feel regret. I think feeling sad or wistful about the could've-beens is normal. None of us is going to get it "right" or "perfect" for how we planned or wished life to turn out.

    The thunderbolt with #1 is I realized I was beating myself up over what I couldn't have possibly known at the time. I didn't even realize how much I was doing it, until you said it.

    "It's not a mistake if you didn't know better" Phew – shout it louder!!

  28. How many wigs were this in one vid? Dangerous territory Evelyn!
    Slippery slope

    Beautiful vid XXX ask for what you you want when asking for help or advice but don't tell yourself stories if you have bad interactions with other people- always remember that you are only the center of your own universe and everything that you are worrying about is of very little importance to anyone else- not in a bad way- but worrying other people are hating you, judging you or talking about you etc etc THEY ARENT because other people are thinking about themselves and you barely register to them at all!

  29. You're beautiful!!! Inside & out! Been binge watching your vids today… was feeling down, but your vids lifted me up! we share a lot of beliefs, but hearing SOMEONE ELSE say it… (sigh of relief) thanks, boss babe! love your vids, energy & personality

  30. If I died right now my legacy would be pretty terrible. I think people would just sit at my funeral and just give a cough and ahem

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