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Todd goes back-to-back, HVIII & Ortiz’s Call of Duty bond and quadruple aces

Todd goes back-to-back, HVIII & Ortiz’s Call of Duty bond and quadruple aces

No this isn’t last week’s episode. You are seeing this correctly, Brendon Todd
with back-to-back wins in paradise. After winning in Bermuda, Todd got it done
this week at the Mayakoba Golf Classic, winning on Monday morning. Basically, he’s coming at golf like a spider
monkey right now. Last weekend we had Jeff Maggert hole-out
to win in a playoff on the PGA TOUR Champions, season-ending Charles Schwab Cup Championship
and this week we had a Monday finish with a back-to-back winner. What will we have next? It will be pretty hard to top four aces in three days. There were so many aces this week, even Matt
Kuchar didn’t believe it. KUCHAR: That didn’t go in, but I think it’s nice. Oh it went in, Kuch. And your raise the roof, dad reaction should
definitely be made into a gif. A GIF? What does GIF stand for? The PGA TOUR Champions legends got a little lesson in gif making and it was classic. Maybe this couple can teach those guys a little
something about Instagram photography, too. ANNC: It’s all about the social media these days. On second thought, maybe not… ANNC: Still haven’t got the right picture? Sergio Garcia blew up Instagram this week when he had a special golf-themed gender reveal. Social media and video games brought three
friends together this week. I’m like, “Carlos you need to meet this
guy named Arturo. He’s really good. I don’t know where he’s from. He’s
from somewhere in Mexico.” So, every day HVIII invites me to play. Dude, I’m going to cry because
this dude is awesome. After playing Call of Duty for years online,
Harold Varner III and Carlos Ortiz finally got to meet Arturo in-person in Mexico this week. So inspired Carlos Ortiz nearly went on to win the tournament! He missed becoming the first Mexican to win
their home event by just one-stroke. In Mexico, they love their golf. Everyone wanted a piece of the action! And who wouldn’t when you can see shots like this?! Will Gordon up and over the grandstands! The fall slate continues this week at the RSM Classic. Tune in to PGA TOUR LIVE on Thursday and Friday
for live coverage from Sea Island and check out The Takeaway starting Thursday.

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