TOMB RAIDER Lara Croft FAN MOVIE “Death Game Island” + Outtakes [EXIT WARS BR]

Chapter 1:
Where are you? Chapter 2:
Hunter & Gatherer Chapter 3:
You or me! Thanks for watching! ^^
Following…Outtakes ;D I don´t f#cking care! ANDREA!!! Lara! My name´s Lara! What about the heroic end pose? Get it now! The heroic end pose by Eden Films – for only 7,99 dollars! Don´t look into the camera, it doesn´t exist for you. It´s so nice here~ Come down! Where do we go now? (*trumpet* xD) Making yourself dirty~ Is it ok or does it look unreal?
– I think it looks good. Should I turn here?
– No, he comes from there. Ok, start! Let´s go! I can´t open the case…
lol. At first you wait and watch.
– On my belly?
– Yeah, just lie on your belly. I hope I don´t slip down.
– Well, then just lay down and you won´t slip down. And then with the gun.
Wait, don´t shoot yet. And off! Wait, I need to find a nice frame. I need to cut out the siren in post-production. Are you crazy? Don´t look into the cam! Please don´t splash into the cam! Please don´t splash into the cam! Aaand stage-striding! And we play act again. I think I missed your striding.
– I´ve got caught here. We don´t have an actual ending, do we?
– Right. Actual End xD

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