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Top 10 CITY BUILDING Games 2018 – Build Ancient Cities, Frostpunk Towns and Bases on Mars

Top 10 CITY BUILDING Games 2018 – Build Ancient Cities, Frostpunk Towns and Bases on Mars

Welcome to a look at the Top 10 City Building Games coming up in 2018 At number 10 a game that’s got me 10 kinds of excited. This is Industries of Titan The developers described the game as an industrial city building simulation strategy game It’s half city builder half competitive tycoon gamer But with some real-time strategy elements thrown in you play as the head of a giant corporation in Competition with others and your job is to build a city on the surface of Titan one of Saturn’s moons Starting with just a few small buildings you can design and build a massive metropolis as well as building factories You’ll have to set up production lines to process world resources you’re going to have to design as well as build your own spaceships Which I’m I’m really excited by the game has multiple victory conditions including combat technological superiority Political influence. It just sounds awesome. This is one to watch Okay, this is The Colonists, and it’s a settlement building game developed by mode seven who are the guys behind? Frozen Synapse, this is inspired by games like the settlers and the anno series But it just features the cutest robot ever just look at them Awesome, and your job is to take control of this team of robots Who’ve been tasked with settling a newly discovered planet? Preparing the ground for an influx of inhabitants from their homeworld in the future, and you start off in the Stone Age And you progress right up to the Space Age building the infrastructure for your colony and you’ve got to put in your start off is kind of roads and boats and trains and Eventually you get to drone transport systems, and it’s all the usual thing of harvesting natural resources setting up farming and food production Conquering other settlements trading with alloys explore research manage. It’s all that kind of stuff But with really cute robots. What is not to like I can’t wait to see more about this game. This is another one to watch Hi, I’m Richard and Iook, what’s with this music? Can we change this? Much better, it’s me in the mood so my name is Richard and well you can call me Richie, okay? Let me show you around the town of it I’m just on my way with this load of fish to drop it off here And be a storage shed it’s to be safe for anything This is the library where people can come and borrow books this is My children, and this is the dagger and when I spend perhaps too much time And this is the church when I was married which I try to attend every Sunday and this building is the post card which helps to decrease the foreign threat in my port and keep everyone safe and Right down here is the pirate threat indicator you have to keep this down on merit or ransack your village And this is the lighthouse which helps to increase port visibility and also as to your poor reputation as long as the flame is flowing There you know what I mean What do I mean? Well, anyways this building is really important that all now lets you import and export anything you can think of like bees working corn Pigs chicken anything I’ve got lots of place all experts say two hundred and twenty-two kilograms play and boom I’m a richer man. Well. Thank you stopping by hey you should come by and try this out for yourself. Okay. See you soon Every good tale begins with children who are lost? Children who must write their own story and become strong enough to share that story with the world to plant their banner in the fertile earth of elder stone my poor goblin children Oblivious they craft and they build yet will their inventions of sticks and stones weather the storm that is to come for light will form a darkness that no torch can hold it they a darkness that watches For my lost children an adult alone my first ball await them with cunning schemes and brutal fury My goblins will look up at each door not with fear But with hope their years of hiding are behind goblins will build goblins will grow Goblins, will be lost no more goblins blue moon in elder stone Next up it’s the latest in the anno series anno 1800 set in the Victorian era at the height of the Industrial Revolution Steam engines steam powered ships the Great Exhibition all of that stuff, and am I excited Not as much as you might think now This is primarily because I got so excited for the last anno anno 2205 and it was a total snoozefest Is this gonna be better? I have really mixed feelings based on the little bits of gameplay that I’ve seen some things really excite me All of them the steam stuff the industry looks really cool But I don’t know there are elements of the graphics and some of the gameplay that just doesn’t do it for me But we’ve got to wait and see what it ends up looking like and it’s gonna be coming in winter 2018 I won’t be holding my breath Number 5 its Austria and anyone who’s familiar with my channel will know that I love this game Now bear in mind Austria is still in very very early access It’s got a long long way to go and the state that it’s in at the moment There’s not that much content There’s a fair amount of content, but there’s still a lot more to come and incidentally he’s the developer This is developed by one guy this whole game is developed by one guy He’s just published her, or I went a little while ago. He published a road map which I’ll put on screen for you now Showing just how much more there is to add to the game and when this game’s finished I think this is got this game is definitely gonna be up there With games like banished in fact. It could even be better than banished It’s that good, but right now. It’s still lacking a bit of content. We need to be patient Also, the game is pretty buggy Right now it does need a lot of bug fixing, but it’s early access. That’s to be expected What you need to know about this game is it is truly engaging it is ain’t grossing It draws you in you feel like it’s your village the way that the game Grows very organically the the way that roads are generated by the grass being worn away by people walking backwards and forwards over it you don’t lay your roads the roads grow just like your village I Would recommend if you haven’t if you haven’t seen much about Austria and certainly if you haven’t played it Go pick up a copy. I don’t think you’ll regret it By joining this exciting mission to Mars You will be part of shaping the future of humanity You’ll get to travel to an inspiring You’ll research and utilize state of the art technology You construct a dynamic network with extraordinary positions And sustain an innovative self-sufficient habitat You’ll get to experience the captivating and You’ll live in a prosperous and pleasant community The relationship between humans and technology has been redefined And just so you know the dangers that you might have heard of have been greatly exaggerated Mars is really a very safe clicks colonize Mars and discover her secrets with minimal casualties Six months ago when Tropico 6 was announced. I immediately put it into my top 3 and That was sight unseen hadn’t seen any gameplay now that I’ve actually seen some gameplay I am confident to still leave it in my top 3 What do we know about the new game well instead of having a single island you’ve got an archipelago which means something that we’ve never had before in a tropical gained the ability to build bridges and There’s this new concept of world wonders and raids yes El Presidente is sending out his spies and soldiers to steal Wonders of the world and bring them back and some of these are pretty funny for example sneaking over to France Disassembling the Eiffel Tower and sneaking it back in to Tropico hidden interests luggage I think it’s gonna be awesome Viva el Presidente Viva llamas Viva Tropico 6 Number two it’s Frost punk and Having played now the demo I can tell you this game is everything that I hoped it would be If you want to see more go watch my let’s play right now enjoy the trailer when we end up with next to nothing We don’t do what we believe is right we believe what we do make us, right? It is not shelter north that brings us consolation Or it is home that makes us grow Oh That there is more of us And if not That we are enough Frost bunks due for release in March of 2018 and let me tell you I cannot wait make sure this is on your wish list In the top spot, it’s ancient cities Having completed a Kickstarter where they raise 125 thousand euros which is 125 thousand dollars They went on to raise more funds with an IndieGoGo campaign and raised another 93 thousand euro so about 93 thousand dollars So they’ve got about a quarter of a million dollars in the war chest to develop this game, so okay What do we know? well we know that the game is going to be set in the Neolithic period or it’s going to start in the Neolithic period and you will develop your tribe and your city through the ages the funding did unlock several stretch goals So we’ll be starting off in the early Neolithic and we’ll be going through at least To the early Bronze Age there will be an Ice Age expansion included. We will have fluid dynamics We will be going drm-free We will have a user terrain which will be nice more biomes and we will get sea and coastal cities Okay, so what else have we learned about the game Well there definitely will not be a multiplayer the developers have confirmed that there will be combat though in the form of raids from other factions There will be modding support, but not in the first version that will be developed later And there definitely will not be any early access or open alpha. They think alpha is a development stage It’s not a product to sell and let’s face it. They’ve already been funded, so they don’t need to do an early access The game’s not due till late 2018 so all we can do until then is sit back cross our fingers And hope that this game realizes the it’s potential that it has and that is my top 10 city building games for 2018 I hope you enjoyed it I had a blast Make sure you subscribed for more top 10s and trailers our catch for the next one peace out

100 thoughts on “Top 10 CITY BUILDING Games 2018 – Build Ancient Cities, Frostpunk Towns and Bases on Mars”

  1. Skye I really wants to see colonists ,surfing mars gameplay as soon as they r realased
    And ostriv has a long way too go 2018 will be a great year for it

    P.S. what is the next gameplay u will work on

  2. What do little robots in colonists need food for? If Anno 1800 plays like Anno 2070 then I'll like it, if it plays like the last one, they can die the horrible deaths they deserve for ruining a great game. I'm not bitter…

    And while it won't be a city builder, the game I want the most is Evil Genius 2. How would you want to rule the world? Muhahahahahaha

  3. you cant wait for "frostpunk" to be released… I can't wait to see some of your game play….Would also like to see some Tropico 6

  4. I cannot wait to play and see you play Number 2 and 1. especially number 1. god I've waited so many years for a game like this.. the trailers gave me goosebumps.

  5. I would be wishing to see Tropico 6, but its predecessor is impossible to play due to incontrolable riots. That made me just forget about it.

  6. I donated to Ancient Cities when it was on kickstarter it looks amazing and I can't wait for my copy that I've already paid for.

  7. "[…] a 125.000 euros which is a 125.000 dollars […]" …….. What'chu talkin' bout, Willis? It's not even remotely close.

  8. I see Tropico has a new developer – previously Haemimont Games, now Limbic Entertainment. These new guys don't have much of a resume, so will definitely have to have a good look before buying.

  9. dont you have The guild 3 yet? 🙂 it's early acces, no vid yet. To much games to do, i would gift it to sponsor you for your good content. 😉

  10. As a HUGE Anno fan (well over 10,000 hours across the titles), I feel that "anno 2205" isn't even part of the franchise. It was such a massive departure from what the series has been that it didn't even feel like part of it. Anno 1404/Dawn of Discovery (and DoD: Venice) is the best of all of them so far. Anno 2070 comes in a VERY close second, but it's lacking the scenarios that DoD had. 2205 didn't have random maps, which I think was biggest flaw of the game, and it included a dumbed down, overly simplified needs calculator into the game. That took a lot of the fun out of the game because you weren't building a city, you were aiming for numbers.

    If they learned from the mistakes of 2205, and went back more to their roots of 1404 and 2070, then 1800 has the potential to be amazing.

  11. Random top 10 spammer who just cuts trailers together -> X00.000 wievs.

    Some guy who not only adds his own input, he has a character to it, and doesn't just read a boring script on a monotone voice -> 23k views.

    Oh come on….

  12. To me one of the best city builders (that unfortunately also had combat) was Knights & Merchants from 1998. Where buildings were put together piece by piece and your citizens behaved naturally in their jobs and went to eat when they are hungry. Unfortunately it didn't do very well due to the combat system, but I would love to see more organic city builders again.

  13. I see Tropico 6 similar to how you perceive Anno 1800, one could say our stances are swapped. I recently revisited a lot of my old strategy building games and Tropico 3 and 4 are still the best. Much depth, uplifting music, great atmosphere. The 6th aimes to iterate on 5 which was a let down, while the Anno team learned a lot about what their fans like from their less then stellarly received 2205.

  14. The first game, Anno, Ostriv andTropico look a bit interesting… some reason Ancient Cities didn't… it looks in depth, but not fun to me for some reason. It was a very short snippit though, so I am probably wrong 😛

    Colonize Mars… looks like a more boring Cities And Skylines to me… AND I don't trust Paradox to release a full game without 30 DLC's of $10-20…

  15. After playing Worm a few years ago I find it hard to understand how anyone gets excited about these cookie cutter building games. They contain very little real building by only giving us 1 or 2 options of pre-built houses to plop down. No player creativity. No ability to terraform the land. They just suck.

  16. I'm actually excited about the new Jurassic World game since it's like Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.

    to me it's like a city/amusement park building game.

  17. I'm most looking forward to getting surviving mars, frost punk and ancient cities. Also based on what I know frostpunk is like the most depressing and chilling city building game ever

  18. Tropico 6 in a nutshell: Mostly updated UI, Bigger map, some extra cosmetic buildings and monuments. But… no new mechanics, improved population systems or other stuff. Basically tropico 5 with a little bit of makeover

  19. All these games look pretty dull compared to Sierra's classics like Zeus: Master of Olympus or Pharaoh.

  20. ostriv looks like it has potential, i hope for the best for its developer to see where it goes and ends at, what i have seen on it, it looks really neat

  21. Still none of these beating Cities Skylines for me…
    Also all square-grid-based city builders look so deprecated…

  22. frostpunk is my favorite and so far I cant find any other game to even match it let aside go above sadly…and im still shit in endless mode for 100 days of survival 😀

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