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Top 10 Minecraft seeds Best for 1.12 (2018)

Top 10 Minecraft seeds Best for  1.12 (2018)

Hey What’s up this is Alexcosta and you have
about fifhteen seconds to pause this video and click on any of the anotations to choose
your favorite seed if you don’t want to watch the whole countdown Welcome to the Top 10 Minecraft seeds for
the 1.8 Bountifull update Lets start with one of the new structures
for the game the ocean monuments, and the best place to get as many as posible has to
be the largest ocean in the game thanks to Pdx7 we have 13 million square meters of deep
ocean for a grand total 40 monuments in one big ass ocean Did I mention you are going to be needing
a boat? For the next seed we will be looking to be
rich at spawn thanks to Crashfilmshd you will get 10 diamonds
in the first minute of your journey Exept that he forgot to mention that if you
take about an hour to explore, the rest of the desert temples in the seed
you will get 55 iron, 1 name tag, 15 emerals, almost 2 stacks of gold and not 10 but 17
freaking diamonds and a lot more stuff. The next seed is one coolest biomes in the
game, and if you accept my advice Please, please make it amplified, this is one of the
largest and coolest mesa biomes in the game, right at spawn and surrounded by ocean for
you to create the most amazing builds ever. Number 7 will be two hundred thousand square
meters of the tallest biome in the game, a sabana that is not even amplified terrain
generation. Number 6 wich is everybodies favorite
Group of youtubers that desided to be trapped in a force field, thanx to Szpeddy you will
get a mindcrack style seed with every single biome in the game in a 2000 by 2000 blocks
area. We are in the middle of the countdown don’t
get desperate Let it go, with my favorite biome in the game Pdx7 is once again here
to save the day with three hundred thousand square meters of ice spykes for all your winter
needs. Number 4 and not four but five mooshroom islands
close to spawn, one for each one fo your friends, and you know living in one of this things
means no creepers blowing up your stuff. But number 3 thanks to hopefully by now our
dear friend and best explorer of the largest biomes in the game Pdx7 let me introduce to
you the largest mosshroom island ever right at spawn. Number 2 from the Zipkrowd server the ones
who took minecraft to the next level we get not one not two not three but four witch huts
almost at spawn they created the witch hut finder that with a couple of clicks you let
your computer do the job of finding the most amazing seeds ever. And that same magic I used to find what I
think is the most amazing seed ever A diferent take on the classic survival island
with one ocean temple really close to spawn one island perfect for horse farming right
on top of the end portal and the best place for you to create the coolest farm and mobspawners
in the game only to be topped by another quadruple witch hut about two kilometers away from spawn
everything in the same seed The only thing left to say is, if you enjoy
this video remember to rate it thumbs up OOO and in the description below there will
be Amidst maps and links to ocean monuments for every single seed in this countdown.
Remember to say thanks or give a hug to everysingle one of the amazing people who created scripts
and amazing pieces of software for you to get this incredible seeds If you have any questions or you want to know
when the next videos are coming out follow me on G+ Twitter and facebook or leave a comment
down below I think that’s it for all the youtube shenanigans
I’ll see you in the next one

18 thoughts on “Top 10 Minecraft seeds Best for 1.12 (2018)”

  1. Try out 3993079950856357926 with Large Biomes enabled. I found a mine shaft that goes through multiple mountains and an amazing canyon river, which i built a castle in the middle of.

  2. ok for the rich at spawn, is it like, for 1.11.1? cuz I mean I like it since I found 14 dogs ^_^ but I was rly rlyyy expecting diamonds, rather dogs lol no deserts near me XD

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