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Top 10 Most Cloned Video Games

Top 10 Most Cloned Video Games

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but how much flattery to these game developers feel? Welcome to and today. We’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 most known video games For this list we’re looking at the games that were well known for having every Up-And-coming developer and their mom try to cash in on the originals popularity For the record we’re not saying that every game that was spawned from these originals were bad as there were quite a few good gems To Emerge every once in a while nevertheless these were the originals so enjoy number ten flappy Bird You can’t download the original anymore So someone’s bound to make a clone am I right? In early 2014 its creator removed the game for mobile app stores due to feeling guilty about the addictive nature of the game or some Assets that he stole depending on who you ask players Enjoyed the super simple yet difficult gameplay which tapped into the just one more game mentality At its peak of popularity the game was being cloned about 60 times a day it got so bad that both Google and Apple started Rejecting [games] with the word flappy in the title for new players looking to try the addictive experience you’ll have to resort to less mobile methods such as buying Amazon fire TV or make your way to the flappy bird arcade game or Then [again], you could just play one of the clones. They’re just as good What what what what number nine Super Metroid? How do you do a follow-up to one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time well an eight-year hiatus would be an interesting? move Super Metroid was extremely influential to developers even though fans would not get another set of games in the series until 2002 so in the meantime it was hard not to find games that were inspired by it Alongside castlevania symphony of the Night Super Metroid spawned the sub-Genre known as metroidvania games that weaves together action exploration and plenty of room to experiment for a gripping experience This style of game has seen a modern resurgence with developers adding their own unique take on the Genre, so when you hear metroidvania You’re likely to get something pretty good number 8 Medal of Honor This game has the honor of starting the long trend of world war two shooters It’s tight level design Gameplay and realistic graphics made it the game to Beat One of the most notable games inspired by the series was call of duty created by infinity ward a team made up of developers who? had previously Worked on Medal of Honor allied assault they later started a trend of Modern-day military shooters that were highly successful with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare So wouldn’t you know it the medal of honor series? Rebooted in 2010 to take place in the modern day setting so who’s copying who now? number Seven Bejeweled no This has been the puzzle game to Match since it’s released Bejeweled popularized the tile matching puzzles are and continue to be the most dominant series for quite a while But some people speculate that its dominance is the result of it coming out before the competition Could either way it’s hard to argue against the fact that it’s one of the most polished and quality games of the Genre Other games like puzzle Quest challenge of Warlords and Candy crush Saga have since innovated on the Genre by adding more basic gameplay Namely pay Walls still there is something to be appreciated in Bejeweled Zen-like simplicity number 6 Mortal Kombat With all the blood and body parts flying around Mortal Kombat was certain to make a splash on the industry The digitized violence made it a very controversial and wouldn’t you know it popular game? Unfortunately all that guts and gore is where most imitators put their focus once he got past the pixelated blood at the core of Mortal Kombat was a fairly decent fighting game many of its imitators failed to deliver on Gameplay and were critically panned as a result Sean no mushy Some even failed to see release like tattoo assassins and thrill kill Mortal Kombat had its fair share of clones But none of them could perform a fatality on the long lasting franchise Dub doodle Win number [5] space invaders This is the influential arcade classic that showed that games could give other media a run for their money It’s designer clearly faced technical limitations Which brought in innovative new ideas for example destroying enemy aliens [lightened] the load on the given Hardware’s processor this? Inadvertently sped up the game and it’s music to create a thrilling difficulty curve II Its popularity led to some direct clones and eventually would pave the way for what we now know as the shoot-’em-up Genre also Thanks in part to games like Galaxian which built upon the foundations of the genre still you can clone a game But it’s not easy to cologne its legacy, and no one’s done that with space invaders number [4] Grand Theft Auto 3 Many games that came after this one have driven away with its blueprint for modern game design an open world to explore a main storyline A few thousand things to do on the side and a bit of driving however I guess that last point depends on whether or not your character is a normal person or superhero. That’s good, right It’s collapsing faster than anticipated Grand theft Auto 3 success has led to quite a few imitators eventually games from different Genres We’re able to take on parts of the formula and successfully make it their own The series continues to be some of the highest selling video games of all time, so when it comes to financial returns the criminal Shenanigans of Grand theft auto [seem] to still be on top number three Minecraft When the game starts getting popular sometimes you’ve got to build on your own version It was definitely not hard to find similarly styled survival in building games However, Minecraft Gameplay is not the only thing that inspired developers as it also popularized an alternative funding model for video games you see Minecraft was purchasable through its alpha and beta stages to help further fund its development this proved to be very successful encouraging other Indie developers to give that a shot Minecraft is still vastly more popular than its competition though showing it has a sturdy foundation that is yet to be toppled number two Super Mario Kart this was [the] party to be at before Mario party Super Mario Kart is credited with creating the cart racing sub-Genre and many other car racers have tried to emulate the game to varying degrees of success, but [it] wasn’t just throwing franchise mascots into go karts that made this game successful. It was the simple yet Deep Gameplay that feels rewarding to players of any skill level which naturally explains the abundance of copycats that you can now find Once you understand on a technical level how they made such an exciting racing game It’s no wonder that Mario Kart holds the pole position Among Kart racers Before we unveil our top pick here a few honorable mentions you number one doom It’s all in the name similar games after the release of this doozy were all referred to as doom clones It established many of the [jars] conventions such as a variety of weapons to choose from [Network] multiplayer and [Chicos] But of course the big one is the first person perspective and the shooting come on anyway some of these clones did successfully create franchises of the rome which in turn led to the decline of the phrase doom clone and the rise of the term First-person shooter In all fairness it software also licensed their engine to other developers So the label was a bit unjust by nineteen ninety eight though these games were regularly known as they are today as first-person shooters But many FPS games later many fans would find it hard to shake off the adrenaline fueled magic of this original classic Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the most cloned video game out there? For more trend-setting top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Cloned Video Games”

  1. Don't even try to act like SOTN is exempt from being a Super Metroid clone. I hate the term Metroidvania because it implies Castlevania had something to do with innovating the genre. Simply tacking on RPG elements and changing the setting is not innovation by any stretch of the imagination. STAHP

  2. call of duty of today is copied from battlefield…battlefield 1942 is played by thousands still today…and not without reason its …perfect in so many ways…battlefield 1942 with today's graphics that's all needed today still for an all-time win. A game where you have to wait for a kill but the focus of the game also IS NOT ABOUT THE KILL. That's what made this game EXCEPTIONAL The huge maps and I mean huge as in far more than even today. Made for so muuuuch realism. Planes even carriers everything could be maneuvered. And because of the big maps things where so epic. And skill counted for soo much more than now. Yet still everyone could play it an have success and fun and still the whole feeling was just different than now, as you could use real tactics because of the huge maps. TEAM play would be always winning. Like tank divisions formed. Air fighter divisions and 2 fighters and a bomber win against one CoD chicken without a head player aaaalways. That game was just awesome. Except for the graphics but like I said THAT GAME with TODAYS graphics. we would have a game for EVER…the balancing top…. everything was modable. Great game. Far better than CoD at the time I was 13 I actually prefered CoD, now I see what a huge fail that was on my part 🙁 -.- BF 1942 was as near to perfect as a game at that time could get and with modern engines and MINOR tweaks to the game itself we'd have ourselves a PERFECT game. (as much as a game can be)

  3. Flappy Bird WAS a clone. There were games out like 10 years before hand where you had to controller a helicopter in the same way

  4. For Flappy Bird:

    “You can’t download the game anymore,…” Actually, yes, you can. If you have Android, you can download an APK file of Flappy Bird, as that game still exists for free thanks to a simple Google Search.

    Edit: Also, I’d say that Luxor and Zuma are among the most cloned games ever since the games themselves focus purely on being puzzle shooters. Funny enough, Zuma felt like a clone of Luxor; even one level of Zuma’s Revenge takes on the design of the level “Hathor’s Loving Embrace” from Luxor.

  5. I had a friend in art class steal my concept and color scheme for a project. Teacher knew and still gave him a better grade!

  6. Why Doom is the #1, why not it predecessor Wolfenstein 3D? This was the first FPS, according to my memory. 🙂 Actually I remember that Wolfenstein had a 2D version for C=64.

  7. Doom is on Android. Doom was Bethesda before Bethesda. Wait, Doom 4 was developed with Bethesda. But seriously, Freedoom is a doom clone that is actually VERY close to the original. It is so close, it has Wad support… that can run Doom.wad. Literally Doom. Impressive, huh?

  8. Pretty good list; I would say in the years since this came out that you could probably include Journey as one of the honorable mentions

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