Top 10 Scariest Games Of The Last Decade

If I have to choose between one evil and another,
I’d rather choose the worst option. Greetings Gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming, i’m your host connor munro and I am a Laird. If you’re new here be sure to smash like and
subscribe for daily gaming content, and tell me below your favorite game of the past decade. 10 years is a long time, so what were some
of the best games over those years that will give you the heeby jeebies? That’s what we’re exploring with today’s
list of the Top 10 Scariest Games of The Last Decade. Roll the intro. #10 Symptoms
Symptoms is an indie game we played on the channel and in all honesty it terrified me. The jumpscares were constant and I never really
knew what was coming next. The game jumpscares you as soon as you start
the damn thing, then it just gets worse from there. With gross noises and monsters hidden in the
shadows. I ended up not being able to find what I had
to do next, but I think this was because I was unwilling to mess with the tv again because
I was so scared. If this game had been any worse the video
would not have been that long and this game is honestly the reason I don’t trust anyone
anymore. Especially if you’re sitting in a dark living
room, with a secret door, and the tv off, or if it’s on it only plays static. That just triggers me. This whole game triggers me. Why can’t I just play minecraft. #9 Help Wanted
The five nights at freddys series made a big splash in the gaming industry over the last
decade, making scott cawthon a household name and giving matpat hours of content. But the latest title in the series Five Nights
At Freddys VR: Help Wanted is the scariest of the bunch. And for one simple reason, its in vr. Sure the other games have you sitting at a
desk and sitting at the computer. But when the computer screen is literally
on your face and you have no way to prevent the inevitable jumpscare from happening you
know you’re going to be shaking in your cardboard pizza grease soaked boots. While the graphics aren’t realistic having
the jumpscare be on your face, and having things to do all around you to prevent those
scares Is going to make the game more stressful and that will make the jump scares more effective. I have it but I haven’t played it. I’m genuinely terrified. #8 Doki Doki Literature club
This game disguises itself as our typical, run of the mill dating simulator. A book club that you join and somehow you’re
the only datable one, so you make an attempt to get with one of the various girls in the
club. However, this game is tagged with the descriptor
psychological horror. And its one to mess with your mind so bad
you’ll think you’re an android. The games gets dark, quickly. Delving into the themes of self-harm, suicide
and depression, along with a twisted main antagonist who is slowly eliminating the completion
until it’s only down to you and her. Who are the characters you can date? Just Monika. I mean Natsuki, Sayori, Yuri and just Monika. The game ends up getting more and more gruesome
as you approach the end, with Monika killing off everyone else because she wants you. She even controls what they say. This is a very messed up game and was a cultural
hit. Its also free on steam, meaning its just all
the more accessible, especially to those who just want a dating sim. Play the KFC one instead. #7 Slender The Eight Pages
When this game got released in 2012 Youtube was flooded with videos of people playing
this game. Even non-gaming channels tried their hand
at collecting all the pages. This game was terrifying. Especially at the time, being in a dark forest,
with just a flashlight and having to scower what seemed to be an endless forest only to
ultimately die in the end. Yeah, at the end of the game after you find
all 8 pages you get killed by slenderman. But you unlock daytime mode so that’s something. After beating daytime mode you also unlock
20 dollar mode, which plays a specific song whenever slender is close in reference to
a meme where they said you could just hand slenderman 20 bucks and he’d leave you alone. The game involved sprinting even though some
people didn’t know. But even with the ability to sprint the game
was terrifying. This game is really what put slender on the
map when it comes to gaming and it really is what spawned so many games based on the
killer anyway. Is slender a killer? No clue. #6 Until Dawn
the choose your own adventure horror experience was some pretty messed up stuff. One guy dresses up as a killer and fake kills
his friends and sometimes even causes real ones? Yikes. The characters you play as can end up surviving,
if you make the right choices. However this is incredibly hard to do. The game was released in 2015 and got itself
2 sequels. A virtual reality spinoff called Until Dawn:
Rush of blood in 2016 and a prequen called The Inpatient in 2018. However none of it would have been completed
without the original game. The game features a branching story so no
2 playthroughs will be the same unless you make the same choices. The horrific killer is later revealed to be
spoiler alert, josh. The brother of the 2 girls who went missing
after a terrible prank by their “friends”. Josh had brought them to the cabin to torment
them, never knowing of the true horror that would be inside. #5 The Forest
I love this damn game. The forest is an open world Survival Horror
game with an actual story. You can do various things in this game, but
no matter what you try. You’ll be encountering mutants and cannibals
in close quarters that will make you drop one in your pants and nope right out of there. This game is terrifying. When you least expect it, a mutant is behind
you. Whether it’s a giant arm monster, or a monster
with 6 legs and 4 boobs. Or what’s called a cowman. Who will send you flying around the world
but you’ll still land on the island? Yeah that powerful. Or the horrible cannibals who will consume
the corpses of their fellow cannibal, but I feel like they have an agreement that when
they’re dead everyone has permission to eat their corpses. I mean to be fair you can as well, and does
that make you a cannibal? Are they the same species or are they basically
wendigos? Oh and don’t forget that you can wear the
flesh of the mutants as armor. And it’s the strongest in the game. Yeah. Its still scary as hell though. #4 Duck Season
Duck hunt is the demonic version of duck hunt. We all wish we could have shot that damn dog
and got his mocking arse out of the way. What if we could do that? What if you did shoot the dog. What would he have done to you? This game answers that easily. Duck season is a hunder with ridiculous graphics. Luckily it’s summer vacation and mom just
surprised you with a one day rental of it. Unfortunately as you binge play it, it becomes
apparent that all is not right with Duck Season. This is the only other Vr title on the list
and it is all about surviving. With around 7 endings this game has quite
a bit of replay ability. Especially since it includes another 7 mini
games that you can play aside from the main one. After shooting the dog this cryptid will come
out of the game and kill you and your family. Well your mother, since your dad isn’t around. Where could he be? The game ends with an ultimate showdown where
you have to face off against the dog in your dark house, your mother laying on the ground
dead, and the gun from Duck Hunt as your only protection. #3 The Evil Within 2
The Evil Within 2 is a third person survival horror game published by Bethesda for windows,
ps4 and xbox 1 in 2017 and was the sequel to the 2014 game The Evil Within, obviously. The gam eis typically favored aside from those
who criticized the story and characters, due to its improved visuals, atmosphere and gameplay. The game also features a crafting system,
where players gather resources in order to craft new items and ammo. They can craft at anytime, but doing so at
a workbench will cost less resources. If that’s not good enough for you, in japan
it’s known as PsychoBreak 2. This game will literally break your psyche
and turn you mad! It will unlock the evil within too. Was that good or was that too much! Either way everyone has evil within them,
this game just shows you how to unleash it. And the monsters are just horrific and disgusting. #2 Paratopic
This low polygone game follows 3 different story lines, all with a chilling story. Smuggle contraband VHS tapes across the border. For those of you who don’t know what a VHS
tape is, this is a picture of one. I know, so old. So vintage. Discover the remnants of an illicit industry,
and prepare for your next assassination. This is paratopic, an atmospheric retro-3d
horror adventure that feels like the worst kind of cursed fever dream. Are there different kinds of those, or is
there only the one? Having one of the best soundtracks of any
game from 2018, as declared by FACT magazine, this experimental first person horror game
has you cutting between various detailed stories. The game takes 4 minutes to play casually,
and has over an hour of wonderful, dark ambient music to keep you on edge without pushing
you over it. This makes for a wonderful horror game in
and of itself. Mix that with the confusion of 3 different
stories and you’re in for one hell of a game. #1 Silent Hills PT
You knew this would be here. The Silent Hills playable teaser was a first
person horror experience. With gameplay similar to that of Avarice,
a game we played here on the channel. With this game the playable area is an L shaped
corridor with 2 rooms adjacent to it along with some stairs that brings you back to the
corridor, creating an endless loop. Each time you’re back something new changes. Whether it be a mutant baby in the toilet,
or a kid in the freezer. The whole time you keep encountering a ghost
named Lisa, who if she catches you has a chance of triggering a terrible jump scare that will
have you shaking for weeks, while sending you back to the beginning. After you complete the final puzzle and escape,
the game reveals it was a playable teaser for the next Silent Hill series of games,
called Silent Hills. It was removed however and unless you do some,
less than moral things you wont be able to get your hands on it. Unless someone got it before they removed
it. But my lord this game is horrific. The kid in the freezer oh my lord. There we have it friends the Top 10 Scariest
Games of the Last Decade. What did you think? What was your favorite scary game between
2010 – 2019? Let me know in the comments below. And while you’re down there be sure to like
and subscribe for daily gaming content, and recommend us a game you’d like to see played
on the channel. Thank you all so much….

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