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Top 10 Zombie Types in Movies and TV

Top 10 Zombie Types in Movies and TV

They’re all different, but one thing is for sure You are not safe when these monsters are around Oh Man, we call these guys Bones. They don’t bother us much But they’ll eat anything with a heartbeat. Welcome to And today we’re counting down the top 10 for zombie types in movies and TV For this list, we’ll be looking at all zombies and infected zombie-like representations in film and TV And we’ll be picking our favorites based on their iconic and badass status It’s a zombie! #10 Voodoo Zombies from “White Zombie” Zombies! The living dead Appropriately starting off our list is what’s thought of as the first ever representation of zombies on film Zombies! Yes, they are my servants The work of a voodoo master who goes by the name of Murder These zombies were made by the use of a magic potion which kills them Allowing Murder to revive them as zombies to do his bidding. What if they regain their souls? They would tear me to pieces Blank, emotionless, and able to withstand gunshots These zombies can only function with a mental connection with their master Though not of the flesh eating persuasion These classic zombies are still very dangerous Zombies! Allez vite! Allez! #9 Classic Romero Zombies They’re coming for you Look! There goes one of them now. These are the zombies we are all familiar with that defined the genre as we know it They kill for one reason They kill for food They eat. They’re victims, do you understand that Mr. Berman? That’s what keeps them going. In George A. Romero’s dead series the dead are reanimated shortly after their demise and all they want to do in the afterlife is feast on human flesh the reason for this infection has never been confirmed but theories suggest it could stem from things like a virus, space radiation, or some sort of penance sent down by god. these zombies shuffle quietly and clumsily but don’t underestimate them they’ll outlast you in a race any day However as we’ve all come to learn one thing will down a Romero zombie for good destroy its brain Rescue 7 come in this is dispatch do you copy, over. come in dispatch, send more paramedics if you ever find yourself craving brains you might just fall under this category of zombie thanks to governmental incompetence, toxic gas is released into the air which, of course, reanimates the dead BRAINS But Dan O’Bannen’s zombie trope differs significantly from Romero’s in several ways Corpses are still able to speak run and function almost as they did when they were alive However O’Bannen’s zombies have one objective to eat brains which they say alleviates the pain of being dead He looks to be dead One of the deadlier zombie types on the list These corpses can’t even be destroyed by damaging their brain Only by burning their bodies But that makes things worse for the rest of us Sir I saw… I saw the white walkers within the already mythological world of “Game of Thrones” exists a group of mythological beings known as white walkers that few believe truly exist Once upon a time these creatures of the cold arrived in Westeros having slaughtered everyone they encountered with the power to freeze objects and reanimate the dead the white walkers are a deadly foe as they’re able to create an army of living corpses with ice blue eyes called ‘wights’ we were touched by white walkers that’s why we came back that’s why their eyes turned blue Better hope you have some wildfire or a flaming sword at the ready when winter comes because these zombies are tough to beat Now these guys are not just walking its like they’re communicating they’re thinking and there’s something going on. In case you can’t guess based on the title these zombies have brains It’s like they’re pretending to be alive isn’t that what we’re doing, pretending to be alive? An evolution of George A. Romero’s classic zombies the undead in “Land of the Dead” are slowly regaining their intelligence though some are still easily distracted by bright lights why do you like your rifle? it catches the light one zombie in particular big daddy surfaces as the leader in an attack on the humans over the distress they’ve caused the undead population Big daddy turns the zombies around him into an organized force that can conquer the land of the living. word of advice don’t let this zombie pump gas in your car What’s scarier than a swarm of bees or wasps approaching you at a fast pace? How about a swarm of zombies? attacking with a mob mentality these monsters seem to run over each other just to get to their next set of victims more dangerous than a normal amount of zombies considering the fact that they use each other as ladders to climb over large obstacles and demolish anything in their path with their ferocious speed the “World War Z” swarm is terrifying in both size and scope The word deadly doesn’t even begin to describe these zombies Nazis +Zombies=pretty badass These zombies originated as a group of ruthless Nazis who occupied and tormented a small Norwegian village during World War II When it was clear Germany was losing the war However, the locals attacked Slaughtering many of the Nazis and sending the survivors into the mountains Presumably, to freeze to death But not before the Nazis stole the villagers’ valuables. Anyway, the Nazis became zombies and they’re disturbed when their stolen treasure is stolen from them. to escape these zombies just return their precious loot because they won’t stop until it’s theirs again You’re surrounded by walkers that’s the bad news there’s good news? No Of the many names given to the undead in this series zombie isn’t one of them the ones that did it, the walkers… commonly called walkers by Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors these zombies have seemingly overrun the earth and they’re a constant threat to those humans who have endured though they will eventually starve to death in this post-apocalyptic world the best way to make quick work of the walking dead is you guessed it to destroy the brain But if you simply want to avoid detection when walking through a giant horde it’s best to camouflage your scent somehow. RUN!! Very different from the original Romero zombies on which they’re based the updated undead are arguably more terrifying because of their speed and agility Lethal alone but almost a certain death sentence when in a group These amped up zombies still desire human flesh and never run out of energy when chasing their next meal But fortunately in this remake The only way you’ll become a zombie yourself is to be bitten by one. Damn those bastards bite hard So, if you find yourself surrounded, head to your local shopping mall for protection. We’re going to the mall Delivery dog not included and gun store sold separately of course Okay, he’s there, he’s in give me those oh man what? WHAT? NO! OH MAN THEY GOT Before we reanimate our number one hit here are a few honorable mentions You got a pretty mouth Infected with what?! rage Overpowering rage anger and violence are the main symptoms of the rage virus spread not only through bites but also by a kiss, needle, or through contact with infected blood This virus is extremely hazardous as infection will turn you within seconds stay where you are dad? keep away from me!? Keep away from me! Though the infected are not technically dead and are living hosts of the virus they are still zombies in that they violently kill and infect their targets using their remaining intelligence, speed, and other lingeringhuman characteristics to do so your best bet of surviving these guys is to start training as a marathon runner ASAP though not traditional zombies by definition the infected redefine what it is to be undead we got a group there 12 o ‘clock on the ground got 4 Do you agree with our list? which zombies have you preparing for the apocalypse? for more terrifying top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

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