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Top 25 Upcoming PS4 Games of 2019, 2020 & Beyond

Top 25 Upcoming PS4 Games of 2019, 2020 & Beyond

Hi, Raine here again. We’re mixing it up today with OUR list of
the best Upcoming PlayStation 4 games for 2019, 2020 & beyond. Arranged in no particular order, we’re starting
with… Death Stranding Hideo Kojima’s first game since his Konami
breakup and he’s already causing quite a stir. It’s no surprise though that Kojima has always
had a heart for outlandish ideas. Now, with Guillermo del Toro by his side,
we get something that’s spectacularly incoherent. And, yet, we’re eating it all up. With their trailers that raise more questions
than answers, we at least know that Norman Reedus, star of the critically acclaimed demo
PT Silent Hill, is taking the lead, along with Mads Mikkelsen. Adding to the list is Lea Seydoux, Lindsay
Wagner, Tommie Earl Jenkins, and Troy Baker who will play the enigmatic villain. Successfully gathering masses into conspiracy
theory-crafting hysteria, what exactly is happening in those trailers, we’re still not
sure. But, with development reportedly going smoothly,
it seems as though the maestro biding his time with Sony’s blank check. No release date yet. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown With a release date that’s finally not unknown
to us, Bandai Namco’s ace combat fight action series will finally reach its 7th main installment,
the last being 2007’s Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. Dating back to 1995, it’s a series that’s
wholly beloved by fans for its way of coming up with borderline cheesy content and delivering
it all with a convincing gravitas. It’s been described as “Metal Gear but with
fighter jets”, and for most, that seems to ring even truer with this upcoming entry. Answering questions about the Lighthouse War
in its main campaign, Ace Combat is becoming more Metal Gear with clouds reportedly playing
a major role in gameplay by functioning as cover while also reducing visibility. One of the greatest uses of VR to date, the
game will also have an optional mode that will let you play through three special missions
separate from the main campaign. It’s set to release on January 18. Skull & Bones Inspired by the success of Assassin’s Creed:
Black Flag, Ubisoft is betting on a full-pledged maritime adventure. Set during the Golden Age of Piracy, play
as a captain and rise among the ranks of the most notorious pirate crews in the seas between
Madagascar and Mozambique. Building on the much-praised ship-to-ship
combat of Black Flag, Skulls & Bones adds more customizations to your pirating… including
loadout, crew drafting, and cosmetics. More importantly is the Hunting Grounds mode,
where you get to attack merchant ships, battle government warships or even other players. There’s also a dedicated player-versus-player
mode called Disputed Waters. With focus on multiplayer, one can only hope
that the game doesn’t follow the troubled releases of Six Seige and For Honor. Recent reports, however, suggest that Ubisoft
is putting a lot of its Asian resources into completing the game. We’ll soon find out. Skulls & Bones releases sometime this 2019. DiRT Rally 2.0 While the Colin McRae Rally series reaches
as far back as 1998, Codemaster’s 2015 Dirt Rally has become the gold standard in the
genre. Rocking list after list after list with its
impressive driving physics. Codemasters is once again ready to wow our
socks off with this upcoming sequel. Trying to live up to the level of immersion
of their last title, 2.0 will surely come with graphical enhancements that will make
the 6 real-life locations, well, more real. As fun as it is to go around New Zealand,
Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia, and the US, the limited number of tracks is still
pretty much Dirt Rally’s weakest aspect. And speaking of which, while Dirt Rally has
been THE best VR experience yet, there seems to be no plans of adding VR support–unless
demand says otherwise. Despite everything though, it’s still something
that racing fans should definitely look forward to, and it’s coming on February 26th 2019 Dying Light 2 There is only one game that seamlessly integrates
the beauty of parkour and the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. That’s Techland’s Dying Light. It involves a post-apocalyptic city on the
verge of destruction, and you, the player, trying to survive before night falls and unleashing
the freakier monsters. This sequel improves on all fronts and it
promises to give players a free-flowing open-world zombie apocalypse experience with smooth first-person
parkour mechanics. It’s still the same Dying Light we know,
but with more action and a better story this time around. Every action will have consequences this time,
and a new twist to the zombie abilities. We can’t wait for this game as it comes
out sometime soon. Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix’s Disney and Final Fantasy crossover
has been ten years in the making and it’s only fair that we’re expecting it to be just
as magical as, well, Disneyland itself. For a series made for kids, it’s not exactly
easy to understand. What with the convoluted plotlines spread
over more than ten years and probably the same amount of platforms. But, for all its faults, the experience of
east meets west favorites is nothing short of majestic. Now that Final Fantasy XVs out of the way,
we’re finally gonna get to see more of the power of friendship with Sora back in the
lead, stopping another evil invasion with Donald and Goofy. Combat is gonna be greatly enhanced with Sora’s
unique Keyblade abilities, and of course, a lot more iconic Disney sights. From Frozen, Tangled, Monsters Inc, Pirates
of the Caribbean, Big Hero 6, and everything in between. See through the end of the Dark Seeker Saga
once it releases this Jan 29, 2019 Resident Evil 2 Capcom might be churning out some pretty good
new titles, but they’re also gaining lots of traction from looking back at their golden
age games. Just like the zombies that they so love, this
PS One title from 1998 is coming back from the dead. Unlike zombies, though, Resident Evil 2 is
shaping to be bigger, better, and definitely prettier than the original. Built from the ground-up using the newest
RE engine, Leon, Claire, and the T-virus infected are looking both stunning and sickening. Adding to the expected graphical updates,
RE2 is also following the lead of Resident Evil 4 with its new third person perspective. That, along with the tweaked individual campaigns
for Leon and Claire, will make this title feel fresh even for those who’ve played it
before. Recently showcasing five awesome costumes
for their deluxe edition, there’s probably gonna be more to come for this nostalgia-ridden
remake. It’s set to release on Jan 25th 2019. System Shock This Kickstarter remake of the 1994 space
station thriller has been announced as far back as 2015. In the 3 years of development, the developers
have gone through some creative conundrums that led them to stray from their original
vision. After a brief hiatus, they concluded that
they want to go back to developing the game that they promised fans, which is awesome. We love a developer who keeps their word. The plan now is to keep it as close to the
original as possible so new gamers can have a taste of this classic game and old players
can have a bit of a nostalgic moment. Kickstarter backers will have the chance to
have a look at the Unreal Engine version, come April 2019. They have that to look forward to as they
wait for System Shock’s expected release in early 2020. Anthem After that whole fiasco with EA’s Star Wars
Battlefront, this just might be the redemption that the company needs. While some are still on the fence about this
newest title, EA has at least promised a lootbox-less experience for the players. Anthem seems like EA’s answer to Bungie’s
Destiny 2, relying mostly on Bioware’s specialty in futuristic warfare to immerse us in exosuit
battles. (Hopefully, it’s more Mass Effect 2 than Andromeda) While it’s facing a recent delay, there’s
been plenty of updates from the developers, the latest being a dive into their first mission
and the introduction of Ultimate Abilities. While it’s not exactly an MMO, on top of the
regular singleplayer campaign, it also has a shared and dynamic open world where you
can meet other players and it changes every time you play. Party with up to four players and go jetpackin’
round as Interceptors, Rangers, Storms and Colossus. It’s set to release on February 21st. God Eater 3 Disaster has struck. The Earth is unrecognizable as the home we
once knew. Huge, terrifying beasts called the Aragami
bring misery and destruction wherever they go. They have the ability to consume anything
and take on the attributes of whatever it is they have eaten. The last hope for humanity are the God Eaters
who wield the only known Aragami killing weapon called the God Arc. The much anticipated latest installment of
the hit JRPG from Bandai Namco is upon us! The Japanese release will be on December 13
of this year, but International fans will have to wait till Feb 8 2019. RAGE 2 Insane doesn’t even cut it. If you enjoyed the manic delights of the often-overlooked
Mad Max game, then you’ll surely enjoy the no holds barred shootouts of Bethesda’s post
apocalyptic open world shooter. This sequel has been made under the guidance
of two fittingly named giants in the industry, id Software and Avalanche Studios. With Doom, Quake, Just Cause, and the recently
mentioned Mad Max, under their belts, they’re sure to pump up the testerone for this one. Setting itself apart from its Royale-crazed
contemporaries, Rage 2 has a singular focus on its singleplayer campaign. With Walker as your guide, you’ll get a
sweet tour of its seamless, loading screen-less open world. Drive around in radioactive sewers, mow down
mutants, and maybe get some powers along the way. Hopefully not as lukewarm as the Andrew WK
reception, the post apocalypse awaits you in the Spring of 2019. Metro Exodus Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 novel turned videogame
franchise has come a long way. And there’s no better way to see it than in
this spectacular-looking latest entry. Continuing the post-apocalyptic feel of their
first person shooter set in Russia, Metro Exodus is widening the gameplay horizons. Though it has been confirmed that it won’t
be fully open-world like Breath of the Wild, it’s still gonna be a liberating shooting
experience… all thanks to its massive scale levels–a lot like Crysis 1 back in the day. With Exodus, it’s time to come out of the
shadows and into the vast and beautiful hostile Moscow wilderness. Divided up into four hubs according to each
season, there’s not only new weapons like crossbows, but also a new inventory, and a
crafting system that will very feel similar to Last of Us. So it’ll be stunning and it will be scary. It’s set to release this February 22nd 2019. Dead or Alive 6 Don’t be fooled by the six in the title,
this fast-paced 3D Triple A fighting game, produced by Koei Tecmo is actually the 19th
game in the series. As of the writing of this script, the latest
to join in the DoA 6 roster of fighters is Christie, making that 20 playable characters. We have been seeing this swift, and heartless
villain since DoA 3. Moving on to something new, they will be implementing
a more dramatic lighting that will focus more on serious, intense combat. Players will feel every hit as the characters
will drip with sweat, sustain wounds, and have varied facial reactions. Fights will be more strategic in DoA 6 with
the introduction of special combat mechanics such as Break Gauge, Break Blow, Break Hold,
Fatal Rush, Rumble Danger, and Mass Destruction. Mark your calendars for an action-packed Valentines
week when DoA 6 comes out on February 15 2019. Wolfenstein 2: Youngblood Following the events of The New Colossus,
the fight against Nazi domination continues in Youngblood. This standalone spin-off lets you play solo
or co-op. Set in the 1980s, you play as one of BJ Blazkowicz’s
twin daughters — Jessica or Sophia — and find your missing father in Nazi-occupied
Paris. We don’t know much about the actual co-op
mechanics of the game. If the trailer is any indication, it would
seem that the twins have different fighting styles: one’s a long-range shooter, the
other a close-quarter combat expert. If true, then co-op will offer a whole new
Wolfenstein experience. You can sneak around the narrow passages of
Paris while your friend is on a lookout from afar with clear shots of the enemies. This might be the last Wolfenstein 2 game
as Bethesda recently announced that they will be making Wolfenstein 3. For the meantime, the Nazi shootfest continues
in Youngblood, coming soon in 2019. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Titanfall developer is taking the helm in
the development of this upcoming Star Wars game. Not much information has been released so
far, no cinematic trailer…not even a trailer of a trailer. We do know that it’s set after Episode III
– Revenge of the Sith, when Jedi are being hunted. It follows the story of a surviving Padawan,
who could be on the run or in hiding. The CEO of Respawn also hinted that the game
is a single-player story set in the dark times. An anonymous source compares the game to The
Force Unleashed…but darker and more grounded. Until EA officially reveals the game, we’ll
all be left guessing…hopefully not for long as Star Wars: Fallen Order is set to release
late in 2019. Beyond Good and Evil 2 While the original wasn’t a big hit, even
when it first came out, to this day, it still remains a cult classic. NINE YEARS AGO, the sequel was announced. Yes, it’s has been delayed for so long,
it’s actually kind of amazing. Thankfully, this time, Beyond Good and Evil
2’s release is standing on a more solid ground with the release of the first-ever
gameplay demo. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will take place in
a universe with space pirates living at the close of the 24th Century. Your character will be one of these space
pirates, and the story is about your quest to find the lost pirate captain Dakini, who
mysteriously disappeared while he was searching for a sacred relic. The demo is looking pretty AND smooth already,
but honestly, it’s still too early to tell if the whole game will be as stunning. As of now, we don’t know when this game
will release, but we hope to see a more substantial presentation at E3 2019. Days Gone Next up is a third-person action-survival
horror game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. The world has succumbed to a horrifying pandemic
that almost wiped out the human race: transforming millions into “Freakers”, infecting even
some of the animals, and leaving the few survivors, such as the character you play, Deacon St.
John, to stealthily navigate the harsh high-desert of the Pacific Northwest, and use weapons
to defend themselves. There’s a diverse set of environments to
explore: from the pristine forests, lush meadows, and towering mountains, to the dangerous ancient
lava fields. Days Gone will also feature a weather system
and a day and night cycle that will heavily influence the “Freakers”. They will be a bit slower and weaker by day,
and dangerously aggressive come the nighttime. Pushed back a few months as to not compete
with the many games coming out in February, Days Gone will be released on April 26 2019 Devil May Cry 5 Capcom’s hellishly stylish hack and slash
series is back for blood. And, while there’s been a great divide in
its fanbase since the polarizing Ninja Theory reboot, DMC5 is looking to bring them back
together with this stunnning return to their roots. Following up the story of DMC4, this 5th installment
will mark the return of Dante and Nero, as well as the introduction of the simply named
V. Confirmed to take place after the events of Devil May Cry 2, their beloved leads might’ve
packed on some years, but their bound to feel more youthful with the breakneck speeds of
their individual playstyles. Between range, melee, Nero’s special arm,
and V’s as yet mysterious arsenal, there’s still more choices to make and all of them
delivered in trademark deliciousness. Although news of microtransactions for character
upgrades is a bit of a letdown, we’ll have to see how much of an impact it’ll make once
it releases on Mar 8, 2019 DOOM Eternal This is a direct sequel to the much-praised
DOOM reboot released in 2016. It’s hell on Earth and Doomguy’s battle
against the forces of the underworld does not end. Blast them demons to pieces, move in fast
for those glory kills or slash your way across hordes of monsters. Hell is your playground. Among the many changes to look forward to
are increase in the variety of demon-types, more environments, revamped movement mechanics,
and new weapons like the flamethrower and a vsome kind of magical sword. The multiplayer component is also being reworked
to be more social and, in a way, tied to the campaign. Thankfully, id Software has confirmed that
there will be no battle royale mode. The exact release date is not confirmed yet
but DOOM Eternal is planned to launch this 2019. Nioh 2 A surprise announcement from the E3 2018,
the Japanese hack and slash adventure is getting a brand new sequel. A surprise for most considering the very recent
release of the first Nioh game at the time. It’s a welcome announcement though, with the
mostly positive reception of its debut title. Still developed by Team Ninja, they’ve said
that their sequel won’t be much of a deviation from the original. Instead, it’s aiming to build on its very
solid foundations and that’s good news for everyone. Replacing last installment’s main character,
William, PC gamer reports that players will be allowed to customize their own character
based on gender and race. Together with FromSoftWare’s own Sekiro, the
game will add to the slate of Souls-like Japanese games to come. We’re equally excited for both. No release date yet. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice Despite drawing the curtains on their genre
defying Dark Souls series, FromSoftware doesn’t look like they’ll retire any time soon. Instead, they take an introspective dive into
their own Japanese culture, complete with the ninjas and samurais of the Sengoku period. One of two hotly awaited Japanese feudal era
titles, Sekiro carries it’s own weight in the hype train with gamers expecting more
of their signature souls-like combat. Deviating from the series in more ways than
one, it will also be a singleplayer focused experience and none of the RPG elements of
character customization. It almost sounds like an Assassin’s Creed
title, with its stealth elements and Sekiro’s hidden-blade like prosthetic arm. Visceral and smooth in its presentation of
violence, it’s still undeniably a FromSoftware game and we can’t wait to get our hands on
it. It’s set to release on May 22nd, 2019. Jump Force The biggest manga heroes and villains are
about to duke it out. Jump Force is a fighting game featuring the
most popular characters ever printed on Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Among the playable characters are heroes Son
Goku, Luffy, Naruto and Ichigo… as well as villains like Blackbeard and Frieza. What’s interesting after its surprise reveal
last E3 is that… while other games in this list show off technical specs and game mechanics,
the discussions around Jump Force are all about the roster. Currently, 28 fighters have been revealed,
including four brand-new characters designed by famed mangaka Akira Toriyama. I’m sure more will be added before and after
its release. For example, Deku from My Hero Academia, Gintoki
from Gintama and Kenshin from Rorouni Kenshin. Let’s just hope that they don’t come as
expensive DLC packs. The wait isn’t that long as Jump Force is
scheduled to release this February 15, 2019. The Last of Us: Part II Winning our hearts with its PS3 release and
again as a remastered PS4 title, The Last of Us is easily one of the PlayStation’s premier
exclusives. Set a few years after, the two leads are bound
to appear vastly different from the last time we saw them. Where or what happened to Joel is a little
vague, but their cinematic trailers has at least given us a glimpse of Ellie all grown
up, and taking after Joel’s violent, survivalist means. She’s 19 years old and has seemed to find
love, normalcy, and some semblance of home despite the still growing Cordyceps infection. With the last title revolving around themes
of love, it will be interesting to see how themes of hate pervade Ellie’s narrative. As for the other things, combat is also gonna
see some improvements with things like dynamic dodges and healing animations under your control. The multiplayer mode Factions is set to return,
but perhaps under a new name. No official release date yet but some leaked
info has pointed to a 2019 release. Ghost of Tsushima Sucker Punch is taking us away from the high-rise
cities of inFamous and taking us back to Feudal Japan with this PS4 Exclusive. The game takes place at the height of the
Mongol invasion in the island of Tsushima. It’s a time of warfare, chaos, and violent
change. Samurai, Jin Sakai is one of the last surviving
defenders against the Mongol invaders. Ghost of Tsushima offers many side-quests
and interesting characters like Masako, a deadly onna-bugeisha whose tragic backstory
might just cause you to have to duel with her. While the trailer suggests that it could release
as soon as this year, Sony has yet to officially announce a release year, let alone a release
window for Ghost of Tsushima. Cyberpunk 2077 There are so many things to be excited about
CD Projekt Red’s RPG title: from character customizations that could actually affect
the story, to cyber-implanted cops who will bust your butt if you step out of line, to
a story that will not only hit you emotionally, but, more importantly, have you asking questions
about identity and individuality in a world where people and technology are so closely
connected. Cyberpunk 2077 will be all about the story
— so much so that even the side-quests will have an impact to the main story. All of your choices, just like in real life,
will have a consequence, or even MULTIPLE consequences. What else did we expect from the makers of
The Witcher 3? There’s a rumor that, just like GTA V. the
multiplayer environment will be totally separate from the main game. On a more exciting news this game is expected
to release on June 2019 And those were the Upcoming PlayStation 4
games for 2019, 2020 & beyond. And if you loved this video, don’t forget
to like, share and subscribe to become a certified whatoplayer. That’s it. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Top 25 Upcoming PS4 Games of 2019, 2020 & Beyond”

  1. My top picks are
    1. Ghost of Tshima
    2. TLOU 2
    3. Death Stranding
    4. Jump Force
    5. Anthem
    6. RE 2 remastered
    7. Left Alive
    8. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    9. Mutant Zero
    10. Control
    11. The Dark Pictures
    12. GTFO
    13. Days Gone
    14. The Sinking City
    15. Cyberpunk 2077

    Five I still need to play

    1. Spiderman
    2. God of War
    3. Shadow of the Tombraider
    4. RE7
    5. Hellblade

  2. can't wait for this games that are confirmed for 2019
    1.metro exodus
    3.dyinglight 2
    4.last of us part 2
    5.rage 2
    6.nioh 2
    7.resident evil remake 2
    my most anticipated games that don't have even release window
    1.ghost of tsushima
    2.beyond good and evil 2
    3.cyberpunk 2077
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    5.elder scrolls 6

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    3:08 Skull and Bones
    4:38 Dirt Rally 2.0
    6:09 Dying Light 2
    7:20 Kingdom Hearts 3
    8:37 Resident Evil 2 Remake
    10:05 System Shock
    11:09 Anthem
    12:36 God Eater 3
    13:35 Rage 2
    15:02 Metro Exodus
    16:46 Dead or Alive 6
    18:00 Wolfenstein Youngblood
    19:02 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    19:52 Beyond Good and Evil 2
    21:14 Days Gone
    22:34 Devil May Cry 5
    23:47 Doom: Eternal
    25:07 Nioh 2
    26:00 SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice
    27:11 Jump Force
    28:32 The Last of Us: Part II
    29:57 Ghost of Tsushima
    31:05 The one I'm most excited for 🙂 CYBERPUNK 2077


  7. You know how to speak and narrate. I wish I could do what you do. You have that cool voice for it. I would have to practice. I don't have that energy or breathing. Maybe when was young or 15 now would be nice then I could work on it. I could fix my health b4 get realluybad, but still could not do what you do.

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  9. Death stranding needs to let us know what the gameplay will actually be. I get its enigmatic but as of right now it looks like its just a walking sim

  10. 2019 is the cream of the crop for gaming. Medievil, onimusha, ghost of tsushima, devil may cry 5, nioh 2, doom, cyberpunk and sekiro. My interaction with humans for 2019 is going to be about the same as the unseen elder from the witcher 3.

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    8. The Outer Worlds

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  14. Well lets see…I played the first playable game demo ever and it was around 10 years ago called Battlefield 1942. And BTW you said Days Gone is in the "Harsh high desert of the pacific north west!!!??? Little girl, I live in the pacific north west and it can be harsh at times, but HIGH DESERT, are you kidding me???

  15. Excellent Video, thanks! Star Wars? I disagree but being that you like it, I hope that they did something here that they haven't did since 'Nintendo 64 Star Wars One and Two'? Core Design did 'One through Tomb Raider Five Chronicles', Just like Star Wars -TR format got lost in the sauce. Let me explain. Call of Duty had COD 2 Black Ops, that's it and that was all. You had to Aim down sight to hit your target, yes, a gaming element required for the Avatar to give you the player a nice feel! Before and since then all you had to do was Shoot and your Opponents die no matter where they are at. Yes, I know there's People who love that kind of a Game. Like a Wrestling Game when you have to go away to take a Phone call, and even though you've stopped playing, well, your Avatar without your help Topples and Beats your Opponent although your Opponent has been banging on his Game Controller! People do like those Games. But I don't like those kind of Games. So COD 2 Black Ops, TR 1 through 5, Star Wars from Nintendo 64 the I and II, and a few other games like Hitman, the Resident Evil 5, well, you have to manipulate your Avatar to win in these Games! Ha-ha! Good Luck

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