32 thoughts on “Top 5 Outdoor Survival Tips | Survival Skills”

  1. depends the way you interpret "attitude" if you have no will to live and you give up, then everything else is obselete, so yes it is more important than water. no food:3 weeks, no water:3 days. no will: 3 hours.

  2. Actually it does if you think about it. If your attitude is to run away like a bitch your more likely to get ripped to shreds. If you stay caml and back off or whatever you probably have a better chance of not fetting your head ripped off. And btw your more likely to get struck by lighting than mauled by a bear. Just saying…

  3. Hey look at me! Ima dude who looks like I own a Harley Davidson but know….I know about survival and getting dirty I like army things and vacation….that's why my shirt says Hawaii but my pants say thrift store war vet afghan terror…..drink water n no need for food we can live 7 yrs with out eating *stares at screen*

  4. Join us next week for summer boot camp Aug 15 – 19! Learning survival skills is just one of the daily themes you can enjoy as you connect with nature, make friends and have fun.

  5. Knowing your way with a knife and how to start a fire from scratch would be essential to survive the wildlife. A nice water bottle from Roadeavour would also be nice, plus skills in hunting animals for food.

  6. the best ideas that ive had was by using the Micaden survive system (just google it) without a doubt the most incredible preppers that I've tried.

  7. 1# you should know how to navigate in and out of the wilderness. If you make camp and store food ,water and you cant navigate back to camp you need to now how to navigate out of the wilderness back to camp or your going to be there a long time lost!

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