Top 5: Upcoming Open World Zombie Games

Hello ladies and gentlemen, CaptainShack here and welcome to the top 5
upcoming open world zombie survival games. Yeah, I know, there’s a shit-ton of them so let’s dive into this quickly becoming
saturated genre of undead mayhem. DayZ set the tone for everything to come. Originally a mod for the mil sim Arma 2, and its
expansion: Operation Arrowhead, even with all its issues, this title exploded with thousands of players
buying up Arma just to play it. Bohemian Interactive took notice of this and hired on the mod leader Dean Hall
to create a standalone version on top of the Arma 3 engine. With a focus on improving the engine
to better fit DayZ’s needs, improvements like a focus on inventory management,
better zombie AI, a more realistic world, allowing players to
enter more of the buildings, better item spawns and an enhanced
client server architecture and a massive list of other enhancements. Though, if you’re looking to get into DayZ, I highly
recommend getting into the original modded version The mod support for it is amazing already with base building already implemented
and a nice list of other features depending on what server you play on. This one’s kind of a cop out for me because it’s a remake of the original Xbox 360
release and the PC release with HD textures and all of the
expansions included. It’s a sweet game focusing on
open world survival, base building, resource management and you
find and save survivors to join your crew but at the cost of adding another mouth to feed,
so there’s hard decisions to make there. This for me is one of my favorite zombie games
so far out, and I can’t wait for the HD release. Now the question is:
will we get an HD upgrade for the PC release? Also, it’s been mentioned that the devs of
State of Decay wanna make State of Decay 2 and include full cooperative mode. Yes please. When Hengest showed me Unturned
I laughed at him. What the hell is this Minecraft-esque
zombie bullshit? Then I played it. There’s a reason on August 1st of this year
that it was the most played game on Steam. The controls are smooth, weapons are satisfying, and it’s just fun to play. What’s crazy is the fact that it
has a single developer: 16 year old, Nelson Sexton. He’s the owner of Smartly Dressed Games. The game has the basic formula:
you start with next to nothing, and you have to raid local towns
for food and supplies. It’s free to play and I highly
recommend it over on Steam. The next big patch is coming with some
impressive new elements like a level editor and modding support so definitely check that one out. It’s Early Access, so it’s
not technically released yet and that’s why it made it on this list. Woah, the Dead Island devs are back with a
fucking vengeance. Maybe they’re just really good at making trailers,
because Dying Light’s trailer blew me away. It’s open world and one of the
best looking games on this list. In the day time you’re the hunter finding supplies and again, like Dead Island,
has a focus on melee combat, at least so it seems on the trailer. But at night the zombies get nasty and there’s
something else out there hunting the player. What really looks cool is the free-running aspect
and the 4 player coop. You get a bit of verticality with it as you get like a hookshot you can
use to get up on top of buildings. It definitely looking like a fast paced, fun
zombie game I can’t wait to try out. The first on this list that’s taking a look at every single zombie game that’s
already out there and what they’re doing, and kind of bringing it all into one game. And keeping a focus on the zombies. I mean honestly, zombies should be the threat.
Not a backdrop for a PvP game. This sucker is gonna be an MMO with
a full on crafting system and server caps they want
to reach around 2000 players. Hot damn! Add in the building materials like
chopping down trees for wood and then setting up a base to do raids out of. Much like Rust they wanna add in air drops. Which if you’ve ever played on a
populated Rust server you know air drops turn into
a clusterfuck of gunfire in seconds, with a massive population, all the survival
mechanics of the other games, weather that actually affects the world,
like rain making you cold, or the collection of fresh water. It’s turning into the ultimate zombie survival
game, which is why it’s my number one. But what do you guys think? Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments below. What does your list look like?
Let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for watching. Hit that thumbs up button, subscribe to the
channel for more undead zombie goodness. and as always, watch your back.
I’ll see you guys next time.

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