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Top Non Food Items For Your Emergency Stash Preppers Prepping

Top Non Food Items For Your Emergency Stash Preppers Prepping

top nonfood items for your emergency stockpile stash prepper pantry emergency preparedness most important prepping supplies items hi it’s AlaskaGranny I wanted to talk to
you about the top non-food items for your emergency stash stockpile if you’re
stockpiling food and supplies maybe a Preppers pantry there are non-food items
you want to stockpile to ensure the smooth quality of life that you have I
like to categorize these into food hygiene and sanitation and see if these
are things that you have and consider stockpiling them if you don’t start with
your food items and make sure you have a supply of paper plates different sizes
of ziplock bags and foil make sure you have a supply of sturdy can openers look
on your multi-tools you may find you have them in your emergency gear or
check out the p38 you may remember from scout camp or the military a nice supply
of candles and strike-anywhere matches can give you some light when you need it
and you can also use it to heat up your food in an emergency your sanitation
needs to begin with the sturdiest black plastic bag that you can find you can
use them to get rid of trash you can use them to build shelters you can do all
kinds of survival things with black plastic bags by the strongest largest
ones you can find then make sure you have a supply of tall kitchen bags it
sounds like they’re just for taking out kitchen trash but they’re perfect to
line your porta potti in an emergency you may also want to include kitty
litter in your sanitation plan stockpile paper towels toilet paper dish soap and
wet wipes I like to store wet wipes in a gallon ziplock bag to make sure they
don’t dry out before I get around to using them hygiene items includes the
items that help you feel clean and cared for I like to stock up on shampoo
conditioner body lotion soap toothpaste toothbrushes
Kleenex wet wipes and toilet paper stockpile the items that help you feel
clean and neat make sure you stockpile the feminine hygiene products that you
use if you could never buy them again how many would be enough for you men
make sure you have those on hand not just for first aid you could be a
real hero if you stop I’ll spend and hygiene products have a supply of
vitamins any over-the-counter medicine that you rely on sunscreen and insect
repellent it seems like there’s a lot of things we need to remember for our
emergency prepper stockpile and our stash just pick up a few things every
time you go to the store and before you know it you’ll have all the things that
you need think about the things that matter most to you and those are the
things that you should stockpile don’t just follow someone else’s list if you
don’t know what to do with it it’s not something you should store prioritize
the things that you would most like to have and those are the supplies that you
need the most learn more at please subscribe to the
AlaskaGranny channel

6 thoughts on “Top Non Food Items For Your Emergency Stash Preppers Prepping”

  1. Thank you for the comment on fem hygiene and men being heroes for having them. I have 3 nephews, 2 who are adults and one just about there. They all have a sense of importance about fem. hygiene products thanks to the women in their lives and each of them have purchased these things for their mom, me, sisters and other women in their lives. The youngest one is so funny when his friends saw him picking them up they kind of teased him. But when his mom gushed over the fact he went and got them and the girl friends of his beamed he got quite the swagger and the other boys looked green. It was so great. So men you really are heroes when you have fem. products or are willing to buy them.

  2. Not only do I include Kitty Litter, I also include my beloved Cat. I love cats and dogs. They will always be included in my survival package.

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