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TOXIC KID starts CRYING when being RAIDED – Rust

TOXIC KID starts CRYING when being RAIDED –  Rust

Hey, what’s up guys I guarantee you one thing You will either love or hate this video Guys there is no middle ground You will either love it or hate it when I was editing the video I felt so bad for the kid man It was always difficult to edit the video you can really feel the pain as kid is in and this video game really hurts and you need to understand man what could cause someone’s her like this and It’s this game. It’s a brutal game. Let me explain exactly what’s going on and walk you through this guy’s and You will feel the pain of this kid is in man. It’s brutal. Okay, so quick rundown this game is rust I’ve been dabbling in it. It’s quite fun. You start with nothing You start with a rock hit a few trees build a spear Kill the bastards steal their loot make better weapons kill more bastards Until you finally meet someone who’s bigger and better the day So you’ve lost everything you’ve got and you have to start again with nothing Okay. So now you understand why people build themselves Bases to stash their loot and half of the fun of this game is to infiltrate the base and steal the loot By the way, this is my brother’s game play and he makes this kid cry and he had to share it with me It’s very common in Russia that people build more than one dog to protect the loot because of reasons like this Now my brother’s got a foothold and he wants to go deeper into the base Mission successful, he made it in guys and now he’s looking at the loot. This is their main luke room The guy was running there to try and shut the door before my brother could escape It’s a natural instinct to do that. And our guys. I want you to appreciate what you’re looking at right now This represents hours of work that these guys have done it would have taken those kids ages to get all that loot Maybe now you can start to see What could cause these kids to feel all this pain? Okay, so the kid is being a little arrogant here because my brother just got locked inside the base But he doesn’t realize that he’s definitely gonna be singing a different tune soon enough Because you’re gone Yeah, just make some shit out of and pick ethics out you’re gonna just get fucked by clam My friends are just outside my place so No, Dan Story guys, they’re gonna switch between Danish in English when they speak Danish I’ll translate they have some beds in the base now beds in this game act as a Spawn point so that when you die, you can just respawn on your bed Now my brother’s options are pretty straightforward at this point when building bases in this game There’s a weak side and a strong side to the walls and my brother has access to the weak side of the walls So he can craft a few Pickaxes and break his way out and that’s what the kid was referring to earlier When he said you’re just gonna pickaxe your way out However, if you’re smart enough, sometimes you can negotiate a deal you’re gonna make a deal Yes, I will only take as much as I can Okay the hard way My brother almost just lost everything because he trusted them too much look at his House right now. He’s got four head off one more hit and he’s dead. He almost lost everything Okay, so now my brother knows he has to break his way out But something tells me the kids are not gonna be happy about this Guy’s if you don’t know this is the best loom that you can get in Russ and he was hidden behind that door Yeah, Dooley’s quit my game walk your muggle words it’s not hack Seenu I Did not see you through a wall I’m recording everything so you can shut up I will despawn man out despawn So guys obviously This kid has been arrogant so far but as the realization sets in that my brother’s gonna get away with all the loot his attitude quickly changes a Few moments later a few moments later Open it down like if you got 1000 down, so tell me And I like Yeah, come on we’re leaving so this we can head down mmm, oh it’s gonna come with I Left your high external walls in there. Did you lock me out? I left all your metal ore in there. Everything’s still in there Let me out Look you’re gonna lose the door. You won’t have a door Do you want the door right cut your losses you’re gonna lose this door Let me out you’re gonna lose this door, let’s save each other’s time If I have to pick ax on here I’m coming back with c4 with the rest of your stuff Should I feel bad I Don’t know about you guys but mad this hits me right in the fields, bro I mean I’ve discussed this with my brother a few times and he argues which I think is a fair argument He argues that it’s a game and if he doesn’t do it, someone else is gonna do it to this guy guys What would you do in this situation? Imagine you’re in this situation. Would you actually just return the loot and give up? Okay, if you let me out I will come back for the rest of the metal and I’ll give you all your hikes and alls I promise I’m not rolling you don’t worry I’m not gonna stop reacting If you have a spear in your hand if you have a spear in your hand I kill you if you have a spear in your hand. I’ll kill you Open the door. I’m gonna I’m not gonna stop quick acting. I’m not gonna give you a chance to repair it So you have to open the door and let me out and then I’m gonna drop my stuff off and I’ll bring it back you Have you have nothing to gain from this that I need everything to lose I Feel so bad. I will give him walls back. I think he lets me in to the rest of the house Does my brother go back and honor his word as you can see my brother is on his way back to the base He’s hoping that that front door is still open because if he can remove that front door It’s only gonna be one more door to the rest of that juicy loot. He saw previously Doesn’t look like anybody’s home, so it’s time to break the doors down arranged Where’s your friends The wolf killed you man Do you want to waste five minutes of sports? Do you want to wait five minutes Osborne with the weak side of the wall on the inside of the airlock? He’s trying everything he can to entice my brother to come out Open up the doors your main base Oh Man you can feel that raw emotion Oh Maddie’s pissed this poor kid made a deal and he’s come back and found my brother doing this and Stop attacking me Number coming out. Okay. I need to move I’m not gonna kill you this. I promise I promise I won’t kill you I’m not creeping you. My plan was to come back and raid you so I’m get rid of your door because I want some certain stuff from your base. Oh Man this poor kid this is where I feel for the kid because he’s just being cleaned out for everything he has and he’s like What more do you fucking would for me because I want him certain stuff from your base I want to do this So open this door and then Jimmy to come back with c4 and grease the base Do you want me to come back and grief it open the door? No sure this kid is crying he’s crying I’m taking him for everything he’s done You can’t get me bad I can great Say I’m being an asshole by going deep in your base that’s part of the game This isn’t griefing this is me preparing to bring c4 I will bring c4 and go deep Do you what I’m threatening you do you want your wolves do you want your high external walls? Yes If you want you to meal chair just took a guy for 280 Q Evans 8 8 K so forth He’s crying, okay then open the door let’s go open the door you got you got like feeling Probably huh look Do you want do you want to see what you got left come see what you got left on your base? Let’s be civilized Let’s go have a look Is it less for me this for me on the floor I don’t have a torch Don’t swear at me open the door I Don’t have a torch. I don’t have a torch open the door Open the door, man. I will go get c4. Otherwise, this is like Gives you the loot if you give me the loot, I won’t grief it after raiding If you open the door now, I will give you high Colonel’s Not everything Can I ask you a question Why did you? Not if you had 200 high quality metal. Why did you make armor doors? Why is your loot one wall away You have more thought you have more sulfur this kid is smart Where he knows my brother loves sulfur where You don’t know, how can you give me more so How much sulphur do you have what tell me tell me the number I want to see if it’s worth it Okay, bring it up and show me I Have your external walls, I already have them Show me the five K Don’t have them on me. I can’t show you them Already decode them He actually cried in-game. It’s so funny. I felt bad. Yep. Get me the sofa throws herself on the ground to show me the sofa Put in the box, I put it the box so I can see put it in the box Why you drop it no because I can’t see how much it is if you drop it Put it in the box so I can see Look when I first when I first met you you said you’re gonna help when I first met you you Said what do you think? I’m just what is this? So forth so you putting one down at a time You put anyone down at the time. That’s what you’re doing Show me drop it again drop it again 50 So the kid is gathering the last of his loot in the center of his base right now And my brother has decided he’s gonna break out with everything Do you I’m not playing on your server on my own because 250 think me You make you sound like I have to help you up You know the more you swear me I Want to As the realization sets in that my brother is once again for the second time gonna get away with all his loot He decides he has to come up with an idea and it’s actually quite clever After scissors or after scissors Paper that’s 1 mil to me Why How can I cheat It must be the lags making you think there’s cheating I said at the same time, let’s get the edge up man Right after you die Alright guys So this is the end of us story and I’m racking my brain here trying to figure out what the hell Shouldn’t my moral of the story be in this video? I mean, we just wrecked this kid and made him cry Okay, okay roll the outro let’s try this roll the outro and So it was We learn that we must always steal the loot. No, no, no. Okay guys. Don’t laugh. That’s not working for me We need to come up with a better moral of the story. Okay, roll the outro guys roll the outro and so it was Brothers will be brothers… no no. Okay, that’s terrible ermmmm Alright, okay in the last video you guys all agreed that no mercy should be found in rust okay, roll the outro roll the outro and So it was My brother gets away with all the loot and we learn that in a game. That kids shouldn’t even be playing in the first place We must not show them any mercy It’s okay to be mean to kids when it’s on the Internet Computer games are unhealthy Make the kids go outside and have fun outside Always smash the like button on a Niccaman video Always subscribe when you are not already subscribed in the first place Alright guys, thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing you next time. Peace

100 thoughts on “TOXIC KID starts CRYING when being RAIDED – Rust”

  1. Well…. poor kid. I would still say it's not very cool to humiliate a kid when you're definitely a lot older (especially because he has fun … doing that. he could finish it and be done with it… but instead he goes further.. poor character. i have to say. :/ ). Like bullying in school. But whatever… that's the virtual world…

  2. Not being rude but if I was him I would say good raid dude:D and then make a more diff secure base. nOt JuSt CrY aBoUt It LIKe A BaBy

  3. Ugh, I don't remember kids talking like this when I was young. Not the swearing, but all the ubiquitous slogans and catch phrases. It's like they're brainwashed.

  4. I know im late but im just saying what i think.

    So basically if that were me i would not give any of it back.

    Reason being (1) its a mature game (2) its a game that invovles killing, raiding, and basic base destruction (3) its aswell how the game is played.

    Also i would start laughing if he started crying sorry it would be too funny.

  5. I mean the kid was being toxic at the start so i wouldn't feel bad. If he had been nice i would probs have given him something back

  6. Niccaman: Roll the outro!
    A Chromebook ad plays
    Me: yep, that's a great moral alright, buy a chromebook because its got nice virus protection or something didnt really pay much attention to the ad

  7. If you feel bad youre weak, this kid was such a dickhead at the beginning, no character. This will teach him humility.

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