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Truly Bedrock Episode 1! Surviving The Island, Together! Minecraft Bedrock Survival Let’s Play!

Truly Bedrock Episode 1! Surviving The Island, Together! Minecraft Bedrock Survival Let’s Play!

Hello everyone silent here, welcome to the very first episode of truly bedrock This is a bedrock edition survival multiplayer server and let’s play of course, but this is not your standard Let’s play This is more of a seasoned zero where we can test out everything and get a whole ton of feedback from all of you watching of course so that we can then sail off to Season one and make that the best season that we possibly can So me and a whole ton of other bedrock Edition youtubers and content creators are kind of stranded on these a few very small and very like barren Islands We don’t have very many Resources to work with and we basically need to build up ourselves some boats and gather as many resources as we can to then successfully sail off to season one because as you can see we have nothing about thousands and thousands and thousands of blocks of ocean for Hundreds and hundreds of miles all the way around us So it is going to take some serious effort to get off of this island I hope you’re all as excited for this as I am because I’ve never actually played a Survival on the bedrock edition. I’ve only ever really done creative in tutorials So we’ll see just how terrible I am at all of this But if you are excited for this season Then please do check out the other members and links are gonna be down in the description. Of course And also be sure to you know Share these videos with your friends and leave likes and all that good stuff and please and do let me know your feedback for the season and down in the comment section so that I can make these videos as best as I can for you guys and Also, it just make this season as best as I can know if out further ado Let’s go ahead and meet up with those other members and we will gather ourselves some resources I might just comment Suns going down already. We might want to reset that You are seriously gonna get killed one day Yeah, too much like a real Pigman. I know This is a service started by these guys and We started it here in the middle of nowhere or a bunch of islands and we’re pretty much stuck Ask me I always wanted to have exactly one square kilometer of you know actual lands to walk with split between Got a plan for this episode the episode is we’re gonna spend the first 20 minutes from now Getting as many resources as you can to get yourself kitted up because after the first 20 minutes It’s gonna be PvP in I’m doing some resource gathering Competitions and we’re gonna have ten minutes to get a sniper results the person that gets the least resources over each round will have to spend the next round out and start building together or Starting to build a little house for us also states. We have a limited number of wood on these islands So collect your saplings because once it runs out, that’s it. We’re gonna need to be really careful with the saplings. We’ve got I Have to admit I’m only collecting birch because I heard this lawyer really likes it Just a double-check how soon the pupae is gonna be on And can we all target groovey I’m totally abandoning that Island and moving over to another one as well. So Okay, cool. So Silent yes folk towards me. Come on. Oh hi, is that you? Me I can’t swim. Yeah, the name tag. We move towards LOI, that’s me Really? I didn’t know Okay get this Look at this. Oh, yeah good idea. Good idea And I know yep food first Apparently, I’ve never cooked a fish before Amazing I’m grabbing the furnace. I’m grabbing some food. I’m grabbing some wood and we’re gonna go mining Also, I want to once and for all thank you guys for hogging all They’re with me hey only when does the PvP start we all want to kill group up so If we can get that going sooner than later everyone will be happy Yeah, why would everyone want to kill me? It’s just a trend Basically it’s a team-building exercise Thus I see off you from the server I Was kind of planning on doing like all the different farms just because I’m kind of really played bedrock before Yeah, I literally only make tutorials for this platform, I’ve never really done Survival it’s weird No, it really is but I am so happy to have you now Because I just hit me how many farms you have on your channel? You’ve never played this before properly in survival. Never This is going to be quite a treat Are you guys coming back or are you gone for the season now? Is that it? We just having this competition on our own. Well, hey, I am slowly water elevating my way out of a ravine Okay, this stuff takes time I need to also specify this competition stuff and like JP beam and the like that stuff. This is playful banter This is not how the entire season is gonna go hopefully We’ve come up with to spice up the day one So at this point we are more or less set up and ready to go But now we’re gonna start doing a few little competitions with the other members of the server and that is for gathering certain resources so the first little competition is actually gathering food and whoever gathers the most food will actually get the majority share of everything collected during this competition Hey, thanks for harvesting all this kelp Really convenient just swim across the surface and grab it You’re welcome To go and pick it all There’s people talking about murder and stuff I think stealing some help is pretty low-key Four times, can you take him out please? I know you have a diamond sword This is Mine I’m up with popping those by oh I got some fancy new pants as well. Thanks guys. Oh hey Some pants I want to just congratulate and Express my gratitude for this server for get inside and some actual pants Here there we go Thank you for the pickaxe, okay. Sorry, I’m on top all of my food into you Okay, I want to regurgitate it like a freaking C go I’m gonna leave myself one cook Salma. Okay go in this Simon what did you get everyone ready for this? I’ll go last Okay No, it’s all my inventory and that’s not even trying to kill oh wait this more try oh wait, hold on I mean, I didn’t know about that track Okay 164 Work out the lion’s share later on for that Luckily with a little bit of help from Zoi I was actually able to win the first competition Diamonds I like that but now the next competition that we do as a group is actually gathering up cool so that we can then You know use that force melting down all the different resources and whatnot All right everybody. So here’s the thing If I will participate in this one, I’m just gonna throw everything to silent again and he’s gonna win, right? Can you back up one block please? So It’s not that I want to play it. I just I already feel like a Chorus of like five people at least, you know all five of the people that watch my videos Telling me that I’m a dirty dirty cheater Hey, I still admitted defeat Honestly, because like the only reason I submitted all my stuff to sell it is because well, I didn’t feel like fighting him. Oh If you guys are missing like tools You can tell they take like some of the iron stuff out my chest cause like it kind of came from you in the first Place, I’m sorry Don’t fight me. I’m good at PvP And I stole your diamond swords, so Everybody else that might have been gathering coal. It was on coal gathering mission me o diamond for something diamonds It’s a fiber yay I’ll pretend – enough one minute to go guys I Am Okay, go I’m up. I’m on a Borton time visiting Um silence, can you like not swim away on my boat? No, you love to hear from me I got to get back. I got all the coal. I left it to get back together cry loud Come on guys you need to get back I’m starving. I’m eating rotten flesh I’m eating like part of my body god feeling pieces of food of himself and eating them Okay the second competition which was gathering coal was actually one by T and C cumin Which is fantastic and do keep in mind that during in these little competitions We’re having very friendly and like not serious at all b.p It was actually really really fun it. So the next competition for everyone to participate in is actually gathering wood And again, whoever gathers the most wins the majority share of all wood gathered by everyone. Oh boy, wait for me. No Never I’m still this boat Yeah, I mean I need anyway for the house so I got three stone Axes, I am ready to chop some of these here trees. No all five blocks of them build I saw first All three trees are left Hey this island over here is my this competition too before I even knew that it was long because I was this whole time runabout and Even if I was replying in which it was not I’ll be honest. I haven’t planted a single tree on the server. I have no planet either I Was probably my opening log shop after cutting down all of the trees and collecting all the saplings The shops never get robbed This is totally is not an anarchy server. I don’t know what you’re talking about but this point it might as well be Now who put a nice creeper hole on my Island okay two feet Land at our disposal I’m pretty sure we can light it up. We can probably craft one torch between the nine of us I don’t have any coal. I don’t know about you, but I kind of got rid of all mine because of some silly competition I don’t know whose idea that was silly Who said it’s silly to spend several hours we could have used to make like five episodes already You guys get back to the island on time You can have your stuff it wasn’t me? I Had two boards Just like Y across island like 12 blocks Okay, guys, I have a stack and 36 of dark oak You’ve got loads more than that. Only I got one two, three four. I know stacks. Not your chest Yeah, because because unlike all of you doofuses. I’m spending a cup of my competition time building the house. We all will be living it So silently whenever that one 284 again, so he’s the winner the loser the fourth and final events it was of course of the gathering of iron and no one really did that well with this one in fact It seems that iron is actually super duper rare in this world I’ve been poking around in these strip lines for like 30 minutes Looking for iron and I’ve literally found like seven and I found all this just like within one minute Oh Yeah, those guys are rude. How did you survive? There’s no water down here. I Have one heart left. Oh, I see. Oh, hi. There’s that skeleton, by the way, I found them By the way, this is our island and our ravine, what are you doing here? Turn it up That’s a missed rata G Colton blue, let’s see if it you are now Not not in friendly terms with the undead alliance. Hence. Why the skeleton shot you? Oh, hi, there we go I think keep giving me those arrows. Will you please I appreciate it Plenty of people died anytime at Ouu removed the water oh you but hey salad doesn’t make it back in time he’s disqualified Boy kill proud is annoying wait, which one’s proud this one Attracted together Attractive pillar so I have a staggering Amazing at twenty six iron, but I also have like six stacks of redstone Lapis I have a half a stack of lapis doesn’t count This shall mark the first ever burning of died right on at the server Okay first place with Gruber guy with Silent whisper with 822 Nice GG I Really am sorry for being so negative. I’m more I’m literally only doing it for comedic purposes The way the way we started this season guys It’s a very unique way of starting a season like it is a fun one to write. Yeah Does he really not have a thousand iron shame fool You know, I think we should busy man, I’m straight up do a killing yet Look just please thousand. I answer my site are you gonna put it in a shocker box in your in your chest a nice and safe I’m stuck in a hole in fact You yeah You get everything on the far left hand side and the loser gets everything on the far right hand side and the people in between obviously, you know There’s nine stacks or there’s nine slots across though. So long as you can’t count. You can basically have it. Whatever I Should probably complete Okay, dig feet a little bit. So maybe Maybe I should say the last slot Okay silent you’re the winner you get everything on the first first row So not the not the top one the first down the side the first column Yes, okay. Oh, thank you. Well, look at this little house longing way from our from our porch Mm-hmm as we’ve you know corrupt file charges and load them in the inter defenses pointed. Yes As we make some tea tea cannons and get our gas cannons ready to go. You know, we’re prepared for war look for a glorious Much more called target practice. Yeah, wonderful target practice. Is anyone else intimidated by like the two hours of footage that we have to edit? Ever had two hours of footage ever So, I mean I’ve had two hours of footage, but it was just a time-lapse so it didn’t really matter So overall, we had about two hours of epic fun here on the spawn Island and it’s been actually a couple of hours since we were all hanging out and you know playing together But we now have ourselves a fair few resources We have all the stuff in this chest here Even more stuff in here and a fair few of fishing good as well and what I want to do right now is actually go ahead and craft up ourselves our First ever diamond pickaxe on the server. This might even be the first time an pickaxe on the server in general Haven’t seen anyone else with one, but there we go I was kind of wanting to put the items into the crafting table But whatever automatically crafted we can break some dye right with it And I want to also throw this dye right directly into lava or fire that is going to be a series long tradition with all of the diorite and granite that I find because even with the new textures for Minecraft It still looks terrible, but we were also able to find ourselves a heart of the sea And here it is because there was actually believe it or not a little bit of a buried treasure Directly in front of that house that Zoi built super convenient That is pretty much everything that we did as a group besides of the like hour hour and a half or so We all spent fishing together. It was cute. It was lovely. We all got the bond over some fishing We do have herself some pretty decent loot in here I’m going to try and get myself a I’m breaking amending luck of the c3 rod. I’m nearly there I needed another luck of the c2, but we also got all of these other lovely enchantment books as well Which I’m hoping to throw on maybe some armor or maybe some tools later on in this episode, but real quick one little thing I want to do if you guys on cameras actually test out if TNT explodes is on because me and slow I have a few ideas of for super evil things we can do and it is indeed on Fantastic that did a lot of damage to me and also punched me towards the TNT now real quick I do want to talk about this lovely little starter house that Lloyd bills that this is basically the brackets for all of the members of the server to you know, basically Slumber and for the beginning of the season, of course You can go up and build whatever else you like a but you can also come in here and claim a little bedroom and set up some chests or whatever you Like honestly pretty nicely decorated rooms. This is like far far better than my room I mean in my room over here doesn’t have like a ceiling or floor and there’s die right in here cheese boy Way to show me some love man Now this island over here with all the dark oak trees has actually been claimed by me and Zoi and this is where we’re gonna be kind of basing and Setting up all of our things so I’m actually gonna go over here right now and set up a little bit of another portal So this little island doesn’t really have all that much on it besides Apparently and like far far too many chickens and also this massive ravine Reiki which was of course pretty much the entire reason why we won the competition and getting all the iron and coal and resources and stuff like that and Reason why I am decked out with Diamond and iron ran out and not very impressive But that ravine was super duper helpful because it saved a lot of time actually digging down to the bottom of the world So we’re gonna build up a little bit of a nether portal real quick And I would like to and the very least to find a nether fortress and get a couple of blaze rods That way we can actually get ourselves a little bit of a brewing stand because I have some ideas that I need a brewing stand for so I’m going to prepare a little bit take the Most important items out of my inventory the most valuable stuff out and then we can head to the nether and see what it’s like in there and first time in the nether What are we gonna find I guess instantly and also aiming at death sweet Just what I like to see in the nether it is living up to its name It looks like someone’s already actually been over here. We got holes. Yeah, someone’s definitely been here already. Fantastic. Oh and Enderman Oh, I totally need to kill that guy and let’s head over there real quick. Not really worried about this gasps I don’t have a bow or anything, but these guys honestly aren’t that big of a deal? Don’t call that a super laggy though. Uh Yeah, we can just basically punch this guy in the face Come on out die dah you I didn’t bring any of my diamond gear. So this is gonna be a little bit dangerous Come on. Thank you And let’s go ahead and attack this Enderman as well because we might as well we kind of need the The eyes of ender and the inner pearls, of course because I have big plans For the next episode and no spoilers. No spoilers Is he holding a mushroom? He’s holding a mushroom Why I’ve never I didn’t why they should not be able to pick up mushrooms. Oh Come back here you you have a mushroom Oh, thank you I’m gonna keep this this is going into like my mementos chest Uh, I they should not be able to pick up mushrooms. That is ridiculous. Oh and look at that is another fortress right there Oh sweet. I didn’t I honestly did not know that that was a thing. Oh, come on This isn’t where I’m supposed to come out Really now we’re even Am I I see a portal over there. I also saw a magma cream. Yeah. Hi. I Mean Why honestly have no idea where I’m at This is gonna be so annoying for people I don’t even have anything to break this portal with So for reference our portal that we went through is about a hundred blocks over there and the portal that we came out of is About a hundred hundred and twenty blocks over there So we are just not at all Close to where we should be and there’s a magma cube that literally just spawned in that block up there This game is all kinds of broken Luckily, I was able to make myself an infinity bow from doing a little bit of fishing So now we can actually take care of these guys a little bit easier But they are still kind of crazy bouncing all over the place Here we go found a pretty easy way into the fortress as Tempting as it was to Pillar all over the lava towards that blaze spawner. I felt like that was a very bad idea Because I think blaze one shot kills probably still things so I’m gonna have to be careful about that but here is the nether fortress and I’m guessing oh that doesn’t go down to lava how convenient and how nice of the game basically just gonna poke my head in here try and get myself a couple of blaze rods and Also try to not die which is a pretty big thing that I’m concerned about. Oh Man look at that. We got five diamonds just from exploring the fortress lovely I did not know that these things could come with five diamonds in them. That’s incredible. Oh Nice, there is a lot of wither skeletons out here. I haven’t totally gonna need a sissy bar for this one. Oh my god That’s like twelve with those skeletons. I Hopefully will totally get a skull from this one. Ow You guys are mean Not nice Seriously look at them all there’s so many of them. Oh my god, that’s kind of scary. Actually God I Don’t really want to know what they would do to me. So I’m actually about the starve I managed to kill the wither skeletons did not get anything of interest from them So I’m just gonna clean up my mess and kind of head back to the main area and hopefully I don’t Starve, that would be a really nice thing to not happen. Oh You know why while we’re on the topic of bugs, this is another one I Believe this is actually my 11th bug that I’ve encountered in this very first episode I’ve been playing for like five hours now. I don’t know Honestly, I’m just keeping track of them because like I find it funny Oh, there’s another one you can see on the left of the screen 12:00 It’s never ending it is never ending Well, I successfully got what I wanted from the nether and that was a brewing stand Of course so we can throw in a little bit of blaze powder into this thing and then I want to go ahead and brew up a little bit of actual water breathing potions because once we have some water breathing we can actually go ahead and do a little bit of exploring in this area because I can see a Ruins over there and I know there’s a whole bunch of different Shipwrecks and stuff in the area and those things are actually like really good for early game loot And hopefully I can get something decent from them. If not another part of the sea Then at least like a couple diamonds or something like that And back at our little mini HQ I got and not that much to be fair I was only out there for about half an hour But I did get a few different crops that we did not have before so that’s really nice carrots and potatoes are really good and I’ve got an experienced bottle one random emerald shrine in which is kind of Nice. Oh, we also got some pumpkins. Those are good, too Three more Nautilus shells and some impaling three, which is really great for the Trident So now I have a two Trident, which is great too Trident, and then I have a couple different Like books for them as well somewhere in here. I have a channeling and then I also have loyalty and Something else. That’s it. Well still I got like pretty much the makings for a perfect Trident, which is amazing We’ll get that going at next episode once I get some more levels and a little bit of an XP farm but one thing I do want to do real quick is actually make a Conduit, this is something I’ve never actually done before and minecraft in general even on Java never needed a conduit So there we go. Now that’s pretty much all those two. It’s sweet and then we’re gonna need to go ahead and get ourselves some prismarine and There’s actually a couple of ocean monuments around I think one is over there and I think one is somewhere in that area I’m honestly not sure the render distance is so low on realms alright So the last thing that I really want to do today is actually move all of this junk all of this Completely useless and not at all valuable junk that means loi owned all the way over to that area It doesn’t look very far. But Yeah, it is kind of far when you’re this early game So I’m gonna try and also organize this stuff as well Maybe set up a few very very basic farms and welcome to our new home This place is more or less good to go for the time being – a couple little farms We got ourselves a nice little bridge across these super deadly death ravine of doom That is certainly needed and then I set up basically just a little working station in the back here Just kind of away from everything in that way, you know We’re free to build stuff and not have to move all these chests again, which was kind of we got some furnaces You know brewing Stan and bull We got all of our different gear and armor and enchantments and stuff like that, which is good We got all of our resources which we need to desperately get a few more of that is not nearly enough cool and we’re gonna run through that iron that like Instantly and then I also got like random materials over here Nothing special all of our nature and mob drops and food as well decent amount of food We should probably get some more of that though We got our wood back here and then just miscellaneous and bulk blocks, which is nice infinite water source Embed pretty simple stuff got the nether portal over here as well. This area is looking pretty good now The only thing that we don’t have is actually an enchantment table We have all the things to make an enchantment table clearly, but there’s no reason to really make one right now All I got is like 27 levels. We’re gonna set up an XP farm in next episode and get into some villagers stuff So it’ll be just more convenient and more productive to set up the enchanter Then and then we’ll process Oh have like a little cow farm by then as well Hopefully and that is going to do it for this very first episode of truly bedrock I hope that you all did enjoy if you did then Please do leave a like on the video and maybe also consider Sharing this with your friends as this is one of the very very few bedrock Edition and multiplayer servers on a youtube So maybe your friends will enjoy it as well if you’re new here consider subscribing and Finally a please do let me know any feedback and suggestions you have for me down in the comment section of this video I would love to hear what you guys think I should improve upon and what you think I should Do better in this series because I have literally never played a bedrock survival. This is not the game that I play Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. Uh Anyway, thank you. All again. It’s so much for watching I will see you all down the comment section and in the next episode and then there was silence

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