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Try Not To Die Challenge (React)

Try Not To Die Challenge (React)

– Why, am I, oh, I did it!
I am a genius! I have created fire! – Oh my God, dude!
I’d survive! – Science is cool! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Let’s say that you were
stranded in the wilderness. No electricity, no cell phone,
do you think you’d survive? – Definitely not. Just straight up, I’ve thought about
this exact scenario myself, no. – No, absolutely not.
Not at all. – No. (laughs) I don’t think I would survive. – I’m definitely an outdoors person. I would say a fanatic
to the point where, yeah. ‘Cause I like, every single
opportunity that I get, I always go hiking. – (FBE) Well today we’re gonna
test your survival skills in a new Try Not To Die challenge. – Oh my God!
Is this a challenge? This is what we’ve become,
Try Not To Die? – You’re not taking me out
to the wilderness, are you? – (FBE) No.
– Okay. – (FBE) So we’re gonna give you
everything you need to complete a specific survival hack.
– Okay. – (FBE) If you can figure it out
without watching a video, you’re gonna get two points.
– Oh! – (FBE) If you can figure it out
after you watch a video, you’ll get one point,
and if you can’t figure it out even with a video,
you’ll get zero points. Does that sound good? – (laughs) Yeah, yeah, okay,
I’m excited. – Well, we definitely don’t wanna die,
and we also wanna win. – Worst case scenario,
I just die, and that’s it. – (FBE) So for your
first survival hack, we’ve given you everything you need
to make this flashlight work. – Okay. – Aluminum foil, one battery,
and a lamp. – I’m assuming an empty… See I woulda lost the cap
in the wilderness. – Am I missing batteries,
is that what’s going on? – I feel like I’m gonna
die doing this. Does it say which side
it goes in? – I’m gonna take a thread of this, and I’m going to
mash it as much as I can. – I feel like I’m folding this
way too big, hold on. – You know, my dad’s an engineer
in electronic, I should know how to figure this out. – Wrap this up pretty,
oh, it’s conducting heat already. I’m really about to burn down FBE. Like if you think about it,
you guys really did this to yourself. (bell rings) – (laughs) No way! Science is cool! – Come on, do it! (bell rings)
I did it. Oh wait, that’s not good
for the camera, sorry guys! – Wait, wait, gimme a second,
gimme a second. (bell rings)
Oh my God, dude! I’d survive! – This is how you do it,
but I think that I just didn’t do it
properly enough. (buzzer rings)
Yeah. – So it didn’t work, okay. Um, I’ll see a video. – Let’s see. – Oh, okay. – That’s what I was kinda going for. That’s why I kinda made it that way, I was like oh,
I’m gonna make the battery. – That’s so clever,
that’s so clever! – Wow, okay. Oh my God, okay,
so it had to be a little bit bigger. – Uh, that’s it? No, no, no! – I feel like I’m a kid again. Like I don’t feel like no one, oh! (bell rings)
Yay! Ooh, sorry, I like flashed it. Oh my God, I’m so excited! – So I don’t need these gloves then. ‘Cause I won’t be blowing anything up. Put the battery first. Bro, it’s not, she’s like,
dude this is turd of foil. I give up, I give up.
(buzzer rings) This challenge is hard, bro. – (FBE) So let’s say
you didn’t have a flashlight. Can you make a light source
from these items? – Oh, okay, well,
this one kinda seems very simple. – The crayons have like kinda
the same consistency of a candle. – Will this act like a candle?
Oh my God, ’cause it’s wax! – I’m just melting my crayons. There’s no food for us tonight, guys. (yells) It burns! – Girl, is it a candle? Oh no, it just looks like a blunt.
(laughs) – We want our candle to stand
on this aluminum tray. The only way to get it to stand
is if there’s already a wax set up. Which means we’re gonna have to
burn one of the crayons, kinda create a base
for our other crayon, and then try to light that. – Let’s go ahead and melt this one. Okay. Have it stick like a candle. – I don’t know if I’m
doing this right at all. (Izzy gasps) – (FBE) That’s pretty close, yeah.
We’ll count it. (bell rings)
– Yeah, yeah? Oh, hell yeah! Should I blow it out? Okay, I wish for ponies. I wish for Zac Efron. (laughs) (bell rings) – Now we can save this one
for another day. – Why, am I, oh, I did it! I am a genius! I have created fire! (buzzer rings) – I’m gonna see a video. – (FBE) (laughs) Alright. This one’s a fail,
I think it’s time to go to the video. – How did you guys do it? Show me, I really wanna see. – They lit the tip
like I did previously. Oh, both ends. – Mine didn’t do that! I did the same thing! – Oh, he used the own crayon wax
as like a stand. – Oh, wow. – I would like to try again. Okay, so we melt the tip first. There’s a flame, okay.
(bell rings) Yay, I got it! – Ooh, a giant puddle. Oh my God, look how pretty that was,
it was so graceful too. – It was the same. It’s just, I was just impatient. Oh, yes, and then
I’m gonna warm up this. (bell rings) Happy birthday to me! – (FBE) For your third hack,
here you go. – Thank you.
A bra. – (FBE) If you find yourself in a fire
or other contaminated air situation, a simple face mask
can be made from a bra. Any ideas on how to do this? – Probably, ’cause I wear one
every day. – Whose bra is this? – I’m just gonna cut
right in the middle. That’s probably not
what you’re supposed to do. – I’d assume it would need to be
like one and then like two. Like one strap on the other side, but I don’t know how that
would like make it on the other side. – Maybe I’ll cut a cup off? This seems like such a nice bra too. – We’re gonna have to
cut this in half. I’m trying to think like, oh! Wait a second, am I a surgeon now? (bell rings) Is this what you’re
supposed to do? This might be it, man! This might be my final invention. ‘Cause this is pretty good! – Like a face mask, and then just like attempt
to breathe in through here. – This part is gonna give you
support in the back, and then these two
will stay on your ears. I didn’t even have to cut it, because this back part
will give you support so that you don’t have to hold it. – Wapow! (laughs) – (FBE) A for effort.
(buzzer rings) – (laughs) Dang it! – I’d like to see a video
before I ruin the bra, so. (buzzer rings)
– (FBE) Okay. – Bra, okay,
I was supposed to do that. – Oh it just needed, oh! – Oh my…
– No way! I technically did it! – That’s actually pretty cool, and I feel like it would
work better than a facemask from the dollar store,
because this is like thicker. It’s actually like way better. – Okay, and we got it! (bell rings)
It worked! Kind of, there you go. – We need a bigger bra
with bigger straps. Ooh!
Cut. It fits! (laughs) I need like the double Ds! – What they did is
they took the thing and then they just did this.
Oh, wow. – I know that she did move the strap
maybe a little closer to provide more security, but she also doesn’t have
a big head like me, so that’s why I kept the strap
on the outsides. – (FBE) Next up, if you’re looking
for a way to preserve water in the wilderness, you can make
a canteen with these things. – (Sheila) Ooh! – (FBE) And then the water bottle
is there for you to test it with. – Is this a condom?
(laughs) What? – Non-lubricated condoms. And a sock. – I don’t even know where
this sock would come in. – I know this doesn’t
look like much guys, but I promise you,
the finished product is gonna be sick. – Wrap it around there. But now it’s kinda made a tight seal. – Maybe I should
fill it up with water, and then put it on the sock. – What am I supposed to do? This one’s hard. And, there’s so many items. – I’m just gonna stick the string
though these holes and kind of make it like a zipper. But I mean,
God bless whoever drinks out of this. – I don’t think this is
how they’re gonna do it, but it’s how I’m gonna do it,
and that’s all that matters right now, ’cause it’s about how I’m surviving. Oh, this is so healthy,
oh my goodness. – I know, maybe to tie this,
but then that would tie it shut. – Okay, there. And now hey, you wanna
close your bottle up? Now you just twine this up
and there you go. You got your little
sock protected water bottle. – Now I have my fricking
floating water condom bottle. Like, I’m ready to go. – Maybe you just don’t need
to survive with me. You just have to have a good time.
That didn’t work. (buzzer rings)
I give up. (buzzer rings)
– Can I watch the video? – Put a nice little bow on it. I don’t know if it’s even going. (buzzer rings)
It’s not going. I would like to see the video. – Put the condom inside
of the sock before filling. – And then fill it, okay. – Tie the end off with a stick
so it’s easier to unknot later. – Huh? – Oh, that’s cool!
Okay! That was more simpler. – So I’m just assuming
you’re gonna wrap it. Okay, there we go. Ready, is this how it’s supposed to,
okay, wow, I feel very, like, I’m learning something! – This way, this way,
give yourself a little room, you know? You cannot look at this
and take me seriously. If I came up to you, and I was like
hey, you wanna drink from my canteen? (bell rings)
I promise you, you would not wanna stay with me
in the woods. – (laughs) I’m sorry,
I just whipped it. Alright, look at that!
(bell rings) That’s really big. (laughs) – I’m actually very happy
with my own, like, just, you see?
You see, this is fashion. – Now you just carry
your little canteen. (smacks lips) – (FBE) Alright, so we were
pretty nice earlier, and we gave you a lighter, but can you start a fire
without one? – How to start a fire with
a battery, a piece of paper, two pieces of gum,
and some gloves. – This has energy in it. But we have to find some way
to get the energy out of it, and heat up enough
to be able to spark a fire. – What?
To start a fire. oh, there’s foil, duh! – I’m gonna try to do friction,
but I really don’t think this is how you do it. – Let’s see if this holds any heat. No, I know I have to split this,
but how? – My brain is like slowing down
the more I do like another… (buzzer rings)
…like, hack. – One battery.
One girl. Two gum bars,
and one pair of scissors. What will she do?
We don’t know! (buzzer rings)
She doesn’t know! – First safety concern,
I don’t think I can do this one. (buzzer rings)
I wanna watch the video first. – I don’t know, I tried
every single combination possible, and it didn’t work. – Ugh, I’m so sad! Just light on fire!
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) Do you wanna watch the video? – Yeah. – The wrapper? Oh, aluminum, oh my God,
I didn’t even think of that! – Wow, duh! There was use of the scissors. – Okay, cut it. – Making it super thin,
taking that gum aluminum. Taking the little strips,
putting it at the end, and at the, okay.
Whoa, what? – Oh, I’ve seen, yes.
Oh, damn. – Yeah. I basically did that! – Now what the person in the video did
is they trimmed off the ends. – It has to be thin, right? – (FBE) Mm-hmm.
– I’m assuming. – I did it!
I made the strip! – Trying to get a grip. Nope!
Okay, it’s not going in. No it’s not. I give up.
(buzzer rings) I’m so sorry, I give,
it’s not working. Is it working, it’s burning.
It’s not working. (laughs) I’m so sad.
No! (buzzer rings)
Damn it. – I don’t know, man. This is some Dragon Ball Z stuff.
It’s not catching on fire. I give up, bro. – It’s getting hot, but it’s not. But it’s not catching in the middle. Come on, come on. I don’t think it’s happening for me.
(buzzer rings) – Ugh, yes!
Yes. Yes, I did it!
Oh my God! – (FBE) You did it! – That was so cool! It’s like let me just make sure
we’re not starting fire. – (FBE) Out of five
survival hacks total, you completed three of them
without seeing a video, and the other two,
you were able to do once you saw the video.
– Yes. – (FBE) Meaning you completed
five out of five hacks, and you got eight out of 10 points. – Are you serious? I did, oh my God! I feel good about myself. – If you were stuck on an island,
I’m assuming you were on a plane, or on a boat,
and then they have these tools to begin with, so it’s nice,
you know? Now I know, I’ll never forget. – I learned a lot more,
and I learned that I need to get out. Like, outdoors a lot more. – Dude, I feel so proud. You know, next time I go out
to the wilderness, I might just stay out there
for a few days, you know? And survive off the land. (laughs) – I know if we actually
went out to the wild and did it, like I would definitely be
the one that’s thriving, out of the group, so, I would
definitely love to do this again. – When you’re in situations
when you’re actually like, it’s life or death,
things like that don’t matter. ‘Cause all that matters
is surviving. – It was fun trying to figure out
how to make these four random objects
that could in no way be related into this, and maybe that’s
just what survival is. It’s just wilderness is a giant puzzle
that you gotta solve. – Thanks for watching
Try Not To Die on the REACT Channel. – If you liked this episode,
hit that like button! – Subscribe for new shows
every single week. – Which survival hacks
are your favorites? Let us know in the comments! – Thanks for watching, bye! – Hey guys, React Producer Mary here. I just wanna remind you
not to try these hacks at home, because they can all be
a little bit unsafe. However, what you should do
is hit that bell icon and be part of our notification squad. Thanks for watching guys.

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