#Tsuyokiss 【2 New Episodes Every Week!】Tsuyokiss Ep.6 [Washed Away…Ikashima]

What? We got a big catch, today! Big catch! Well done, Eri. Release. Is it too small? Where is it small?! Huh? My, so you’re awake? Kiriya Erika, why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to be on time for this meeting, Sunao? Meeting? What? You forgot about today’s camp? Today’s camp? Washed Away… Ikashima Student Council of Ryuumei Academy!
Washed Away… Ikashima In order to strengthen the council’s bonds,
Washed Away… Ikashima In order to strengthen the council’s bonds, Every year, they will undergo a survival camp at Ikashima of
two days and one night. In this extensive area of nature, Everyone must work together to defeat it’s challenges. And thus will be fostering the teamwork skills required for school. Because you still weren’t here at the specified time, I personally brought you. Konoe
I’ve gone to
a remote
I personally brought you. There is no need to thank me. This is part of my responsibility being the Principal. Hey, Principal. Yes? I’m not part of the student council. What nonsense are you talking about? Are you not with Kiriya and Kurogane all the time? Right, Kiriya? Yes. Somewhat… Principal! Do not worry about such trivial things.
Use this opportunity to strengthen your bonds with everyone. He’s being perfunctory. Perfunctory. Then, good bye! Wait.. What am I supposed to do? Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Tsuyokiss.
Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Yashi Nagomi (1-B) I have to undergo survival training till tomorrow? Bring it on! Everyone! Lets work hard together! Let’s do this during the next two days! Firstly, we need to take care of the problem of fresh water. Food comes after. Eh? Otome-senpai and Kinu, I’ll leave the foraging to you. Understood. Leave it to us. Nagomi and Date will be in charge of cooking. Yes. Okay. Tsushima and Youhei will collect firewood and water. Yes. Understood. Then, dismissed. Everyone knows what you’re supposed to do. Yes! Eh? Yoppi, please help me with the sun lotion. Coming! Hey, you’re not going to do anything? The leader’s job is to lead. What was that? Please keep it low. It’s so rare for us to enjoy holidays, so please don’t waste that. Holidays… The sun feels so refreshing. Put some lotion on me as well. Will do! Oh, there’s only half a calorie. What a healthy product. Hey, do you want to eat me? Do you want to roast me? I’m just kidding. Yoppi, you don’t look like you’re joking. That’s not true! Hey! Oh, right, right. If you don’t want to do anything, that’s fine by me. We’ll be treating you as a guest. Besides, you’re useless anyway. I’ll go help them! Kanisawa Kinu (2-C) Tsuyokiss.
Kanisawa Kinu (2-C) Kanisawa Kinu (2-C) Coming! Is Sunao at home? Uhm… Konoe
I’ve gone to a remote island. Remote… island? Konoe Honoka (Grade 4) Tsuyokiss.
Konoe Honoka (Grade 4) Konoe Honoka (Grade 4) What do you mean by ‘guest’? Treating people like idiots… I can absolutely not lose this fight. If I remember, Senpai should be around here. No way… Wait… Hey, Konoe. The shark is speaking. It’s not the shark. It’s me. Kurogane-senpai. So this shark is… That is a good model, right? Do you want to try it out? There is a trick to it. If you use the shark’s nose to smash- I’ll pass. Kiriya Erika (2-C) Tsuyokiss.
Kiriya Erika (2-C) Kiriya Erika (2-C) So that’s the reason why you came to me. Yeah. Sorry. There’s no other choice. I’ll lend you this rod. Thanks. The fish bait is here. Help yourself. Yes. T-This is… Earthworms. They’re the basics of fishing. Wow! It’s lively! Seems like I’ll get a big one. Hey, Konoe! Kurogane Otome (3-A) Tsuyokiss.
Kurogane Otome (3-A) Kurogane Otome (3-A) Not bad, Yashi. Senpai, you are the one who is amazing. I’m done! I’m done as well! I… can’t. Konoe Sunao (2-A) Tsuyokiss.
Konoe Sunao (2-A) Konoe Sunao (2-A) Ah, there’s no need to. How’s Onee-chan in school? Hmm, she seems very reliable. But… But? Peanut butter is… Indeed. Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Tsuyokiss.
Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Sunao? Tsushima Leo. Um, I’m here as well. What are you doing here? N-No reason. It’s nothing. It’s almost time for lunch. You should go back to where Hime is. Hey, Leo. What? Our water will flow through the girls’ bodies, right? I feel so excited! I can’t believe that pervert is more useful than… I am. What is it, Sunao? Damn it! I absolutely can’t lose! What? Beats me… Oeyama Inori (Teacher) Tsuyokiss.
Oeyama Inori (Teacher) Oeyama Inori (Teacher) As expected of Nagomi and Date-kun. You did very well. It’s also because Kinu and the others brought us good ingredients. Heh, you should be grateful, Coconut. Shut up, crab. Or I’ll turn you into food as well. What?! Both of you, stop. If you do that, the food won’t be as good. In any case, I thank you for taking up my work. Well done. Then, thanks for the food! Thanks for the food! She… still isn’t back? Satou Yoshimi (2-C) Tsuyokiss.
Satou Yoshimi (2-C) Satou Yoshimi (2-C) Why are there only radish?! Clueless miss, let me tell you. This is Ikashima’s speciality – Ikashima Radish! Strange name. Although the smell is strong, it can be eaten raw. How about you try it? Radish… Radish! What do you mean by radish?! Sunao. Tsushima. Why are you here? I’m calling you to eat. Let’s go. No. If I don’t work for it, I won’t eat. Don’t be so stubborn. Until I find food similar to these, I will not return. Hey, Wait! Don’t follow me. You’re one to talk. Don’t be so stubborn. I’m not being stubborn. Seriously, you’re not honest at all. Don’t play with my name! No way! It’s high! Watch out! Thank yo- Welcome to Matsukasa burger. How about our new Navy burger, …with juicy french fries, …and a peanut butter shake to drink? Er, um, what… Is this? This is Smile. The Ume-version. This is Smile. The Take-version. This is Smile. The Matsu-version. And this is Smile. The special-version. I want to take you home! We’re always recruiting tsuntsun girls. Would you like a match? Would… Would you like a match? I-It’s cold. A-And I’m hungry. I know! With these matches… Navy curry! Thanks for the food. Delicious! Tasty! Anyway, this is some tasty Navy curry! Want some Navy curry? Oasis
Curry shop Curry shop, Oasis!
Curry shop We can all go together.
Let’s go, let’s go!
Curry shop Let’s go, let’s go!
Curry shop Curry shop
Oasis Also available with bean sprouts! Konoe Sunao (2-A) Tsuyokiss.
Konoe Sunao (2-A) Kurogane-senpai, you seem to be rather happy. It feels great being in a hot tub during the day. If those weren’t around, I would completely agree with you. 86… No, 87. Hey, Eri. I need to concentrate! Don’t bother me! B-But… It’s not over yet! Baseball is only exciting after two outs! Although it’s the minority, there surely are some who approve of those. Minority? That sounds nice! I see, so I’m the minority. Kanisawa-san, after the trip, you need to improve on your English. Hey, Eri… What, Yoppi? I haven’t seen Tsushima-kun and Konoe-san for a while. You’re right. They are missing. You didn’t notice? Her breasts are too small, so I have no interest. Eri- Flat chested twin tail. What is her use if she’s not a loli character? No one asked for your opinion, Eri. Nishizaki Noriko (2-A) Tsuyokiss
Nishizaki Noriko (2-A) Nishizaki Noriko (2-A) Ah, not bad, not bad. I’m surprised you’re still alive, kids. What I want to tell you about is, Congratula- Sunao, are you alright? Somehow. I see. It may be a bit far, but do you think you can swim to there? Wait! Huh? Look! No way! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Konoe-senpai! Konoe!
Konoe-senpai! Leo! Where are you?! Konoe! Senpai! Leo… Hey, What? Can’t you move a little bit? Impossible. It’s so rare for us to get holidays. Why did it have to turn out this way? I wonder what Noriko is doing. Even though it’s just to take pictures, did we really have to come here? You really know how to be hard on people. Are you hungry? I haven’t eaten a thing today. Of course I am! Is that so? I see… Then eat this! Didn’t I tell you I hate them?! Huh? You hate radish? I’ve been hating them forever. B-But… Shut up! I don’t want you to say ‘radish’ ! Konoe Honoka (Grade 4) Tsuyokiss.
Konoe Honoka (Grade 4) Konoe Honoka (Grade 4) Check. I lost. So she still isn’t back. Yeah. Kiriya Erika (2-C)
Satou Yoshimi (2-C) Tsuyokiss.
Kiriya Erika (2-C)
Satou Yoshimi (2-C) Kiriya Erika (2-C)
Satou Yoshimi (2-C) The sun is setting. Asada Shizuka (2-A) Tsuyokiss.
Asada Shizuka (2-A) Asada Shizuka (2-A) Those two are missing. We’ve searched all the places we could think of. Where did they go to? From a teacher’s perspective, I really hope nothing has happened to them. Hey, don’t talk like that! But, they are in the bloom of their youth. There is a chance that they are safe. Safe? Chance? Leo is a weakling. It’s impossible for Konoe-senpai as well. Yes. There’s no way those two could be ‘having fun’. It’s no good having a filthy relationship. Lies! You’re all lying, right?! Leo can not do lewd things before me! Screw you!
Shut up! The stars are bright tonight. His brightness illuminates these small stars. Kiriya Erika (2-C) Tsuyokiss.
Kiriya Erika (2-C) Kiriya Erika (2-C) Sunao! Hey, why are you holding me? I’m glad you’re fine. W-What? Sorry about that. A-About what? I didn’t catch you properly. I-It’s not your fault. But in any case, there’s no way I could have saved you. Are you saying I’m too heavy? I didn’t say that, don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t do that. You clearly did. No, I didn’t. You did. I did not. Now is not the time for arguments. Yeah… Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Tsuyokiss.
Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Yashi Nagomi (1-B) Sunao! Hey, hey! Hang in there, Sunao! T-This looks bad. Oh, really? This is unlike you; giving up that quickly. What is? What do you even know about me? I understand you. Because you’re my childhood friend. Ever since you transferred here, you’ve been going against Hime. You’re still the same you were back in the past. And just as clumsy. You’ve grown a lot. Being treated like a slave by Hime. All in a day’s work as a student leader. If it’s work, I’ll do anything. Don’t act so mature. Arrogant. You’re still the same like when we were children. Beautiful, right? Yeah. This is my first time looking at such beautiful stars. Yeah. I wonder if it’ll be my last memory. Don’t give me that. Sunao, you must hang on! Hey, Tsushima. What? I’ve always wanted to say… you see… Sorry, Leo-kun… Hey, Sunao! Sunao! Otome… Kick! Otome-san! Are you alright, Leo? Konoe Sunao (2-A) Tsuyokiss.
Konoe Sunao (2-A) Konoe Sunao (2-A) What.. is that? She’s only passed out. Good job protecting Konoe. I didn’t… In the end, wasn’t it you who saved us? No. Being able to stand in front of those sharks that long,
you deserve to be complimented. I also want you to be happy. Come to think of it, Leo, did you and Konoe do anything? Huh? No, nothing. Really? Yes. You and Senpai are childhood friends, aren’t you? That’s true, but… She hates me for some reason. Why? I don’t know. I called her a ‘radish’ for fun. Anyone being called a radish would be angry! Eh, why? Right, why would one be angry? Radish are amazing. As they emerge from the earth, they work hard to survive. Their will is strong. They are pure and beautiful. Radish is a food with a warrior’s spirit. That’s right. I learned that from Otome-san. Then, when you said ‘radish’, you actually praised her? Yeah. Obviously. Normally, calling a person a radish doesn’t mean you like them. Eh? Is that so? If you call her a radish, she’ll think you meant her acting equals that of one. You can interpret it that way? That’s how you usually interpret it. Kanisawa just taught us something. And her words were hard to understand. Idiot. Childhood friends with these people…
Idiot. Childhood friends with these people… Radish… Answer. Shizuka, help me! Showdown! Test GO!! No can do!
Showdown! Test GO!! There’s an exam after the summer break.
Showdown! Test GO!! No way…
Showdown! Test GO!!

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