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TUSK – The Universal Survival Knife by Loyal Blades

TUSK –  The Universal Survival Knife by Loyal Blades

After years of using knives in nature, with
your help, we want to create TUSK – The Universal Survival Knife.
TUSK features an innovative design. It’s almost entirely handmade and ready for any survival
situation, with tools built into the handle. It is a 12-inch full tang knife, with a 7-inch
fixed blade, made with 0.20 inches of 440C stainless steel with high quality heat treatment. The blade has a drop-point design for an almost
unbreakable point, achieving a slightly forward balance that, along with the high flat grind
and the convex edge, makes it perfect for chopping and splitting wood. With the included hex key, you can easily
remove the handle to access the inner tools like, leashing holes to make a spear, nine
hex wrenches, a square wrench, a flat pommel that is an awesome hammer, a five-inch ruler
and a hexagonal lanyard hole that can be used with any bit drive. Instead of plastic, the TUSK handle is made
with polished black linen Micarta, the best material for hard-use knives, with red liners,
handmade rounded borders, and an anatomical shape. Enjoy a secure grip in any position thanks
to front and rear guards, a thumb ramp with jimping, anti-slip notches and the dual-lanyard
system to use with the included Paracord. A key element in any survival knife is the
sheath. With TUSK you can choose from two high quality sheaths: Kydex sheath or leather
sheath. Both of them include sharpening stone, hex key, nylon cord, and a fire starter. We’re very excited to share with you this
project to make a high quality modern survival knife.
Thank you so much for your support and welcome to the Loyal Blades Community!

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  1. hi ,
    the knive is verry interestin an i would like one.
    im from germany and a lot of famous youtuber find it verry good

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