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TWD RTS: Nightmare Survival Road, New Faction Tournament – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

TWD RTS: Nightmare Survival Road, New Faction Tournament – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

hello survivors and welcome to another
video in this video we’re going to be looking at the faction Survival Road
which is going to be an event that’s upcoming and it’s called nightmare
challenge we’ll just read through the post and it says greeting survivors
we’re happy to announce an exciting new event faction Survival Road nightmare
challenge, faction survival Road nightmare challenge is a limited time survival
road tournament that has the difficulty and rewards dramatically increased players
will have their skills and teams put to the test in what is the most difficult
survival road experience we’ve ever created expect to face seemingly
unbeatable teams that will force players to think strategically about team
composition and combat approach so first up the nightmare Challenge event format
is: the format of the nightmare challenge is similar to other survival road tournaments
with the following updates the difficulty at all stages is
significantly higher and both milestones and rank rewards are significantly
increased the base amount of survival Road points awarded for every stage will
be one thus completing uncompleted stages will be the best way for players
to amass points for rank rewards each survival road level bronze silver gold
will now have 50 stages in nightmare challenge instead of the standard 25
stages at each level so before there were 125 stages over the course of an
entire Survival Road now there are going to be 250 stages instead and it does seem
that you cannot farm points so once you’ve completed the entire survival road
that’s it you’re done there’s nothing more you can do and you have amassed the total
amount of points that you actually can for your faction the start of the first
event is going to be Monday May the 13th at 10 a.m. and the end of the first
event is going to be Wednesday May 15th at 10 p.m. these times will most likely
be Pacific time which is -8 UTC if you need to Google that start time now
we’ll move on to the rewards which is what a lot of people obviously are going
to be interested in the milestone rewards seem a bit weird they seem
pretty decent but they’re the same for every single tier so unless every single
tier is just as difficult as the tier before then that’s a bit of a shame if
I’m honest it could just be that ever single-stage and every single tier is
just as difficult as each other and that you’re just basically going to be
completing 50 stages getting a stage reward there and they’re moving on to
the next stage same sort of difficulty it does say it’s nightmare mode it could
get more difficult but the fact that it’s 4000 league tokens for epic trainers
and two random gold mods for each stage is very weird we’ll have to wait and see
if the difficulty scales over the stages and here are the rank rewards as well
and for first place you get ten Lilith’s and eight ulysses which is comparable to
something like cross region war to be honest and the second rewards six
Whetstone’s six double holsters six magazine bandoliers and six hockey masks
is nothing to be sniffed that’s a lot of gear everybody in first place also
receives 20,000 faction assault tickets and that’s to every single person in your
faction so if you have a 30 player faction at that point it would be 600,000
tickets and that’s enough to run two tier six faction assaults now the Liliths
Ulysses and gear scales all the way down to 11th to 20th place where then it
drops off to the next tier down in gear for 21st to 50th this is maybe a
little bit of a shame I just the one hole to pick in this in that it could
have been two of each for 11th to 20th and one of it each for 21st to 50th
just so everyone’s getting the same sort of gear tier but that tier of gear is
still very useful so at least they’re getting something there now as you can
see down in the bottom it says note on rank rewards in the event of a tie the
faction that achieved the point count first will win the rank reward now you
have to understand that because you can only score 250 points each and there’s
no way to farm the event if everyone within a faction scores 250 that’s who
wins the tournament if every single player in a faction finishes every stage
its whoever does it first not whoever can snipe if there’s no sniping at the
end it is whoever completes it first so if you can can quick and you can finish
it within the first like four or five hours you could potentially seal a win
really quickly in this tournament so that’s the end of this video do tell me
what you think about faction survival Road the nightmare challenge it’s going to
be more difficult it could be quite a nice challenge I’ll probably try and
stream just a little bonus stream once this is live just to sort of check out
what it’s like it will be very short but it’ll be a couple of hours I always say that
but it can sometimes turn into that four hour stream we’ll see but that is the end of my
video thank you very much for tuning in and as always keep on surviving guys
keep on surviving

20 thoughts on “TWD RTS: Nightmare Survival Road, New Faction Tournament – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival”

  1. More challenge on SR is not a bad thing at all, but what do you think of 50 levels per stage and the milestone/rank reward changes?

  2. Wow! Another great move by Scopely. The rewards are definitely not worth effort here. I really don’t know if they are intentionally trying to drive players away. For this you should at least get an ascendable character. This is just garbage 🗑

  3. Hola buen video aunque no entiendo nada podrias poner subtitulos en español porfavor? :'v si lo haces te lo agradecere mucho y si no tambien

  4. I think this would have been better with actually less levels instead of more. Race to the end would have been fun. With the apparent amped up difficulty I think that would have been fair as well

  5. Bruh … I do not see any good reward, maybe they could have created special items to create a unique nightmare road special character like in faction assault, but this… This have nonsense

  6. Maybe Like Full Erika Zac sherry team Or full lydia dr stevens raven team
    it will be fun ❤

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