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Unboxing Cool Survival Gear

Unboxing Cool Survival Gear

Deep Breathe. “Takes Deep breathe” whats up Guys? Lou here back with another video and today i have something in front of me, as usual. but this time i have no idea what’s inside. in this case i see this symbol which looks aggressive and scary. I mean it says battle box on it, okay! and i sort of know what it is it is a survival box, or at least there
should be survival slash tactical gear inside of it, but I
had no idea exactly what it is. We’re gonna find out together in classic Unbox Therapy fashion Woah what is this, hay? what are we working with here? Grass? Is this dry grass? already found like a little blade thing it says MIL on it, i think thats
military, we will find out battle box survival in tactical gear cool alright so it’s a subscription box they send you one every month well here you can see the value of the
various boxes I think we have the Pro Plus, either the pro or the Pro Plus what is some kinda like renewable
packing material im gonna place that down softly okay cool! we have the Survival Guide here. The department of the army field manual, Whoa yes! my five-year-old will is really
gonna like this. identifies various creatures, this is
cool alright so you keep this with you, and
all of a sudden you can survive in the woods or at least that’s a step in the right direction, the
Kershaw black wash series, i think this is a knife? “WOW” pretty solid dare I say, a new un-boxing knife? Whoa oh, that’s no joke, don’t try this at home! look at that! it even cut’s through the organic packing material. its got a little clip on it. it’s got a frame lock on it, you see right
here? its what holds the blade up gives it rigidity structure, to put it
down you just push that over to the side, and clamp it down. nice little package I like the color too,
rugged looking metal finish… Solid! next up, emergency blanket up to 90% reflection of body heat really? “wow” its kinda like uh, foil? i probably shouldn’t use this right now, like i should
save this for an emergency it’s hard to believe that a material
that thin could reflect 90% of your body heat. alright I need to save this for real survival
situation What is this? it’s a mirror a survival signal mirror with a little compass in it flash this off the Sun hold the mirror close to your eye, slowly
turn and angle the mirror so the aim.. indicator is on the object you wish to flash you, your flashing people??? from a distance so they come to help you this is an old school compass “wow” when I
was a kid I always wanted a legit compass like this look at this thing again tried-and-true old
school tech! doing the job solar charger for iPhone and cell phone, now everybody here certainly
understands that so it’s part of the case lay it out like
that there some old-school phones listed on
here, Nokia n70, Motorola v66, Sony Ericsson k750 I think I had that phone. It’s got micro USB thats
the important one of course, little flashlight LED, flashlight probably needs a battery! “ohhh!” this is cool! aquamira, frontier emergency filter water is a big issue when you’re out
there trying to survive you might see a stream or something and you’re like damn
that looks clean and I just wanna drink from it well there is some bacteria and whatnot thats in
there, no good! you don’t want them your going to get “umm…” diarrhea? so this this little joy here this little
arm filter with a straw allows for you to
drink the wilderness water… The wild water active carbon helps reduce water-borne
chemicals and it also improves the taste “ohhh” this is cool too, a fire starter kit right here this “oh” this actually has
some signals imprinted on it, various smoke
signals for emergency situations you strike
this thing I believe with this other side of the
object or with a hard surface a knife blade something
like that and you can create sparks fairly easily that’s probably what this grass is for eat, eat-n-tool, eat-n- tool what a name a rugged, stainless, outdoor spoon, fork, bottle opener
screwdriver, pry tip and metric wrenches and a carry carabiner does everything… that’s cool that’s way more useful than you might
imagine, life and death situation! where you spoonless, forkless
carabinerless, bottle openerless you need that, this is a
can opener isn’t it? yes its like a military can opener, AJ
from the control room agrees this is a can opener, but if you found a can
of food during the zombie apocalypse that’s like that’s Gold its a gold mine right there! you know what? listen, you guys have all the tech and
gadgets in the world can you even survive? didnt think so, look at
how rugged this all looks. instantly more rugged, rugged meter
elevating survival and tactical gear, alright that wraps this up, thanks very much for
watching guys, If you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs-up down below and I’ll you catch you very shortly in the next
episode Later… bottleopenerless…

100 thoughts on “Unboxing Cool Survival Gear”

  1. "Organic packing material" lmao, its for starting a fire. Its dryed out grass, which is highly flamable and burns for a good amount of time.

  2. I disliked the video because he only showed the packaging of the stuff without actually putting them to the test showing us if it's worth the purchase . I mean come on dude , couldn't you just buy an additional one for your own personal use ? Really unprofessional from a channel with more than 10m subs .

  3. anybody else hate it when somebody who has little to no knowledge about knives or survival gear tries to review them but them but basically embarrass themselves. like if they are talking about a knife and they look on the back of the blade and see a number and think that it is the blade steel , but its reaally not.

  4. Every time i see a knife in one of your videos, i always think of Rambo First Blood where the dirty cop takes his knife and cuts the piece of paper in half.. DO A KNIFE VIDEO!!

  5. Who needs a can opener or a spoon in a survival situation. Just use a bayonet. You can use it to eat, open stuff and obviously catch prey.

  6. I bought that survival book at an army surplus store last week. It's pretty good, but be known it isn't actually issued by the military, it is a reprint from 2010. I wouldn't suggest using the Kershaw or any flip knife for survival, as eventually the flip systems and locks get loose. In the SHTF community, we call the blanket a space blanket. The mirror really can be useful. The compass is also extremely helpful if you know what directions things are from you. I wouldn't suggest that filter, but I would suggest a Lifestyle. Now, there's no need for an old school fire starter, as now we have lighters which are more efficient. It is a good last option though. Alot of this stuff will only get you somewhere if you know what you're doing.

  7. If u took ag in school and are a true man from the country unlike new york who cant defend them self then youll live

  8. You'd literally sold me the package regardless of the fact you had no idea what you were talking about. Zombie apocalypse? This explains the intellect. Suppose your next video will explain how we can hunt unicorn. Which fairies and goblins are edible and which aren't. You try too hard to be comedy. Maybe to fellow Americans you are but there's a world other than, that takes this stuff seriously. I loved the tinder idea in the packaging whilst you're acquainting yourself in the art of fire starting. I'm not ruling out the existence of zombies. I believe they're there just not in the way the stupid movies portray them. I believe they're mentally dead rather than physically. They're pretty much everywhere slating survival tools that should be reviewed properly.

  9. [email protected] survivalist Trump voters in the comments complaining about how he handled the knife. Stick that knife up your lil funky ass. This guy makes tens of dollars a year from these videos. He will never be in a survivalist situation. He just got this box to show up in recommended lists for redneck YT users.

  10. Seems like a box for a “survivalist” hoarder filled with garbage that you can buy in a big-box store for a fraction of a cost. Do you just get duped???

  11. How many guesses did he take on that tinder for fire before he ended up with "organic packing material"😂😂😂

  12. It is always funny to watch people who are not into survival look at survival gear and not have a clue.

  13. that blanket we also get here in belgium when you spend a night in jail, its warm but it makes so much fucking noice when you move around

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