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Vaellus Harrijärvelle [With Eng Subs] | 5 days solo in the wilderness. Hiking and fishing.

Vaellus Harrijärvelle [With Eng Subs] | 5 days solo in the wilderness. Hiking and fishing.

Hike to Graylinglake Here I am. At the mountain hotel. In the heat of the stove. The autumn trip started and the first night is on. This is the first evening. I’ll make meatballs. And then I also have red wine. I took the stove with me this time. It was very heavy but I decided to take it with me. The stove weighs so much that the camp stays here most of the time. I can’t carry it for very long distances. There are a lot of little lakes around here. I’ll try to study them. Let’s see if there are fish out there. It’s getting a cold night. Probably about -4 degrees Celsius. I’m in a hurry to get to the lakes before they freeze. I have not been fishing in Lapland at this time of year. Hope I get some fish. Let’s see how this goes. This is where the journey begins. I turn off the light so the battery doesn’t run out. Yes. There’s my home river or creek. Maybe that one can be called a river. That’s where it comes from. I thought about doing a little mountain hotel tour here. When there is still enough light. So there’s my tipi tent. That’s what I decided to bring with me It weighs 2kg. And then the stove was 7kg. I decided to drag it here because the weather is so cold. Cold nights. -5 degrees Celsius has been promised. Hope the stove warms enough. But there it is. It was hard work to drag it here. Let’s take a look at what it looks like from the inside. Sorry about the mess. I didn’t have time to clean. All my stuff is blown up there. Let’s put more light. I tried to take this nicely with one shot but I dropped the microphone. So I had to shoot again. However, the pictures also went dark. But here. I tried to make a demo of this kind last night. But it was so dark I didn’t know what was going on. There is woodwork done and the stove is there. It weighs 7 kg or the right specs are 6 and something. There’s a lot of room here. This time I don’t have any mosquito protection Just a thin foam sleeping mat that I bought and cut myself. And then a thick, self-inflating sleeping pad. This is actually the female version. It’s a little warmer than regular model. I don’t know if it appears in the picture. But this one is upright on a small hill. The wings of the tent fall down there. Normally this is a bit higher. But now this one is upright in such a strange place. That’s why it’s looks little lower. The stoveis a bit strangely there too. This is the only place where you can even sleep a little That’s why it’s such a radical act. And when you look out. There is a river. It is not a long way to get water. There’s plenty of room for one here. Two can also sleep here even though there is a stove. And the third can also fit if you wish. It’s been a great day. I came here yesterday with a little hurry. It gets dark so early that I was in a hurry to get somewhere. On the way, I shoot a couple of photos . But otherwise I didn’t shoot anything. This time I decided to bring a lot of stuff. I have a bigger tipi tent and a stove. I made the previous trip with light equipment. But now I have a lot of stuff with me. That set probably weighs 30kg. More than that. If not closer to 40kg. It was pretty heavy to carry but I got it here. Here it is. Probably not visible to the camera. Then I got to a place like this. I walked what I could. Nice looking little river. Today I went for a little walk. The intention was to walk 10 km. There are a couple of interesting lakes. I was supposed to go there. But I went astray and then I couldn’t get where I wanted. It took me a couple of hours to wonder where I was. I wouldn’t have gotten back here before dark So I turned back and came here to play with the wilderness. And I also made trees for the evening. There is a small problem with this trip. It may be that I may have a couple of days too late here. The smallest lakes are already frozen. In places like this, where the water is flowing water is not yet frozen. But there is already some ice there. And in those places where I went for a walk. Some of the lakes were already frozen. We’ll see if this is going to be just a hiking trip. But hopefully there will be some place where I can fish. So I’d get some fish for this video. But if I can’t, then this is just a hiking trip. Fishing was bad today. I got a couple pikes. Or it may have been that I got the same pike 2 times. They were so same looking. I hope I get also something else. But if not, the pike will save the fisherman’s reputation. The number one prey fish for a mountain fisherman. But that’s all. Soon the sun falls down there behind the fell. Now I’m going to the tent to make fire and think about what I eat. Let’s take a little red wine so the evening will be more comfortable. Red wine and Mexican pot. At least good steams come from there. Let’s take a look at what it looks like. Such a mess. Rice, beans and soy. This should work out Red wine and hot food. But now food. I’ll stop filming for a while. There you can see how the ice creeps along the surface of the tent wall. It tries to discourage the hiker. But it doesn’t work Let’s put more trees in the stove so it turns into joy again. Trees burn badly. The wood is a little wet so you have to work a little to keep it burning. However, it gives a good ambers. Let’s see what the tent looks like. It’s Midnight. I don’t know what the clock is. Ice has conquered this tent. Still a little video footage of the night. This is what it looks like in the dark. There’s my accommodation. There’s my fishing rod. Let’s look at a little bit of that tent. You should try to survive there. It’s frozen. Here I am. In the heat of the tent. The stove heats up the breakfast. It has been snowing and now I have to decide if this fishing trip is over or should I just focus on hiking. I need to do a little research on how it feels. The camera lens goes into mist all the time. Cold and heat is a bad combination. Let’s move on. Again, I have suffered in one day in Lapland and it’s getting dark. It snowed today and then at some point it turned into rain. I made drastic decisions and decided to move the camp and then walked here for 8km. Uphill. It was shockingly heavy. I did such a radical act that I left the stove at the previous campsite and also the other backpack. I only brought the most important items. The goal was for me to fish here on the lake but I was late. The lake is frozen. There is a few millimeters of ice on the lake. Still, I tried to find a place where there was no ice and I could fish. I found one spot and threw a lure in it. But no fish hit that spot. It looks bad. Looks like this trip is turning into a hiking trip. I was a little late. If I had come yesterday, I would have been able to fish this lake. But now I hope it will rain. To get rid of that ice. No need to wind the lure along the ice surface. It was actually quite fun fishing there. When I put a heavy spoon, it sank through the ice. Sometimes it got stuck on the ice and I thought it might break the line. But it always came out However, I was able to fish for a short time. But there were no fish at that spot. But here I thought be a while. I don’t have a stove. I hope it won’t be a terribly cold night. Though I have 2 sleeping bags with me. 2 down sleeping bags. Thin and thick. One weighs 500g and the other 1kg. 1500 g total down. It should help me survive. But I hope for the rain and the wind to get rid of the ice. It hardly happens. That’s how it is now I’m hanging out here tomorrow and if tomorrow is not going well then I’m leaving here and this will be a short story. Yes. It’s morning again. I am here in my tent. I wonder what’s going on. The night was quite warm and there was some rain. I went to see that lake. It seemed that the wind and the rains had taken away those ice. At least from the bay. I hope I can fish somewhere. I don’t have high expectations but I have to try, because I have come all the way here. I collected trees in case of a rainy day. I’ll get the fish done if I get one. I have no other way to cook fish here than to put it in the stick. But. A rainy day seems to be coming. Really grey. I don’t know if I can shoot anything. But at least this can be used if there’s something to shoot. The weather is on the plus side. That’s what I hoped for. Rain and wind and I think I get them. Let’s see if that was a good wish. But if I can fish something, that’s the main thing. I got something to do. But nothing else here. Let’s go to work. Back in the Tent. The fishing trip is over. When I woke up in the morning. I was hoping it would have been so warm and rainy that those ice had gone. Even from some part of the lake. I was hoping to be able to fish at some point on the lake. Then when I went to see it, the ice had disappeared . And I was able to go fishing. I went for a walk along the shores of the lake. It looked really weak. It was really shallow. No contact with fish. I saw a pike there It was lazily following the lure a meter away. I tried to catch the pike for a while but it didn’t want to bite the lure. When even the pike does not catch the lure then the fish do not eat well. I wondered what this was about. But then when I got to the other side of the lake, it was deeper there. It was also possible to fish with a fly. The beach looked like it was possible to catch fish with a fly and I also got one fish with a fly. Then I got another one with a spoon. About 45 cm fish. I picked it up for the evening . If the weather is good I will bake it by the fire. What else. Then I also got one bigger fish. With a dark red lure with a silver leaf. I threw it in the middle of the lake or as far as I could. From there I caught a slightly bigger grayling. It was a nice fight. I also got a bit better fish size for this video. I didn’t get a lot of fish but I got something. So much so that. How would you say that? The magic of Lapland did not fail. Usually these trips will always give you something. Also this time. This is about 45 cm fish. This is too much for one person. Over 50 cm fish is just too big for one person. This has to be eaten in two parts. In the evening, I eat one half and the other half in the morning. Then I wonder if I will stay here for a day or not. Basically this place has already been seen. If I wanted so I could try to get an even bigger fish but it doesn’t matter so much to me. Or then. When there is also a pike here you could try to get a pike This is such a remote place that there might be some big pikes here. But now I’m going to make fast food. And then look at what you can do for that fish. There is grayling rye bread. I put also some butter in the grayling. Now this trip is starting to be over. It became a kind of day on the grayling lake video. I’m gradually getting ready. I did not get everything stuffed into that backpack. This has to be carried in the hands. There’s such a big sleeping bag when it’s so cold. I tried to take it safe. It rained all night Fortunately, it’s not raining now, so I can make a speech. So I thought I’d walk to the car and then this trip was over. A little from yesterday. I went fishing again. I made a short 15 minute trip Same place where I got that big grayling. I thought if I could get another one. Then I got a good sized fish with a fly. This seems like a pretty good place. I haven’t caught a lot of fish but enough to not get depressed. It wasn’t a pointless trip. But how did this go then? This whole trip. What you learned from this At least I learned that stove are the best invention in the world after toilet paper. It brings nice warmth to cold evenings. Then it was nice to walk there too. Unfortunately, I didn’t shoot when I walked It was raining big snowflakes. It was was somehow epic. Totally calm and then flakes flushed from the sky. But I was in a hurry to get here to grayling Lake because I was afraid this one would be frozen. so I didn’t shoot anything but it was sweet. What else. In the end, it was a good luck. At first, I thought it was bad luck to come here too late. It was kind of good that I was late for the day. Then the lake would have been frozen but now it opened and was able to fish. Now it’s fully open. Now there is no ice anymore. Yesterday there was still some ice there. If I was a tough fisherman I would stay here for a few more days. But I don’t know what else to say about this trip This was such an autumn trip. Little about this place. I walked past this lake a couple of years ago. I took a break on the other side of the lake and fished there for about 15 minutes. then I got one 50cm fish and another smaller one. That’s when I thought I’d have to come over again sometimes. And that’s why I came here. Now this has been experienced so I may never need to come here again. This is a little awkward place when there’s nothing nice nearby. But that’s the story. Let’s stop this trip. Thanks for watching. It rained so much that I shot a little less than normal. Then this coldness made you feel frozen all the time. Fingers were frozen all the time. They still are. These neoprene gloves are not the warmest in the world. But this was such a trip. From here we will continue. I’m going to the car now. Then I’ll see what I do. I still have a few days left. Thank you for watching. I put my backpack on and go away. Thank you.

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  1. Kiva nähdä videoita myös näin 'offseasonilta'. Kyllä siellä näköjään hartsonia on vaikka kelit jähtyy. Kiitos taas laatusetistä. 👍

  2. Hieno reissu keleistä huolimatta,karun kaunista.Näitä jaksaa katsella kun ei itse tuonne pääse,työt haittaa harrastuksia.
    Jotain kaunista jäi puuttumaan…

  3. Taattua laatua jälleen. Kiireetöntä menoa ja hyvää kerrontaa. Ei tuolle viitseliäisyydelle voi kuin karvahattua nostaa.
    Nykyään useat erä- ja kalastusaiheset kanavat tuntuu olevan enimmäkseen tulien sytyttämistä ja ruoan tekoa, muutamia poikkeuksia lukuunottamatta. Kai ne on sitten kaupunkihippejä varten?

    Toivottavasti englanninkielinen tekstitys tuo lisää yleisöä.
    Kumma kyllä, tämä sinun kanava on jäänyt suurelta yleisöltä vielä huomaamatta.

  4. Kyllä tämä niin rauhoittaa kaupungissa asuvaa että ei voi kuin huaveilla ensi reissusta. Kuumetta nostattaa reissuun vaikka räntäsae vihmoo niskaa ja aurinko hujahtaa horisontin taa ettei ilman lamppua näe ees kouriaan. Video oli loistava leikkauksineneen ja speekkeineen. Kun sulla noita telttoja on usseimpi nin pistäpä pihalle vierekkäin jotta nähään mikä ois sopiva kullekin eräkävijälle. Ei tulis niin paljo ostettua viäriä vermeitä. Kiitos.

  5. Täällä kertaa käytit mun lempiteltta. Mulla on sama malli ja sama koko. Ei liaan kevyt mutta tilavaa. Käytänkin se ilman sisäteltta ja jään ovi aina auki, kun mahdollista. Kiitos kauneista videoista!

  6. Olipa taas mukava katsoa kalastelu erästely videota. Se on tähän aikaan vuodesta kivat asiat aika vähissä. Ensikesää tässä odotellaan ja perhoja sidotaan jotta on taas mitä tuhlata.

  7. Kiitos Janille taas hienosta videosta. Paljon annan arvostusta tuolle kaminan raahaukselle ja ajankohdalle reissussa. Todella mielenkiintoista on nähdä, kuinka harjus vielä syksylläkin rannassa viihtyy.

    Todella vähän löytyy YouTubesta syksyistä tunturikalastusta, oli se sitten avovedestä tai jään päältä. Tämä ajankohta itseä kiinnostaa, koska joskus saattaa elämässä tulla tilaisuus lähteä käymään syksyllä Lapissa. Onko aikaisempaa kokemusta noin myöhäiseltä syksyltä ja jos on, niin mahtaako syyskutuiset taimen ja rautu ottaa vieheeseen syksyllä?

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