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Valley Food Storage Pasta Primavera – Dynasty Preppers

Valley Food Storage Pasta Primavera – Dynasty Preppers

Hey, thanks for watching! Today we are going to continue our taste test
series with some products from Valley Food Storage, and that’s whats coming up next. Hey guys, today we are taking a look at the
Pasta Primavera from Valley Food Storage. The pouch itself holds five servings and today
we are going to make two of those to feed our kids. So let’s take a look at the instructions here
really quick. The instructions say to bring 3/4 cups of
water to a boil, mix in Pasta Primavera and gently boil for five minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for two to
three minutes before serving. So since we are doubling it we are going to
bring a cup and a half of water to boil. And then we will go ahead and mix in the Pasta
Primavera so. Let’s go ahead and transition over to the
stove and get that started. Alright guys, so lets go ahead and bring it
to a boil here. Now that it’s boiling we are going to add
the cup of Pasta. Stir it up. Alright so we are going to stir it up and
then gently boil for another five minutes here. So go ahead and set a timer. So our Pasta Primavera is done so lets give
it a quick stir Aubrey and then we will cover and let it sit. Alright, so just take it off the heat here. Ok so were done, we are just going to let
this stand for three minutes and then we will go ahead and try it out. So our Pasta Primavera is done so lets go
ahead and stir it up a little bit more and pass it out to the kids. And this is part of the package, so what you
see here is actually only about two of the five servings. It actually turned out to be a decent size,
pretty big size of pasta there so if you made all five servings you would definitely could
feed our family with it. Alright can you guys pass your bowls down
and we will dip some up. Alright. So its going to be hot guys so be careful. Thank you. Ooo this is good! Alright Jordyn what do you think? Its really good, we have it has like this
really good sauce in it and I really like it. OK Jace, what do you think? It tastes great and it has a great flavor
and the sauce makes it do great. Did we get the noodles done? Oh yeah, they are very soft. Yeah, and they are not overcooked. Aubrey, what do you think? I actually really like it, just because I
like cheesy tastes. Uhm, its really good. It has like little it reminds me of like this
cheddar cheese. It’s kinda cheesy isn’t it? Yeah it has like a little bit of cheese, a
little bit of sauce. What did you think about it? I really like it. This is one of the foods I would eat. You would eat it? Uh, I would eat it too if I got lost in the
forest. Haha, you can’t cook it in the forest. Well it tastes like Pasta Primavera. So let’s go through the ingredients here really
quick. Ingredients Instant Noodles, Corn Starch,
Coconut Cream, Non-Fat Milk, Parmesan, Dextrose, Onions, Cream, Garlic, Freeze Dried Broccoli
Florets, Freeze Dried Cauliflower, Freeze Dried Green Beans, Spices and Natural Flavors. Now this does contain Milk and Wheat. I do believe that they actually have some
gluten free options as well, and that is actually one of the reasons I was interested in Valley
Food Storage so hopefully we will get to try some of those. Lets do the nutrition facts really quick. So a serving size is a half a cup, so what
we have here is two servings. You have 3.5g Total Fat, 1g Saturated Fat,
0g Trans Fat, 25mg Cholesterol, 720mg Sodium, 30g Carbohydrates, 2g Fiber, 5g Sugar, 7g
Protein. And for your vitamins you have 8% Vitamin
A, 8% Calcium, 30% Vitamin C and 8% Iron. So overall nutrition doesn’t seem too bad,
as always you are going to have a little bit higher sodium on these meals, but what do
you guys think overall about the taste and stuff. Great, I love it! Thumbs up! Great! All fingers up if you loved it! Oh yeah? Alright guys, well while the kids finish up
the rest of it, looks like they pretty much finished up the pan there. It definitely got a thumbs up from us. We really liked it, thank you to Valley Food
Storage for sending it to us so we could test this out today. If you want to check them out they are at And they’ve got lots of different options
and things there. If you liked the video today go ahead and
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up and we really appreciate you watching! So don’t forget to ask yourself, what have
YOU done to secure your dynasty today? Thanks. We have you picking your nose on camera now.

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