Vespa ducalis larva eat 말벌 애벌레 먹기 bushcraft korea survival 부시크래프트

Interferer: How long hanging hook to make port? Me: Hey, you are shooting, do not interfere You: The disturbance (interferer: I want to slap anticardium) Today has been a good one. The Vespa ducalis nest. It is the second largest species of Vespidae There are various kinds korea. South Korea is the largest bee Vespa mandarina. The house is done on the ground Vespa mandarina. So it is difficult to catch . I did a little house on a bush or tree wasp longevity. Easy to harvest. Hold the count, only to have the courage aggression. In Korea, the bees into the drink. Good for liver larvae. Eaten directly. I’ll eat Three Let’s eat. The flavor of the bean larva. I feel eating raw beans. The texture and taste to eat without hesitation. It was good for health Vespa ducalis.

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