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Vigor Tips – Vigor Guide To Looting (Beginners Guide) – Xbox

Vigor Tips – Vigor Guide To Looting (Beginners Guide) – Xbox

hi and welcome to my beginners guide for
looting and vigor now before we start they’re vigor have been nice enough to
put my logo on an in-game bag which you can out for free if you follow a link in
the description very cool little thing to have all the creators & partners have
them so make sure you check out other people which train claim as many as you
can notice tres this is more for the beginner or newer player looting and
Vega is very very important as how you are able to craft guns upgrade your base
and actually January crowns and materials by upgrading certain parts of
base as well which I went to a different part in a different video but will be
mainly look at looting just explain how to go about it especially if you’re
starting out when you start and figure out you will find at your very little
resources and very poor guns to start with but don’t be afraid because
everyone is in exactly the same boat as you know it’s very enticing to go for
the airdrop but I’m going to show you a little bit of a routine which I commonly
do when I’m raw materials which is all the time because I always get killed
whichever map you spawn on Vega the airdrop is always marked with a green
circle I have got a map video explaining the whole map check that out the link is
below now straight away you will think this is a place to go to but if you’ll
law unlit it’s definitely not the case for me I always try and find the route
that’s gonna take me to the most buildings are we from the airdrop itself
why because a lot of people watch that push towards us thinking they can get
the mean create just be advised the airdrop can change location if someone
gets to the radio tower so always check your mom now the reality and that’s map
is down to the south but I’d have to look out for the radiation because it’s
coming up from the southwest again planning your route make sure you have
an exit strategy and place you also have to refrain from taking on any enemies
close to that area because if they’re smart they will try and count the
extract waiting for you to leave this is a foolproof solution to try and get low
either all the time when looting you want to try and make
sure you’re in and out as quick as possible and get the resources that you
need in terms of what you find and where to find it if you have fields you’re
going to find fertilizer if you went to houses you’ll find glass if you were to
little military posts you’ll find crates with actual guns now these are a lot
less risk-averse than going for the ill drop or the safe etc because everyone
else is really going to be focused on getting out unless they’re doing the
same technique is you keep off of roads as well if you can because a lot of
people use these as a point of interest when using the map so guys asthma quick
tips on how to alert for beginners you

10 thoughts on “Vigor Tips – Vigor Guide To Looting (Beginners Guide) – Xbox”

  1. How do you drop off or dump your loot at your base? I just did my first excursion and somehow killed 2 players and returned with a ton of loot. What do I do now?

  2. Let me describe my first game of vigor :be me unconfident so I join a random duo takes a shotgun and all my shotgun ammo after ages of loading I get in turn to my teammate and dead

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