Visiting The Nether In Minecraft 1.0 | Part 2 (Back To Basics)

– [Tanner] So what do
you do once you have your first set of diamond tools? Well, while I was gone
Jared built a Nether portal and we decided, that hey, the next move is going to the Nether. So I started placing some gravel
in order to mine some flint and as I started destroying some of it one of the pieces got glitchy
and I had my very own pet. It was my pet glitched gravel block and I named her Susan and
she was my best friend for a long period of time. But I killed all of Susan’s sisters and used them for their beautiful flint that I could use to make arrows. Because what’s the Nether without arrows? So how did the Nether go? Did Susan ever die, like
her fellow siblings? And what’s gonna happen
in the next episode? Find out, well, in the next episode. You’re telling me that when I
mine diamonds, I don’t get XP. I don’t get XP from breeding. I don’t get XP from mining
any ores or smelting them? How in the world do I get XP? Oh, only by killing mobs. Yeah, it’s a struggle to get XP in version 1.0 of Minecraft. It’s like you just grind and grind and next thing you know, after two hours, you’re at level three. I’ll be at level 30 in no time. I have a way around this. I’m just gonna go to the Nether, like I said in the last episode, mine some Nether quartz, and next thing you know
I’ll actually be level 30. All right, where is this Nether quartz at? Okay okay, it must be a little bit more rare in this version,
but I know I’m gonna find some and I’m gonna be a high level in no time. You’re telling me there’s no
Nether quartz in this version? God, welcome back to the
Minecraft 1.0 experience, the series where some friends and I go all the way back to 2011
and Minecraft version 1.0, and tried to play the game
until we beat the Ender Dragon. No fancy mechanics, no
biomes, no shipwrecks, none of this crazy nonsense. Just good old-fashioned
mining and crafting. So let’s hop into this video. Yeah so, at the end of the last episode I mentioned, “Hey it’s
time to go into the Nether. “Wow, how exciting! “I bet we’re gonna find
a lot of Nether quartz “and get our XP up pretty high.” Yeah, no, there’s not even
Nether quartz in this version, you know how disappointed I was? But whatever man, we’re
already in the Nether, we might as well explore
and go find Nether fortress. So we walked and walked for a long time and eventually found one. Nolan got lost during the process, but we did find one, so
that’s all that matters. So Jared and I started fighting some Blaze and for some reason, even
though it was on hard mode, the Blaze seemed a lot easier
than they should have been. I don’t know if I was bad
at the game back in the day, which I probably was to be honest, but I don’t remember
blaze being this easy. Even in modern Minecraft, I feel like they’re harder than this. Regardless we did fight through quite, a few we got a decent amount of Blaze rods and we’re back on our way
to return to the surface. “Hey man, my name is Nolan, “what do you thinks gonna happen “if I hit this Zombie Pigman?” Smart move Nolan, smart move. Now they’re gonna assemble an army and when we come back, guess
who’s on their hit list? Not me because I didn’t hit
him, that’s all you buddy. So we returned back to the surface and as I got back to my house, I noticed that it seemed
a little eerie and quiet and I didn’t know why. Wait a minute, where is Susan? What happened to Susan, my
best friend of 12 minutes? Where’d she go? And just like that she was gone forever. You know, Susan and I had a
really great life together and I just wish it would
have lasted a little longer. How long is it between
11:44 and 12:32 p.m.? – [Siri] It’s 23 hours until then. – [Tanner] What is the
time difference between 11:44 p.m. and 12:32 p.m.? – [Siri] It’s one 1:16 p.m.. – [Tanner] Yeah, thanks Siri,
I realize what time it is. How many minutes is it
between 11:44 and 12:32? – [Siri] It’s 1,395 minutes until then. (object clatters) – [Tanner] Susan and I had
some great time together. I don’t know how many minutes it is because Siri won’t tell me but,
you know, I really miss her. It was a solid relationship and maybe one day I’ll find
someone as great as Susan. I held her a funeral that
nobody showed up to besides me and then I went back on my daily life because I knew she was in a better place. So I built a brewing
stand and went on my way mining some trees and
stocking up on some wood, like I needed to. Also I forgot to mention I built a farm in the previous episode. So that was getting started, but it didn’t seem to
be growing very well. And now it is time to
go back into the mines and get some more materials. Because the grind doesn’t stop baby! Those are probably the weakest claps I’ve ever heard in my life and it really took away from the effect. I went into the mineshaft
killed some cave spiders and some skeletons and explored
for a little bit longer to try to find something cool. And guess what that something cool was? Oh yeah, diamonds baby,
that’s what I like to see. And at this point I
actually had more diamonds than everybody else in the world because like I said,
the grind does not stop. But I’m not exaggerating
when I say that I mined and explored for a long period of time. Like I don’t mean 10 minutes, I’m pretty sure it was
upwards of like an hour. It paid off though because at
the end I was pretty geared and I had a lot of materials. I did also find some more
diamonds along the way which was a great thing
to add to my collection and I was looking pretty good. I had 11 diamonds in my inventory, so you know what we had to do. 2011 Minecraft is not Minecraft without a secret chess
because you have friends, but can you really trust
them with your diamonds? No, no you can’t. In fact you can’t trust
them with anything, but I’ll get to that later. So I hit a chest in a very
secret secure location that nobody’s ever gonna find. In fact I’m gonna be a secure guy and I’m gonna blur my
screen where nobody sees it. Nobody’s gonna have any
idea where this chest is, so Nolan you better not get any ideas bro. But now I realize that I
was a little bit low on food so I needed a better food source that was a little bit more long-term. So I had the idea to expand my farm. I mined some dirt, got some seeds and eventually got a pretty
solid little farm going. It was nothing crazy, but it worked. The good thing was this
was back in the days before Bone Meal took
like 70 tries to work. It was just boom, click and
you have a fully grown crop. But I really didn’t have enough Bone Meal so I needed to make a mob spawner over by Nolan’s old Skeleton spawner. Remember before I said it
would come in handy later and I wasn’t lying. We did have one little problem though, I had absolutely no idea
how to make a mob spawner. But don’t worry, I know
what I’m doing bro, I’m an expert at Minecraft. I can do this without
anybody’s help, whatsoever. All right so step number
one is to clear it out into a perfect square and find a way to trap
the mobs in one location. Easy-peasy, let’s throw
down some water buckets. So all I really have to do here is to mine out a little
hole where I can sit and then they’ll come over
to me and I’ll kill them and get a ton of bones
and a ton of experience. Ow, yo can you come over here. Ow. All right, we needed a new plan. Come on RoboKast, everybody
knows all you have to do is take some water buckets
and push them toward you. So I went to the surface,
grabbed some water buckets and set it up to be a perfect mob spawner. How does this work again? Okay okay, here we go, we got this. I think it’s gonna work now. Look at that, they’re coming right to me. This is perfect. All right, maybe not, maybe we need a third round of revisions. So eventually I got it to work where it had multiple levels of water. So the water pushed
them all one direction, when it stopped they fell
down to the next layer, which pushed them into a little tube, which at the bottom I could hit them from. Sounds pretty simple, right? Should should work pretty well. Yeah, turns out it works so good that I actually didn’t
even have to hit them. For some reason they were just so salty that they fell down this hole that they started fighting each other and they just killed each other for me. Yeah, I know, I wasn’t
getting any XP from this but it would give me enough
Bone Meal to get my farm started and then I could come back
later and fix the farm. Now that is what I call
a solid wheat farm. The magic of one click Bone Meal, if only it was still a thing. And for some reason I had
a big addiction to mining, so I went back down into
the mines and guess what, I found even more diamonds. Kept mining, got some more materials. But towards the end of my trip something was getting a
little bit suspicious. Nolan kept laughing and
so did some other people. So I didn’t know what was going on, they wouldn’t tell me
anything but I was worried. Did they find my secret chests? Were they the ones who kidnapped Susan? Or were they doing something
completely unforgivable that I would get revenge for? I was gonna say find
out in the next episode, but you know what, I’ll
tell you right now. I got back to the surface
to realize that my house had been completely filled with sand. From top to bottom, it
was entirely full of sand. You know, I knew Nolan was up to no good. This was completely unacceptable
and I wasn’t gonna deal with this bullying, okay? I spent a large amount
of time on this house and I think they’re just jealous that they didn’t even have a house. They were just jealous
that I was upper-class and they were peasants. You know, this is unacceptable
and we have to get revenge. Bro are you kidding me? Get out of here Nolan. The chase was on, it was
time to avenge my house and get what I truly came for. Are you guys kidding me? Was this a good time to
build walls around everything where it made it even
harder for me to get him? Don’t worry I’m a parkour expert, Nolan you are completely dead bro. You have no shot. You know, he actually
ended up having a shot because he got away. But Nolan, Nolan, Nolan, you
made a mistake my friend. He left his house
completely open so I figured I was gonna hide inside
and whenever he came back I was gonna ambush him. I had four Obsidian on
me and I was just like, you know what, Nolan screw you. So I started placing it around his house. And then I had an idea. He said he was working on the mob spawner, so he wouldn’t be back anytime soon. Which means, about 30 minutes, an almost completely
broken diamond pickaxe and 46 Obsidian later, my plan was about to go into action. You fill up my house with sand, I’ll fill up your house with Obsidian. So I placed all the Obsidian and the place started looking really nice. So I went back and got more Obsidian and then I placed that
in his house as well. I made a little hint and said, “hey Nolan, you should
come check out your house. It looks really nice.” And he’s like, “Oh what, did
you put sand in my house?” So I waited for him
eventually he showed up and I would say that his
reaction was pretty solid. I think he liked the place. So I hopped off, just to let the tensions cool down a little bit. Hop back on in five
minutes, ran five steps, logged off, hop back on, ran
away again, logged off again, logged back on and eventually
I got away Scott’s free. You know honestly I don’t know
if Scott’s free is a word, but what I meant to say ii I got away without him being able to kill me. So it was a pretty solid experience. Now it’s time to go back to my house and get a good night’s sleep knowing that nobody’s gonna mess with me ever again. Are you kidding me bro! (upbeat music)

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