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Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is claimed
to be the worst game based on the ultra-popular franchise, but in this video game court, it’s
Innocent Until Proven Guilty! Court is now in session for a zombified episode
of Innocent Until Proven Guilty! We’re knee-deep in October and Halloween
is just around the corner, but more importantly…The Walking Dead has finally returned! I’m a huge fan of the comic & show and I’ve
been anxiously awaiting this date for what feels like an eternity. I knew that I had to do something special
to celebrate this grand occasion, and luckily for me there just so happens to be a critically
bashed seventh gen title influenced by Robert Kirkman’s creation. Without further ado, it’s time to bring the
Walking Dead: Survival Instinct to trial! Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was released
on March 19th, 2013 for the PC, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The joint Activision & Terminal Reality production
functions as a prequel to the AMC series and stars Daryl Dixon. Everybody’s favorite crossbow wielding,
motorcycle riding badass is caught in a cabin surrounded by roamers after the death of his
father and he has to escape, accompanied with his uncle Jess, to rendezvous with his brother
Merle. Survival Instinct literally places the player
into the younger Dixon’s shoes as he searches for fuel and becomes equipped with the required
tools of the trade. From flares & baseball bats to MREs and shotguns,
a wide variety of assets are available for eliminating the undead menace and restoring
health, all of which can be collected via the Square button. Daryl can hold up to 10 items & weapons in
his inventory, though they can be swapped out on the fly by holding Square over the
replacement, and they can be accessed through the D-pad & triangle button, respectively. In true survival horror fashion, these essential
supplies are extremely limited, putting a heavy emphasis on conservation and reliance
on melee implements such as the knife. The knife may not be the strongest or most
efficient method of dealing with the reanimated corpses, but it allows the protagonist to
silently sneak behind and stab them by holding R2. R2 is responsible for activating Daryl’s
possessions and R1 shoves away the rampaging carcasses, while L2 aims. The close range attack of the knife puts Dixon
in harm’s way and the skin eaters will grab onto him and start sinking their teeth in. When this happens, a little aiming reticule
will appear and we have to hold R2 when it’s red to plunge the dagger into their skulls. Lining up the knife can be quite tough, and
getting freed from one rotter usually leads us into the infected clutches of another,
so it’s sometimes best to make a run for it and hopefully reach a checkpoint, because
the alternative is becoming the next meal at the biter buffet. Upon reaching the checkpoints, cutscenes will
occasionally pop up to fill in the plot. The cutscenes are where the Walking Dead vibe
shines through as we get to see a digital version of Daryl, voiced by Norman Reedus
himself, leading the charge and interacting with the survivors encountered along the way. Reedus gives a great performance and the scenes
that he shares with Michael Rooker as Merle are a true highlight, but the voiceover is just the cherry on top of the fantastic sound design. The audio team went for an authentic approach
by using the score sparingly to enhance the suspense, leaving nothing but the moans of
the zombies and nature tones to maximize the unsettling ambience. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t unnerved
by the creepy atmosphere, especially when I got an unexpected surprise. The visuals, on the other hand, are fairly
dull and mediocre for the console generation, but they do a decent job of capturing the
gruesome imagery of the series, so I’m not complaining. Story and gameplay have always been more important
to me anyway, and Survival Instinct definitely delivers in these departments. The Dixon brothers’ attempt to gain sanctuary
in Atlanta is quite different from the traditional genre titles in that their travels take them
across branching paths. After completing one leg of the journey, we’ll
be brought to a map screen where we can choose our next location and how we’ll get there. There are three options, Back Roads, Streets
and Highways, and the choice that we make will determine how quickly we reach our destination. Driving down the highways, for example, increases
the chance of a breakdown occurring, whereas opting for the Back Roads will raise the risk
of emptying the gas tank, resulting in mandatory detours to gather the necessary pieces. As for the levels themselves, the objectives
are marked on the pause screen and the arrow on the compass indicates where to go in a
straightforward manner. However, a zombie herd can appear at a moment’s
notice to create a sticky situation for our hero. I’ve found that running away and avoiding
the biters typically works well, but there are some circumstances where you’re left
with no choice but to unload with the pistol, rifle, or our hero’s signature crossbow
bolts. Despite putting forth our best efforts, we’re
inevitably going to die over and over again due to the rabid fervor of the roamers, but
fortunately there are unlimited chances, so all it takes is patience and determination
as long as the supplies are managed properly. No matter which route is taken, Daryl & his
group will travel to Sherwood where they fail to make the evacuating helicopter before continuing
onward to the conclusion at Firesign Stadium and into spoiler territory. Firesign Stadium mucks up the status quo right
off the bat by having the flesh-eaters interrupting the pre-mission briefing, indicating that
the supposed safe zone isn’t as safe as we’d thought. The undead masses spread out as far as the
eye can see, so the best course of action is to sprint away from them in the direction
that the arrow is pointing. We’ll eventually arrive at a helipad and
our final remaining task is to defend it from the walkers. This is much easier said than done, but I
managed to hold on until Merle arrived in a fortified military vehicle. The Dixon boys are reunited and take out the
swarms of decaying carcasses with a powerful turret loaded with unlimited ammo. Upon clearing the copter for take-off, Merle
declines the ride as he noticed the pilot had been bitten, and the brothers ride off
into the sunset to meet up with Glenn, Carol and the rest of the Atlanta crew. Walking Dead: Survival Instinct combines FPS
and horror elements into a unique licensed tie-in that seems like it would please fans
of the franchise, yet its reception was largely met with negativity. Is it really as bad as the critics claim or
is the hate unjustified? Let’s find out…in the breakdown! The Walking Dead is one of the most popular
shows of all time and Survival Instinct should have been a massive hit. Everyone loves Norman Reedus and first person
shooters, yet the target demographic wrote this off as a colossal disaster. Terminal Reality had the formula for instant
success, so what went wrong? One of the biggest disappointments for me
is the overall absence of the famous cast. I understand that this is a prequel & I appreciated
seeing more of Merle, but a little variety would have been nice, especially if it involved
assuming the role of Rick Grimes. Setting that personal nitpick aside and viewing
this from a technical standpoint reveals flaws in the presentation, such as substandard graphics,
minor bugs, and an overall lack of polish. The simulation aspect that adds a dose of
realism to the mechanics became tedious and ultimately contributed to the perception of
this being a licensed tie-in that’s as lifeless as the rotting corpses from the source material. Survival Instinct may not be worthy of the
respect & recognition awarded to Resident Evil, but it’s still a top notch zombie
slaying experience. I’m normally not much of an FPS guy, but
that genre perfectly suits the tense action and post-apocalyptic vibe that’s pervasive
throughout. The visual aesthetic may be primitive in comparison
to its peers, but the sound department picks up the slack and deserves a round of applause
for their excellent work. As someone who sank countless hours into Dead
Rising, I was taken aback by the shift in perspective and I got the crap scared out
of me repeatedly after being immersed into this nightmarish world. The previously mentioned simulation angle
in conjunction with the first person view makes for a great concept that was executed
excellently into a damn good game. In the case of Walking Dead: Survival Instinct,
I rule that the verdict is…Innocent! It may come as no surprise considering how
much I gushed during the breakdown, but I genuinely believe that this Activision & Terminal
Reality collaboration is very good. Is it the worst tie-in based on the franchise? Possibly…I haven’t played the Telltale
title, but I’ve heard that’s amazing, so I’d say it’s a safe bet to slap that
shameful label on Survival Instinct. Regardless of the validity of that claim,
I’ll still praise this as a kick-ass horror FPS that’s definitely worth seeking out
to enhance the Halloween spirit. Anyway, now that I’ve wrapped up this spooktacular
celebration, there’s another IUPG case on the docket that I have to prepare for. Be sure to come back for that, but until then,
court is now adjourned!

100 thoughts on “Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!”

  1. It's a good game, not perfect by any means, a bit repetitive BUT, keep in mind as an added bonus you can now buy it used for less than $10. Incredible price for a decent game.

  2. It'd be interesting if you tried the land of the dead game for xbox after playing this. I was heavily reminded of that game when i played survival instict. didnt find either that great, but the crappy multiplayer was a guilty pleasure of mine in road to fiddlers green

  3. Holy shit, are those 8-bit rendition of Slayer songs? I recognized Seasons and… was that Piano Wire afterwards?

  4. So, two things:
    1. Very appropriate time to review this. 😉
    2. It caught my attention that you said in this review that you've sunk hours into Dead Rising, so would you consider doing those games for a future video?

  5. Jeez, Matt, is it beard season again already?!

    Also it's good to know that awful licensed games are here to stay! A truly reliable staple of video gaming throughout its entire history.

  6. I predicted innocent since you seem to be enjoying it while describing the game. I think Bethesda might be a good developer to make a Walking Dead game. I had a lot of Walking Dead vibe while playing Fallout 4. As far as the Telltale version, at least for me, it doesn't give me a Walking Dead vibe. They are really good though.

  7. You did a good job with the video but I just can't stand Zombie games so I can't really expand on that like a I usually do.

  8. I really like my Wii U version, I feel the second screen giving it a dedicated map makes the game more unique than the PS3/360 version. Also call me crazy but I prefer this game to the Telltale series as I like more hands on experiences with my Videogames.

  9. lol @ :16 seconds wtf was that!! then you did at the end! dude that must get you massive amounts of poon!
    dug that slayer chip tune and metallica… maybe i play to much old school cuz when ever i see a semi modern game i always think they look great graphically. i can see why this game could look dull but not really.. again id have to play this to really get a feel for it maybe that running out of gas shit is annoying but it looks pretty good! good points about the game though all around. had no idea about this onejust the telltale games which i also here are great but those play more like pick your own adventure games and episodic DLC format bugs me.

  10. Never played this but may give it a shot after this, wrote it off before as "just another shit licensed game"

    Great vid!

  11. It scares me how convincing an argument you can make to have me think about going back and playing total turds again with a fresh perspective. Granted I do this naturally, but it takes me years at times.

    You're scary, man.

  12. You owe it to yourself to play the TellTale Walking Dead Games. I've played and beaten all 3 of them. (Season 1, 2, and the Michonne Mini Series) As for Survival Instinct, Personally, I'd take Left 4 Dead 2 over Survival Instinct any day of the week.

  13. Great video man, I couldn't agree more. Got the game on a whim expecting garbage from what I heard, but it was a blast. Would've been nice with more of the cast like you said, but still really enjoyable.

  14. I don't disagree. It's not a bad game. In fact, my biggest criticism is that it isn't spectacular. It's the upper end of middle of the road. I'd never crave playing it, but it certainly wasn't a bad game. If it became an Xbox live download or something like that, I'd be happy with it

  15. No offense, but I was kinda hoping such a game would receive the verdict of 'Guilty', since I've never been a fan of "The Walking Dead" as well as most FPS games in today's gaming market. 😛

  16. While I'm not a huge Walking Dead fan, I was actually surprised to hear that this was done by Terminal Reality. After all they did a great job with the Xbox 360/PS3 version of Ghostbusters.

  17. Totally agree. I thought this game was fantastic and I have no idea how people shunned this as much as they did. The gameplay and atmosphere were top notch, an absolute MUST OWN if you're a fan of zombies and survival horror.

  18. Another game that's not amazing but not as bad as the critics say…sounds familiar, LOL. I'm starting to just write off 'mainstream' game critics altogether, which would include bothering to check Gamerankings or Metacritic. You always give an interesting spin on things, CygnusDestroyer. Good work!

  19. never played this did not know about this game i did play the other walking dead games il give this a try thanks for the review.

  20. I may have to try this one out. I really liked the episodic Telltale games. Like you, I'm a HUGE fan of the comic book. Did you watch the season 7 season premiere yet? What do you think of Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan? Also, where do you get those 8-bit renditions of Metal songs? That Dead Skin Mask one was really cool.

  21. I can't really agree with the veredict here, especially when the context of this game is considered!

    With successful explorative FPSs games like Borderlands 2, Dishonored and Dead Island already released for the platform by the time this game hit the shelves, the weight the TWD brand carries (especially by 2013 when the Telltale game had already a masterpiece status assigned to it) and the inhability it had to capitalize on a genre that Dying Light proved still very popular 2 years after, this game is guilty of being nothing more than a mediocre attemp to get fans money.

  22. Doesn't seem terrible but nothing special. At $60+ I couldn't justify buying it new, I'm sure it's since come down in price but even $20-30 would be too much. Good video though! Happy Halloween and see ya in November!

  23. The reason why this game feels unpolished, rushed and unfinished is because, well, it WAS rushed and released before it was properly finished. Here's the story about this game that a lot of people don't know.

    Back in mid 2012, Activision teased the game by saying they were developing a FPS about The Walking Dead, around this time, the game wasn't even named and all we knew about it was that it was going to be a prequel to the TV Show and it was going to star Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, also that it was going to be released by the end or second half of 2013.

    At this point in time, fans were ok with the idea of waiting 1 entire year before playing the game, nobody was asking for the game to be released earlier. After a few months passed, Activision announced that their new TWD game was going to be called Survival Instinct and that it was going to be released in early 2013.

    That announcement came out of nowhere and fans were confused as, again, nobody fucking asked for the game to be released earlier.

    So, what happened? why was this game rushed like that? The answer lies in the date this game and the date the episode "This Sorrowful Life" of The Walking Dead were released; March 21th and 24th respectively. The guys at Activision knew Merle (one of the main characters in their new game) was going to die in said episode so they decided rush the entire development of this game, esscentialy cutting in half the time they had planned to properly develop it just so they could make a profit and cash in from the shocked fans of Daryl and Merle as soon as the semi-final episode of the Third Season was released.

    So yeah, the reason why this game is bad is because it was never really finished, what you see is pretty much an early beta (or perhaps even an alpha) of the game.

    That being said, I have a soft spot for this game, even though I think it's a bad game, I still liked it. One thing that I really liked about it was the levels' design, it was so much fun to explore them all while avoiding zombies and scavenging for supplies and weapons.

  24. Your videos are every bit as awesome as ABGN videos, and I get soexcieted whenever I see yout video pop up! And amazing you have been doing thi 2 week schedule for years now it seems! Awesome! And the IUPG court videos are so original and creative, Bravo! As for this video, i was not interested, but now if I can find it on the cheap I will be pickung up for my WiiU for sure!

  25. Hi! I am a new subscriber, but I have to say that I love the edits and the videos. I dont know your name…
    I just want to say that I will continue to follow your videos, because they are well done and I pretty much love your voice. You should try to do some voice work. Your exaggerated voice is so friggin memorable.

  26. Great episode Matt! Love the show and comics, but never picked up this game. Did you like the season 7 premier? I'm a sociopath, so of course I LOVE Negan..

  27. I picked this game up for 5 bucks and it was well worth it lol.
    Seriously though, I agree with the verdict, it wasn't great. But it wasn't un playable.
    Watching this video, makes me want to go through it again just for the hell of it.

  28. It does look like a budget title, I think a lot of the hate this game got was for charging $50 for it and expecting it sell due to TWD's popularity when it probably should have been closer to $30 even at release.

  29. Actually James did mention you before, it's actually because of him I checked out your channel, not sure which video he said it in though.

  30. How strange, this game I read was turd on multiple sites is now something I want to find, buy and play. Not the first time your videos have done this either. You have a special gift of finding the good in games. Thanks for another great episode Matt.

  31. Great video as always man.  It was interesting to see a game that was panned by everyone get a little positive feedback for it.  I've not played it yet but I may pick it up in the near future.

  32. Great review. If you get a chance I suggest watching "Walking Zombieland". One of the best zombie based comedy movies that pokes fun at two of the biggest zombie franchises in recent years. I think if I see this game for cheap I will play it cause I like FPS style for games like this.

  33. I disagree with you there Matt. This Walking Dead game sucks! It's guilty as sin! If you want to play a true good Walking Dead game, play the Teletale one. That game IS amazing! You owe it to yourself to play that game. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  34. The Tell tale games are awesome I have them both on my PS Vita. I am more than half way thru the 1st season. Still haven't started the 2nd yet even though I been owned it. I'm the type of gamer that wants to play the series in order.

  35. I'm just curious, off the topic of Zombies, have you ever played Family Party: 30 Great Games, Obstacle Arcade. Do you even play party games like Mario Party? I just the wiiviewr's review and Vinesauce's stream of Family Party: 30 Great Games, Obstacle, and it just looks so terrible I'd give you 30$ on Patreon just for your to review it.

  36. i like this game. i have it. i like stabbing the walkers in the head. it would be cool if a walking dead game where we play as negan is made. it could show how he created the saviors.

  37. Awesome channel. First heard about you from the Gaming Historian when you were mentioned in his Ljn video. Glad I decided to come here to check your channel out. It's one of the best I've seen on youtube. Keep up the good work.

  38. Nice review here that takes into account the fun factor and mood of the game and looks beyond just the technical aspects like graphics or frame rate, glitches, etc. I agree that games don't have to look great to be generally playable and fun with the right expectations.

  39. im still waiting for this game to become like $10 before i buy it. its still pushing a $30 price tag used at gamestop by me. i always thought it looked just ok. but just bought dead rising 3 last week for $12 cause i thought i would hate it and love it

  40. I may have to pick this game up if its cheap. Im a huge fan of the show and merle is probably my second favorite character next to shane from the show so more of his story would be cool. The gameplay looks pretty cool to me too as long as it isn't too hard.

  41. BAT-TAR-REE! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for this one. I really liked ZombiU and this looks like it is in the same ballpark.

  42. I love the concept but execution is terrible. food and drinks should be more vital than just health regain. it should also recover a food or thirst meter to help you survive more. this would be good without the glitches…

  43. The criticisms I heard about this seemed to be related to the bugs, though I'm guessing they might have patched most of them out by now. That or you're one of the few people today who actually has a sense of humor and can appreciate dumb, funny glitches.

  44. I thought this game was surprisingly enjoyable if limited. I only paid like $5 for it. The DLC is like a wave attack mode so I'm not so sure that's worth getting. Gameplay is solid but ammo is scarce. If this had included online multiplayer and/or couch coop everyone would have loved it and it would have sold better.

  45. The only good Walking Dead game I have played was the Telltale series, specifically season 1. Lovely story, gritty and realistic characters, and an ending so heart crushingly sad that to this day, EVERY SINGLE LETS PLAYER WHO HAS PLAYED THE GAME HAS CRIED WHILE WATCHING IT.

  46. I get that reviews are mostly personal opinions of the critic and it will always be like that, but giving this game any sort of approval is kinda stretching it. It's a repetitive and uninspired game. The gameplay is a chore, the graphics are god awful (looks like an early PS3 game in 2013), the mechanics are very flawed, the AI is awful, there's bugs and glitches everywhere and level design is super bland. Also, I honestly think Norman Reedus' voice acting was really bad in this and he just phoned it in.

  47. I couldn't agree more, a fantastic game I devoured at launch, I'm shocked it's hated by the jaded masses today, closet thing to "Land of the Dead Road to Fiddler's Green" on the Xbox which I also love!

  48. I had this game
    "Note I never watched the show I got it because its a zombie game"

    I hated it
    It was short af
    And i was younger when I played it so it was pretty hard for me

  49. Walking Dead: Road to Survial for iOS and Android is the worst game from the franchise … stiff animations and stupid base building along with really annoying "combat" & ugly generic graphics make it GUILTY without chance for parole ever. Being a non-console game you likely won't cover it ever Matty but I agree that the title you reviewed Survial Instinct is not that bad … looks ok, but kinda like the branching aspect, and speed channel ices, gives somewhat of a replay value if one would want to see other paths to survive.

  50. One of the walking dead games I played was at Dave and busters and that’s the only walking dead game I’ve ever played too bad i have to go to an arcade to play that game

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