64 thoughts on “Warface – Global Mars Update | PS4”

  1. Yeah ,not sure if I have enough money to buy warcoins to buy some chests to get some supreme weapon or to revive during that game though

  2. Почему все американское так быстро всё за*бывает..

  3. Unfairly banning a record amount, banning them from contacting Customer Service, and preventing them from access to their Digital content is CROSSING-THE-LINE and PROPERTY THEFT.

    A record amount of people are dropping PlayStation.

    Sony, in response, being a coward, has shut down PlayStation and Customer Service.

  4. 90% of the players: fix the the servers, hit detection, pay to win elements, bugs rework some game aspects like the shop for free to play users
    Warface: more pay to win

  5. It's not pay to win, just pay to look better. The basic guns you get for free can kill just as easy as the paid ones. Just boring tho lol

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