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I hope we can never fall down ever again over there. That would be great oh no Youtube gods. What should I play today? Please youtube gods. Tell me what to play This game is the true meaning of suffering? Why did I make this okay? This said? It’s already sounds great a game I made for a certain kind of person to hurt them Oh nobody can hurt us. What kind of pointer are you using mouse let’s let’s play this game getting over it, that’s so let’s start a new game I mean it can’t be that hard right. Well. You got a hammer. We got a pot and There’s a guy in there. Okay, so we can climb stuff as far as I know oh, just like that. What’s this? Are we dead yet? We literally died already okay. I get this game. It’s like how can this be so hard literally you just Move around like that you just gotta climb the tree climb the tree Okay, justjust look climb the tree. Okay. I see these settings are very very nice and cool This is definitely a game like co-op oh snap move slowly move slowly Dammit, you cannot even move slowly there, so I believe you can even push this thing down and jump there you go Okay, come on No, that was a poor jump very poor jump and yeah Okay, we’ve got this we’re definetly doing this Juuuuuuust moves slowly Juuuuuust Lift it up and Yeah Yeah, actually more intense than starting over Yep, there’s nothing starting today before it was jus as I have they are your I left your wallet at home And you have to go back after spending an hour. I love starting over That’s if you wanted my favorite the center and then put all you ain’t never I never win money at the casino If you’ve got your best shirt dry-cleaned before a wedding and then immediately drop food on it If won want an argument with a friend and then later discovered you just should there don’t say anything narrator Okay Hotter than you can do something you can do some pretty huge jumps of s like if you’ve already had a bad day Then what you’re about to go through might be too much feel free to go away and come back wha? This game is literally made To make you rage quit all right? Thanks for coming with me on this this one’s drinking you can I’ll understand if you have to take a break at any point I’m not taking any breaks while doing this with the game. We’re doing don’t worry. I’ll save your progress always Even your mistakes this is it There you go, okay, so kelps I’ve never played this game as a homage to my free game that came out in 2006 narrator, could you just you’ll hear a Jesuit Games and B games a rough assemblages of found objects designers voiceover William Married. Oh that’s nice. Okay much better for now so oh Yes We made some made some nice little progress there, but this game is all about all about losing your progress What the hell is up with this bit yeah? Okay, oh boy. Yes, that’s what I mean. That’s what I mean this game Literally loves to mess with you this game loves to mess with you look at that Just look at this just look at this whoo, okay? But this is a guy who came up with this mate co-op by the way just so you know we don’t know coop this is Definitely a similar game to co-op, and there you go gorgeous. Okay? He’s still narrating I’m glad I turned that stuff up time to make a jump there you go um are we even going the right direction probably are have to make another jump ready for another job and I’m it damn it damn it Okay Okay, now this game is all about Patience don’t have patience if you go too fast We’re gonna fall down now right over here. We have a perfect example Apart where they find you to do swing, but we’re not going to we’re now gonna Do it their way we gotta go here jump and up they’re gorgeous? gorgeous gorgeous execution oh come on and oh Wait we could literally just flame up there I believe Dammit, this is tricky No, no no no no no no get a jump to the right side pull yourself in pull yourself in what the hell and now We have to jump all the way to the other side. Are you joking are you joking hammer man? Oh? Okay, well we almost just fell down all the way over there. That’s not good Definitely not going to that right side over there. Oh boy. You could literally fall off on the left side over. Here. Are you joking? Joking game you joking game. We’re not doing this and this narrator is still going and Ready to jump jump. Oh are you? Okay Okay oh This game is such an ass It’s great. I love it. There you go. I mean if you just get it. It’s not that hard. It’s not that hard. Just kidding Come on. Don’t you fall down not yet Okay, we’re here again. You don’t Come one, okay, okay? We Make progress, I thought we finally made progress, and we totally did it now. Let’s not make that same mistake again Come on slowly Slowly and push him in okay. We’re doing this cups. We’re doing this What’s this you’re building a video game get up there. Let’s get all the way up here. Oh, don’t no go back go back Yes huh This is worse than a horror game. It’s much worse than a horror game. Oh no much force the moment You don’t just a little bit too fast that’s when you die that’s why you should take it slowly and Do you do this Damn it wrong button wrong but wrong button come on. We need to jump up there somehow How how do you do this? somebody tell me No Okay, let’s try this now Damn it. Okay. So we got a swing swing got it understood understood. I understood it okay We’re just gonna keep on trying this keep on trying this. I’m already sweaty. I’m already sweating like and by sweaty I mean like legit. I’m sweating look at this this game is literally made to hate yourself, but I see it as a challenge Damn it That’s not a challenge right there that just straight of torture and ready to jump ready to jump oh no no no no swing to this one swing to this one When are we gonna get a checkpoint or something does this game even come with checkpoints oh? Boy, we’re getting better at it doubt so that’s nice. Yep. No. We’re definitely not getting better at it. The more you play the angrier you get Angry or you get the more mistakes you make oh That’s a very nice little No no I’m gonna hold onto the barrel we’re making our way back up, okay, we’re making our way back up oh Definitely definitely definitely are we definitely are making our way back up nice jump here, okay, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous No, no no come on come on. He wasn’t swinging hard enough. We’re back here No, no, I said, we’re back here. No don’t do your whoop whoop whoop that’s not good slowly Slowly gives you control. Okay? Well we’re back at this bit Apparently that tree up there and doesn’t hold you you know back I didn’t know that this game doesn’t come with a tutorial. Oh my goodness, so now what do you do? Now you need to get all the way up there. No come on all the way up there Push and there you go Okay, we made progress we made progress now. We get barely gonna climb a building or something Let’s say, let’s do this. Yeah. We’re actually climbing that building. I hope we can never fall down ever again over there That would be great. Thank you No No, it’s Ready Set lunch literally sweat is dripping down my sweater this is ridiculous my hoodie It is easy trust me you’re not falling down every two minutes oh We’re getting there though That’s why I hold my hammer out This games so much fun nope nope nope Okay, no it’s still fun. It’s the whole fun I’m sitting in the edge of my seat Skills this game requires oh So fast to learn it’s so simple there Are you joking do we worry am pursuing underneath it? We can now go up there. No this game loves torture if you fall now if the start all the way back over I cannot do this for much longer Where do we go? All the way up here Okay, I believe we have to jump this way then you Have to jump do we have to do this jump we cannot mess this up? Okay that just happened let’s let’s go back. Let’s go back up. I mean sure why No Okay, we’re back. We’re back at like the first semi checkpoint. It’s definitely nothing this game doesn’t have checkpoints That’s the worst which makes it very very hard like this is a part where you can miss a big time But we know what not to do and then this is Another part where you can mess up big time, but we know what not to do no, no no no no no let’s Slow down. Okay. We need to climb up this thing and not fly away Fully cuz that’s a fake tree no no No no I told you you’re gonna mess up over there boy well. Let’s go again. I’m gonna beat this game today This guy’s strong though like I mean tried to do this IRL. That’s never gonna work nope You can jump Surprisingly high by the way look at this look at that jump. That’s a nice little jump That’s it that was an even better jump ok. We’re back here nice and slow this time We don’t make the same mistake. We don’t make the same mistake twice Kops. We don’t do that Ok nice nice nice nice nice Right over here. Go! Yes! Yes! Ok we’re back at the building Building site, I mean this one was easy far as I remember. This part was a little bit tricky So we have to Get up here, start going, start, going come on Slowly come on slowly. We move forward. We are not gonna fall down over here ok not today Definitely not today, and we’re back at this part now I’m thinking of approaching this a little bit different, or we just tried to jump here. I mean that works. Oh Boy, what’s this? Oh? We arrived at a new part Kop’s we arrived at a new part And and and for some reason they want us to climb up here for some reason they want us to climb up here This is intense. This is this is just not this is just not fun anymore. This is just not fun anymore We’re doing this Like look at that look at that if you bounce back just a little bit too much you fall all The way down back to the start No, no that’s what I mean, this is what I mean, this is what I mean comes Hey, okay, well we’re back here, we’re back here let’s not fall down Let’s just not fall down come on. Yep. I said let’s not fall down and that’s what you do you almost fall down No, no no no, no we’re getting all the way through Was definitely joking about that I was I was not trying to offend you here game It’s not trying to offend you I Was definitely joking about that I was I was not trying to offend you here again. It’s not trying to offend you I Was not trying to offend you this game this game is literally torture this game is the worst This game is so oh my goodness. It’s such a good game because it’s such Okay, we have to go right over here, and we have to jump here or swing one of the two I think we can jump oh There you go, okay, let’s play this slowly No, no no no no no no no and we’re back here. Oh my goodness Hembret No, no no no no no no no and we’re back here. Oh my goodness Humbert I was so ready to make that mistake. I was so ready to accidentally make a mistake there Come on come on yes hold on hold on come on what the hell Are you kidding me? You can’t hold on to that bit? I was so I was like dude You don’t no nope nope no You don’t do dope dope no Game doesn’t want that the game is such a tricky little game Listen listen you’re great. You’re great. Don’t do this to us Yep, pretty far already. I hope so Okay now are we gonna jump all the way to the other side yes? We are because I’m not climbing up there on the left am I ready sit What the hell? What the hell no no no no no no this is it. This is a trap. This is a trap? This is definitely a trap. I am NOT falling down there. I am NOT falling down there. That’s such a big trap Is it though? Oh I’m not sure if that’s a trap or not I’m not sure if it’s a trap or not or if they if we really should be falling down Because if it’s not a trap then we can go up here, right No no no no don’t do that to us This game is so much You kidding, are you kidding me more horses? We are stuck. I’ll be really stuck Let’s go back up here Okay Kelps well that’s enough for one day of torture If you enjoyed this video make sure to drop a like also don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you Kop’s tomorrow. Bye bye If you enjoyed this video make sure to drop a like also don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you Kops tomorrow. Bye bye This is just crazy

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