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ok let’s get home wait wait wait wait
wait wait wait hold up look at that truck look at that truck and look at
those all right no there’s like a whole line of truck picking Messer these could
be all the game masters cars he could have something set up like like some
sort of trap at our house yeah like why is that car parked on our yard
no one parks on our yard like that shows we haven’t already seen we thought we
escaped The Game Master and we ended up in an L a safe house but little do we
know that safe house was compromised with drones
so we fled we hopped in the spy vent store and we came all the way to New
York City that New York City State House was supposed to be even safer with armed
security standing outside the premises 24/7 little did we find out there was a
secret bug spying on us in that New York City penthouse safehouse absolutely
crazy so we came out here we thought we can make it home but it looks like that
is not the case I think we have too much going on here great it’s like The Game
Master is setting up all these workers to be on his team
this is our spicy case we have a lot of weight done someone’s coming who was that I don’t know was that a
neighbor I’m not sure they’re slowing down no they’re gone okay hey Brooke
fishers we got a lot of stuff in here so before we came home to check this out
grace drew up this awesome blueprints of our house well which way does it go so
sit down this is the driveway right here driveway
this is the house this is a pond the backyard this is everything we need so
so blue print out the house this up here this will be our spy look on station
okay then we have all these markers so grace we’re going to spy on the house
we’re gonna marked up everywhere we see a person on this map so we can figure
out exactly how we get into the house without being seen yes sir
we need to make it hang on there’s a person up here who is that who is no no
but why is windows were open hang on grace stay down that person
might be disguised as a lawnmower but he could really be a secret undercover
agent yeah we don’t know which ones are the workers and which ones are working
with the gamemaster that’s obituaries we’re gonna find out
soon yeah what do you see I don’t think any workers over at the house let me see
what else we have what are these snacks doing and that’s
just in case we get hungry okay those aren’t really spy gear we have other spy
gear in here oh this might be very useful human heat radiation detector if
you put this on make sure they still work check this out I can even zoom in
even more and see all the human radiation heat protection out there whoa
look you can see someone’s at the front door outline of their body yeah you can
see their heat shield radiation there looks like they’re going back inside the
house someone’s inside the house grace whoa how do they get inside penguin
Sharer Family we’re gonna need some more spy gear okay great applying glass not gonna
work maybe this maybe maybe this thing definitely walkie-talkies we need to
turn those off come on okay they’re both on for both on four
okay here I’ll take one just in case we get split up Oh Tess Tess Tess can hear
me yep hear me okay we’re good Sharers we know someone is inside the house right
now so we’re gonna put a red X right there ax right there and we know that
that long crew guy is somewhere around right here circle at area long crew guys someone’s inside the door
that mysterium hard a mysterious car we should definitely highlight that car
park that car could be like a surveillance type of car there could be
a whole system of computers in there okay let me put the glass back on and
see where everyone else okay guys I’m gonna pop this sound listing device
thing on sure this thing is good because it’s got a binocular it can hear really
well yeah it came from those trees what was it I don’t know
get that thing get the listening thing on hurry hurry hurry what sounds like a
crash here we go what are you hear what you hear hang on
I don’t hear I don’t see anything it’s not that’s so weird
I don’t hear or see anything right now let me try that again oh I see
look look look what moving by the garage book that step board of wood it’s moving
oh my gosh oh my gosh yeah yes it move I don’t see any more where’d it go
down there someone’s down there quick mark it down right by the front right
here yes someone’s there we have one two three people whoa okay Oh get down get
down sit down sit down someone’s coming they’re on the phone they’re on the
phone they’re saying something listen to what they’re saying they’re say
something yeah they’re saying something I can’t make out what they’re saying
sure if you’re who Saint comment down below
III can’t make it out grace dude why are you get the drones it up so we can spy
even better hey let’s get this little birdie in the sky drone it’s time to do
some spying you ready for this grace yeah
when you get this up fast enough well okay do you see anybody see more people okay let’s see we got your Sharers if you
see people that we don’t see point them out in the comments below hopefully we
got someone someone in the backyard someone’s right in the backyard backyard
doing what we got here something or doing something really weird right at
the back patio middle go back can’t really tell what’s going on there
whoa whoa I see you got my see them yeah I don’t know what what that is oh wait
located some movement by the pot let’s turn that way oh that big trees in the
way oh no no no can’t see I can’t so we go farther go farther
I can’t great that’s blocked we’re gonna have to go explore that area ourselves I
think oh boy oh wait where we hang on let’s fight over by the driveway hang
that white van wait there’s someone by the way thinner wait they’re swinging
the dumpster what what wait you’re standing in the dumpster this is so
weird and I’m zooming and zooming in there like folding something up where
could they be folding up holding up this is really weird
the white truck was Luther getting ready to get in hang on
I’m retreating this drona sharon spotted we might have been spotted when did the
person get in there we gotta gotta get as much information as we can sure okay the break-up you go left I go right
we just split up we just figure out as much as we can about what’s going on
inside the house okay you go that way I’ll go this way
let’s go let’s go let’s go what the loose we got two guys losing the sheriff
let’s go see mine are you okay what happened what can i trip to oh my boy
fell in there what is that hole how deep does it go what is this hole whoa
grace where’s the end of it what is that hole it’s like a booby trap quick might
be a distraction yeah keep going okay hey I’m gonna go buy that white truck
and see what’s happening with that white truck whoa there’s that truck there’s
that white truck Oh where what’s that guy doing I don’t
see him anywhere we’re gonna go and what you want go down the driveway not out of
the driveway oh whoa I think I see someone is that someone in the window
inside the house someone’s inside the house
well get down get down so one is inside the house by the garage I think that was
a person comes below that was a person what is this
hang on but it’s not something I don’t know I thought some sort of like barrels
blue barrels white barrels it looks like you’re like barrels that you’re using
little thing I don’t know like gasoline or something you gotta check the house
there’s crazy barrel barrel isn’t this weird I don’t know I don’t know what
they could be told with oh they’re open oh no no is it like water I don’t know
it’s like water or something clear liquid I don’t know maybe Oh what
maybe something to do with the doomsday date stuff like in Chad wild clay video
there’s like a doomsday thing that might be I’m sorry this could this could have
something to do with it do I look like fill with water will pay
full rent just to get me something to do with that any other other clues of these
things I don’t know is there any name brands on this there’s just like op
arrows and stuff I don’t see anything oh maybe the workers have been trying to
move this into the house without us knowing I’m gonna go back there grace we
gotta get you splitting up let me know if you find anyone
let’s go over and out over it out let’s go I’ll go back up to the top of the
house so we can split and conquer whoa whoa whoa knack and the game masters a
snacker that’s his sack box well he has to be here he has to be here okay I need
a high time you know the white truck still there I don’t know if anyone’s in
it or not I don’t know what it’s doing so I need be super careful but I need to
get to the back oh whoa whoa Steven there’s a UPS truck at the front of the
house over okay I don’t see what a person is where are they where did they
go no one came out of the side of the truck where are they no careful adder I
don’t see a guy in you where where where’s UPS worker this is so strange Steven no one came
out of the truck I don’t see anyone coming out of the truck this is so
strange it’s like a ghost okay got it
this is so strange you come out here there’s psycho up there this is so
strange this is so weird how did waving the
truck go whoa the UPS truck was just there I don’t know the guy you like
disappear where those doors always open sure we play that scene and see if those
doors are always open because I didn’t think they were this is weird
whoa you found it whoa that is huge whoa I don’t know yeah yeah but we’re
thinking how did he deliver it I didn’t see a guy come out of the truck how they
look like huge things all this package is really someone down by okay Steven
you try and open this package I’m gonna provide those trees and try and figure
out who those people are okay I got my walkie talkie I’m hiding what was that
cc1 was that you or someone tapping our line okay Sharers I’m gonna make a run
for it from this tree to that tree over there okay hopefully they don’t see me
here we go we’re safe house Sharers check this out look at
people that’s so weird when they doing down
there they’re like playing at the pun or something or setting up like a fort I
think they’re setting up a fort whoa okay look at that white car it’s not to
peep out start it there it is who is that
whoa okay I’m gonna go check to see who that is whoa this is getting crazy think
about that person it’s getting a huge stick I think you’re definitely building
a fort this is getting crazy I need fried Stephen Stephen
okay sure did you see that I had I thought and
Shares I think there’s a worker leaving where do they go soon is there something
there what was that it was happy just came from inside the house there was a
game mister


  1. If you knew, That white truck was Project Zorgo’s Evil Car. The font of the code on the front gives it all.

  2. Hi sharer fam are names are Vihaan, Ria and Adrian we are all big fans of your channel we are planning to send you guys fan mail we hope you like it be safe

  3. Stephen!! I know who the game master could be. I watched a couple of videos by Chad and Rebecca, and they started giving out major clues, in Chads video, in the background he had a Game master mask. In Rebecca's video, she SNUCK INTO YOUR HOUSE LOOKING FOR CLUES!! I think you guys should check it out and interveiw them. And be careful of project zorgo. I love your videos!!

  4. I can get them for me haha twas to the summer we will do haha this is summer his day and hsummer gwas tthe was thuggery we get a little more gto he his gah his name is hygggg is ready and we will get the Xbox we will love 💕 we know r to get them in the summer ray ray is a new friend and his right right ready to go get the money 💰 he will get the Xbox is the name is the new squad we have the same name and will have them for the day and will get them in the mail when we get home and will go get it bye gn is gonna was the third to the top tttt is a new sqaud tday to my summer day summer summer is over after school and summer summer is summer and I’m still a training class on my own for a day tat to my summer time summer day summer summer and summer school summer ysummer gifts are a lot itself tbut this summer tis a good day is a day for a day and day tto day ttwas is the two to tday was the day we hghhghghg I was gonna I got to the Xbox I was gonna I was thinking 💭 was a good night to join you and join us for a chat chat and chat chat with you later on I will get tyou rI r the internet is gonna is the internet for the day I get really really ready and it’s Jonny I love 💕 ur new squad and the internet and you are gonna the way you are the new world 🗺 is a new year for me and to join me and I will do a face reval with the Xbox was you I can go back and play it again I will get to chat and get it haha was a day and a good time and a friend and a good day at work haha is a new sqaud is the new sqaud day and a good time with my new sqaud ttoday was tthe to the ryy hughgjgjvngfbvhbvhrhfvvf was the summer day we can get it true today rthat tr the internet is gonna I don’t know what to do but I’m going haha is the name and name is it in a name and a name for the Xbox is the new squad and a friend and a family friend and I have to get a new job for you t the principal and principal in my th I think I will go back tin and do the tnew was I year yut this was the first time we got tthe was a day to get a good day and I love you and you have to get it to me and you can go back to school and get to me haha u uuu was the last day I can play with friends and friends play and I have friends and then play them

  5. Steven the game master is in your house you need to get out he will destroy the game master is evil and he's watching this video do the three marker challenge to defeat him catch him into jail so I hope you have a great day and yeah you should watch Gavin Magnus is videos if they are so fun ok I'll see you later because the gamemaster's very creepy he just

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