100 thoughts on “We finally play Minecraft!”

  1. 20:14 i
    Felix I got you some beef
    Marzia looks at felix angrily
    Felix it fell on the ground in front of me

  2. I’m so proud of pewds! He is teaching someone how to okay when
    just a few weeks ago he though a melon was cactus. cry’s of happiness

  3. marzia is the sweetest minecraft player ever lmao. she died twice: once when she was looking at fish, the second time when she was trying to give a flower to a dog.

  4. PewDiePie: *the richest youtuber in the world:
    50m $ budget*
    Also PewDiePie: video 720p30
    Marzia: *Instagram and YouTube star:
    2m $ budget*
    Also Marzia: 720p60

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