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We Only Ate RED FOODS for 24 hours! (impossible Food Challenge with Hacker) Matt and Rebecca Zamolo

We Only Ate RED FOODS for 24 hours! (impossible Food Challenge with Hacker) Matt and Rebecca Zamolo

– We’re searching for a computer device for the super computer. – See if I can find
anything else that’s red. – What if it’s hidden
inside of a cereal box? – Matt, hold on. – Ah. – I found it, I found the device. – [Matt] In a happy meal? – What’s up in here, right there. This is the spot Daniel? – [Daniel] This is the spot. Quadrant, quadrant, quadrant. – [Daniel] Hide against the wall. – Do we hide? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. They must have done a drop off. – Okay, we’re in the right spot? – [Daniel] We’re in the right spot. – Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. – Daniel found the radius
for the next exchange because you guys know the red hood is building a super computer. And we know it’s going
to be in a red food, so today it looks like
we’re gonna be eating only red food for 24 hours. – So since we just saw the quadrant, that means that they must have just done their drop off.
– Yeah! So we need to get there before
the other quadrant gets there and they actually complete the exchange. – Yeah, we only have a
short window to do that. – And there are a ton
of different food places we have no idea where to start. – All right, we wanna make sure before we start this challenge that you like, subscribe and hit the notification button
in less than five seconds. So, five, four, three, two, one. – If you did that, make sure to comment Game Master Network Squad. Now let’s get going. – Whoa whoa! There’s so many places we can go. There’s Ralphs, Taco Bell, there’s Mcdonald’s, a donut spot – There’s so many places
that we’re gonna visit – Donut.
– Oh. I think there’s a Starbucks here too. – Starbucks too! We should head to the
closest spot first right? – Okay, yeah. – [Matt] It would be the grocery store – We’re right near the Ralphs.
– Ralphs? All right we are at the first location. This is Ralphs, it’s a grocery
store that’s open 24 hours – This is a big store though.
– It’s giant. – It is, how are we gonna cover all of it. – We’re gonna split up?
– Yup. – I’ll take bakery.
– I’ll take candy. There’s red candy! – course you will. I’ll take a couple of aisles over here. – Okay. – We only find red items.
– Red item only food. – We can only eat red food for 24 hours. – Okay, three minutes. – Okay, we got three minutes
to get through this store. I’m gonna try and find
and head to the bakery. – Okay ZamFam, so I’m
going to the candy aisle to look for red candy. What do you guys think? Let’s go this one. – [Matt] Look at this, red beans. – [Daniel] Red – [Rebecca] Zamfam, Red Vines! You think they’re hidden in Twizzlers? – What if it’s hidden
inside of a cereal box? Are there any of them that say red? Yes, what if it’s Trix? It’s a red box. – [Daniel] Oh wait, red raspberry. – You guys remember the red
hood loves peanut butter. Maybe it’s in peanut butter, Jiff. I need to meet up with the guys now. Hopefully they found something. – This Powerade is wanting power, that’s what this whole thing is about. – All right, we’re back
in the car right now, I think we have some good items. – I was like, this is something where the red hood could open it
and put it back together. – Oh yeah. Kit Kats are red. We gotta try the food right? – Let’s taste test, true. – I mean we are gonna
eat red food of 24 hours. The red hood could have it in anything so I got all red candy but I added this and maybe some– – These are all candy huh.
– I know. – Mine, I got, look at it red beans. I just realized that, look it’s kinda like hidden up on the top, ’cause I thought they
might have cracked into it, so I just grabbed it, I don’t think that it’s in here though. – No. – ‘Cause it’s sealed!
– Yeah. Strawberry cream cheese fruit bites. Got the strawberry red. – That’s so good!
– So maybe we could try. – I guess I could try one. – That looks pretty good. – I think we can like just look. ’cause look, there’s nothing, doesn’t look like anything’s inside. So I thought this might be
where the red hood hid it. Redvines
– Redvines! – Do you guys like Redvines?
Or do you like Twizzlers. I feel like people will either
choose Redvines or Twizzlers. – Well I got both! I don’t like either. – I don’t see anything in there. – I’m chill. Oh, hold on, hold on. I don’t think I see anything in there, – I thought that this would
be an easy way to hide, ’cause it doesn’t bend very much, so I thought maybe the red
hood hid them in here– – Powerade, the red hood’s
always looking for power. – What if it’s for hypnotizing? – Hmm, it’s red liquid,
I think we’re good. I’ll try it out. Here we go.
– You think Matt maybe drin– – Give me thumbs up
before I drink this okay? – Three, two, one. – I don’t know if you should. – It did make that sound though, like it hadn’t been opened.
– True. – We’re searching for a computer device for the super computer so
why would it be in a liquid? – Yeah, is there anything inside? – Matt you can’t put things in red liquid, like a computer. – Yeah, it could destroy a computer. – Well then, I might
as well have a little. – Okay, what if there’s
something in that though. – Yeah, don’t drink it guys
– I mean think about that. – If you’re both drinking
it, I’m not gonna drink it. Rebecca’s still goin. – We’re good. – I only found one other item. This is a Mexican sweet bread. – Whoa!
– Whoa Daniel! – It’s kinda pink. – What color is that? – It’s kinda pink though,
so I kinda, I don’t know. – I thought we’re eating
red food for 24 hours. – I know, I–
– Have you guys ever had one – Oh my, oh my god. – This is the last one I
have, it’s called Trix. – Yeah, cereal, we’ve all heard of it. – But what do they hide in cereals? – Prizes! – Exactly! – Oh! Ooh, there’s a lot of red. – There’s a lot of red. Can you see anything? Hold on, I thought I
felt something in here. I don’t know. – Okay. And I know this isn’t red. It’s not all red. Is this the kind of peanut butter that Q used to like– – Q loves Jif. – Was it Jif?
– It was a Jif? – Yeah it was Jif. – You sure? Go and find out, I’m
pretty sure it was Jif, but I wasn’t sure and I thought maybe it’s something to do with
peanut butter, you know. – I feel like we’re missing something. – We’re just kinda going in, like why would they put
it in a grocery store. – This one’s completely sealed. – Won’t they want it to be more in like a smaller location where
they can control everything. – Well, there’s a ton of fast food places, but we have 24 hours. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – What? – I’ve got a message from the Game Master. – Okay
– What? – It says, “Use the codeword phrase: “can I get a side of peanut butter?” – So that means it’s not
in the grocery store. – Oh, so like we gotta
order it from somebody – You have to do an order,
and someone that’s working at one of these places works
for quadrant and the red hood. – So right now it’s either
gonna be at Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, the donut shop or Taco Bell. Comment down below which one
you think it’s gonna go to. Where should we go next? – I don’t know, Mcdonald’s? – Okay, let’s head over there right now. – [Daniel] We’re running. – [Matt] I know. – [Daniel] Gotta get to Mcdonald’s. – Okay, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here! What red food do they have at Mcdonalds? – We have to ask them if
they have any red food, if they don’t then this
isn’t the right place. – [Matt] And for a side of peanut butter. – [Daniel] Okay. – [Matt] I don’t see anything red. – [Daniel] No, ooh ooh,
oh wait, a strawberry? – [Matt] A strawberry shake? – Ooh, but why would
they put it on liquid. – You’re right, you’re
right, a happy meal is red. – Do you have any red colored food? – [Daniel] He has to go
ask the manager right? – [Matt] He doesn’t know. – [Rebecca] It’s okay,
I’ll order a Happy Meal. Cheeseburger, and do
you have a red drink or, Coke, ’cause it’s read. – [Matt] Yeah, coke’s red – [Rebecca] Can I get a
side of peanut butter? – [Server] We don’t have peanut butter – [Rebecca] Oh, you don’t? – [Daniel] They don’t
have peanut butter, okay. – [Rebecca] Okay, do
you think is is a fail? – I think this is a fail.
There’s no red food– – [Matt] Why don’t you look
inside of the Happy Meal? – Inside the Happy Meal? – Okay, maybe inside. – [Matt] But they don’t
have any peanut butter. – Yeah.
– That was, the codeword we’re supposed to say. – Yeah, I think if they had peanut butter, then we’d know that this
would definitely be one of the drop off location. – [Matt] Do we still get
the Happy Meal or do we– – Yeah, we’re still getting it, I mean you’ll never know
– I’d be surprised. – I have it. – [Matt] All right here it is. – Okay, because we still have
to do the challenge you guys, you guys know we’re doing 24
hours eating only red food. We’ll just add a lot of ketchup, and then it’s red food, that counts. – That doesn’t really make sense. – Red food. – Rebecca. – But it’s supposed to already be red. – Yeah, this doesn’t make any sense. – Okay, well then I guess
I can’t eat this right now, ’cause we’re only eating red food. – [Daniel] That’s orangy. – You guys, you guys I found it, I found the device.
– [Matt] In the Happy Meal? – [Daniel] Where? – Look, look. – [Daniel] No, it’s a toy Rebecca. – [Matt] Rebecca, it’s from Toy Story. – I thought we got it. – [Matt] It’s a toy, it
come’s with every Happy Meal. – It looks like a spy gadget. – [Matt] Rebecca, it’s
Woody from Toy Story 4. – ZamFam, if you guys saw this, would you think it was
a device for a computer? – No. – Okay, you guys for a second though, didn’t you think, okay fine. – [Matt] Okay.
– Okay, this was a fail. Like we need to go to the next
place. Where should we go? – [Matt] Yeah, we don’t have much time. – Maybe we gotta split up now. – [Matt] Taco Bell and the donut shop is like right around the corner. – I’ll do donut shop. – Taco Bell then. – [Matt] I’ll go Taco Bell too. Taco Bell! – Matt! – Come on Bec! – I wanna eat th- – Taco Bell! All right, we’re pulling up to Taco Bell. They have so many red things! Daniel and I are going through
the drive through right now because we think this
might be the best thing. This is right where we did
the twin swap challenge, with the dogs. Could I get a Doritos Locos Taco, Let’s do a nacho cheese in a fire, I can only eat things that are red today, right, can I get a side of tomatoes, nacho fries, can I get
another Doritos Locos Taco and nachos one. – Two, Two of those. Small, medium or large? – Small, a side of peanut butter. – [Operator] Peanut butter? We don’t have peanut butter here sir. – Oh no peanut butter! – Okay, okay, I’ll get to
the next spot, thank you. – Did you hear that? She said no peanut butter, does that mean we’re at the wrong spot? – What if that’s the answer though? You know, like you say it like, it’s like a codeword and
then they have to respond. – Okay, she did sound pretty excited, when you said peanut butter though. – I know. – That’s the most excited. The other place just looks confused. Mcdonald’s look confused,
she seems excited. I wonder how Rebecca’s doing. – You guys know that I love sweets, so I’m very excited to hopefully
find a red donut inside. I feel like the red hood
might put it in a red donut, or somewhere near. Do you guys see anything red? That’s kind of pink. I feel like it’s would
be in all red donut. You guys, red velvet. Could I order some of the red velvet and can I have that with
a side of peanut butter? – Yeah, do you have peanut butter? – Peanut butter puff yes. – What’s that? Oh a peanut butter pu– Oh, ah, sure yup I’ll have one of those. – Okay guys, so they
don’t have peanut butter but a peanut butter puff so, so maybe it’s inside that, I don’t know. Maybe it’s in this you guys.
Okay Zamfam, so comment which donut you think I
should cut open first. – Matt, this was also the spot where you drank the drink that Q put the stuff in the liquid. Where you got hypnotized, remember? – No, I don’t. – Yeah, you ordered that,
you didn’t order the drink and you still drank it, and Q was there. – I remember like a chase, but
I don’t remember the drink. – Yeah, we chased Q. Do you guys remember that? You remember when Matt drank that drink that hypnotized him? Comment down below, and comment
down what video that was. – Watermelon freeze, kind of pink – Not really red. Pink. – You think it’s in there? – I don’t know if it’s
in the watermelon drink. Okay so there’s the fries and the tacos – Are we doing this right? – I don’t know, ’cause none
of these food is really… – Red.
– Red, red. She didn’t really like
do anything at the window that would indicate she, you know, she didn’t repeat the peanut butter line. – No.
– Let’s find out what happened with Rebecca at the donut place. – [Rebecca] Maybe I’ll cut this to see. I feel like it might be in
this one because it’s all red. I don’t see anything you guys. Look, it’s already that. Okay, number two nothing. Okay. Let’s see you guys. Uh, there’s nothing again! ZamFam, I don’t think
that a computer device would be in these donuts,
even though they’re red. However, I asked for peanut butter, they gave me a peanut butter puff donut, like maybe, maybe it’s inside of that. 3, 2, 1. What is this? it’s just peanut butter. What, I thought for sure
something was inside. Hold on, let me scoop it out. There’s nothing. It’s just peanut butter. I hope the boys found
something red at Taco Bell because so far we’ve had no luck and we need to get the
device before the exchange and we see the other quadrant. – Wait a second, hold on,
she left her phone in here. – Wait, Rebecca has no phone? And she’s at a location? – What?
– Oh no. – I just hope that she’s still there. – Okay. We gotta hurry, pick her up. – All right, we’re gonna try the food, we’re gonna wait for Rebeccca right now. – There’s fries, LLook,
they have kind of like a red dusting powder on it, so they’re kind of red. Oh, there’s the side of tomatoes. Maybe it’s the sauce,
oh, it’s a nacho sauce. – Whoa! Dip in. – Yum. – [Rebecca] Guys! – Rebecca, you’re okay. – Hey, did you have any luck? Did you find it? – I don’t know, we’re still trying. – Did you get peanut butter? – I asked for peanut butter, and she said “a peanut butter puff” so I, I thought something was inside, so then I opened it and all
it was was peanut butter. – Ah. – I don’t know, but this is something the quadrant would love. And there were a ton of red velvet cakes and red protein velvet cakes. – Did you get those? – I did, but I cut through all of them, I didn’t find anything – Oh my gosh, wow. – Okay so here, – All right.
– Wanna try one of these? – Yup, Rebecca you wanna try this one? – Doritos? – This is red, almost,
it was kind of orange. – That would make sense – Oh, this one is super red. – Oh, look at that! That’s really red. – Okay let me take a bite of that. Wait, maybe there’s a
clue on the packaging. – Yeah, try it out, try it out. – Look it’s in a holder.
– I’m gonna try this one. – Get the nacho one right Daniel? – It’s kinda orange, yeah. – Oh, this one’s spicy. This one, this one is spicy. – This is good. – Spicy. – What, I can’t understand you. – She said it was spicy. – What did she say? – It was spicy!
– Spicy – Oh spicy! – Yeah, spicy, it’s hot. – I’m very hot. – Have some McDonald’s. – It’s really hot. – That’s the fire one. – Want this?
– Look at this one, it’s pink. – But you guys we need to hurry. – I know. – We’re, there’s only
one more food location and it would be Starbucks. Matt you were at Starbucks
doing the quadrant sign right? – There has been exchanges
at Starbucks with Rocky, you did the quadrant signal. – I didn’t do the quadrant signal. – Yes you did,
– I saw you! – Yes you did when we were spying on you – That was not the quadrant signal – When we were spying on you, you did it. You did it to the register. Why didn’t we think about this sooner? We should have just gone to Starbucks – Guys, I wasn’t, I was
like “here’s some change”. – No! – Just to pay for it,
that’s how you do it. – You did it, he did it back! – It has to be at Starbucks, you guys if you think
that it’s at Starbucks, we need to get there
before exchange happens. I mean they’ve already dropped it off so the other person just needs to get there. We need to get there first. – Yeah, let’s go there
as fast as possible. All right, we’re at the last location, this has to be it. – So we go in, we pick
something red and then we say “do you have a side of peanut butter.” – I think I should just do this by myself. – You? – You guys stay outside
and like, keep guard. – [Daniel] Really? – Yeah, just like in case
another quadrant comes, if one of you guys stays out
here you might be in trouble. – [Daniel] Oh.
– But two of you guys together and trust me I know
Starbucks, this is easy stuff. – [Daniel] You know Starbucks? – What do you mean? – [Daniel] That’s true, he knows Starbucks – I know Starbucks. No guys, stop stop, come on, I’m just doing this for our safety okay? – Okay
– Okay. – Stay on the outside though okay? – Okay go quick, yeah yeah yeah. – [Daniel] Okay okay, good luck good luck. – We’ll spy on him while he’s doing that. – [Matt] There’s some
peanut butter down here. Oh wait, what is this? It’s red velvet. – [Daniel] Well he’s in there. – [Rebecca] Okay,looks like he’s talking. – [Matt] Is this you guy’s? – Uh no, that’s actually isn’t ours – [Matt] Okay. – [Daniel] Rebecca, why, why wouldn’t he not want us in there? – I don’t know, maybe he
doesn’t want to draw attention since we have cameras? – [Daniel] Maybe. – Oh my gosh! – They say it’s not for
sale in there right now. It’s not from here – Yeah, that’s not from Starbucks. – [Daniel] A birthday cake? – Red velvet yeah! – Red velvet!
– Red velvet! – All right this is a red velvet cake. We can open this. Check out the video right here. We’re gonna go open this right now. – Shout out to you guys
in the Game Master network that scored 100%. If you want to take
today’s quiz for a chance for a shout out in the next video, the link is in the description below. And shout out to you guys who
have been wearing our merch and tagged us on– – [Matt] Guys guys guys, come one – Ah! – Hurry, go go! – [Matt] Okay, it’s a birthday cake. – A birthday cake, look at this. You guys. – [Matt] What, what is it? – It’s numbers – [Matt] Hang on, hang on! – Oh my gosh, what! You guys I think it’s, I
think it’s coordinates. – Coordinates!
– Coordinates!

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