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We Try Carving Selfie Pumpkins • Ladylike

We Try Carving Selfie Pumpkins • Ladylike

because like oh she’s crazy I don’t like hearing that was crazy when someone is holding a knife next to me that was crazy [Music] today we are going to be carving pumpkins that look like it’s all we’re gonna be carving them to look at each other so honestly I’m very relieved to find stuff that it’s not that so we’re prepared and we’re enthusiastic we’re ready so we are take it so yeah you can take one now or you can use one you’ve already taken and just cuddle your pumpkin after our friend Joyce is gonna be coming in at the end of this competition to judge which pumpkin looks the best and also she’s going to try and guess whose pumpkin is whose so which pumpkin is meant to represent which person I think I’m gonna be a bit of a giveaway god selfie time Joe done I already took my selfie by the way here’s my selfie Jenn’s are you carving that’s already carving yeah I have a vision it’s not gonna be good but it is I feel bad saying this because I know that mine is bad too but maybe that’s why I can say it that eyebrow just looks like it needs to be flipped yeah yeah that’s that yeah you’re right what are you carving with my skinny knife you’re skinny that want to copy Jenn’s carving because she knows Ives Joe’s not and so I don’t really my bed what is that Oh eyebrow oh my god I only have one thing done it’s not it’s not really interesting yet but you guys can see my eyes oh you know what you look like he looks like that that green Muppet that hangs out with beaker dr. Bunsen honeydew yeah how do I carve oh I’m exhausted alright so now I’m gonna be shaving my hair into this pumpkin yeah oh did you feel bad I done it just shot off into space I feel like there are eight tools here and two of them do things some of them are just here to be like threatening like yeah my face turning red I’m like actually sweaty what if we just like artfully stick all the knives at our pumpkin and we’re like it’s art here’s the thing I was actually up at 4:00 in the morning thinking about this video the thing is is that I was thinking like how are you supposed to carve hair because you can’t carve the shape unless you want the it popped out right I was gonna do the outline and carving and then inside of it as shades which I think the outline in carving was incredibly unnecessary yeah now that I’ve done it it just looks so important oh look at me cute my eyes are gonna look stupid I just poked it in through there do we need to like try to get it out well there she is and I Wow you actually did a good job thank you you’re welcome I helped you you did I’m Heike kind of a Halloween Grinch I knows what myself and I’m sorry it’s just it like Halloween is so takes so much time it’s seen more as fun but it actually takes a lot of work and I feel like that’s something people know and they don’t want to admit because it’s cool to like Halloween yeah we almost had me at the Halloween really a lot of work look yeah it’s not worth the work it’s just it let’s acknowledge our labor when it comes to Halloween yes look at all my shavings they’ve just been flying off okay this is how I try to carve around my mouth and maybe Missy but it’s mine oh that actually is cute thank you yes that’s working well see the thing is is that I feel like the art is good but you haven’t delivered on the cutting sorry I’ll shut up now cuz you cut so much know me but I did the same thing I shaved I’m now carving a little bit more to hopefully give more shine but who knows I really haven’t done this in forever here’s my pumpkin and there’s there’s pieces to this I was going for this you know it’s big smile well little peace sign and of course okay so this was actually much harder than I thought it was gonna be doing fine detail on a pumpkin requires like motor skills and like an artistic eye that I’m not sure I have but you don’t think these eyes are just idling that artistic beautiful eyes at first I thought it was a vampire but then when I saw a peace sign I was like well obviously Jen yeah I’ve never had to put my personality in this pumpkin whether or not it actually physically looks that much like me so I actually did a pumpkin it looks like me in here she is grandma baby she does look like you she look like she’s wearing a bob yeah I think it probably looks the most like a person out of the three of ours I think that is that it’s none of us gave our pumpkins teeth so it looks like it just it does sort of look like like so here’s my little pump so she’s she’s a mix of carving shaving and sharpie oh ho she said she’s had pumpkin half banana she does have a Cateye oh oh I also notice that when we put a candle in yours we don’t see anything much I mean so there I have carving outlines in some places but short answer is you’re right I think we all did a great job and we would all represent our country well as Miss pumpkin America but I also think that this one has 3d elements and this one has eyelashes let’s bring in baby joy see she’s gonna evaluate us and give us a grade and judgment hi I’m so thankful you guys asked me to do this I’m a hundred percent qualified I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life so joy see we need you to do two things for us we need you to guess whose pumpkin is who and we also need you to say which one is most aesthetically pleasing I love you well was I supposed to do not include my glasses I want you I’m [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] definitely your eyebrows are really nice the lips are cute but I don’t think this is actually a carving so therefore I do have to just look at I I carved the top lip and realized it was a mistake I carve the nose realized that was the mistake or I carved it because it would be mine or I did that mistake this one is not wearing glasses you guys me comments we got on it pumpkin not having any carvings I wanna do a great attempt and I think if I did it I would do it the same exact way okay I feel better no she’s definitely getting an honorary mention for being the cutest girl on the block Thank You joycie Wow I would say it’s Jen only because of the whimsical fashion that this was made definitely Kay definitely done by the Aries mob-like aesthetic your hairline looks nothing like this we aren’t you cute oh I’m gay so yeah could be anyone this is great it smells like a monkey I don’t want mine to be smells okay that’s cuz you stole the pumpkin essence to retain your youth I love lady life as though they were my own sisters and I hate picking competitions good I think it’s a social contract that condition or a society but I would have to say for best look-alike [Laughter] [Applause] selfie pumpkin carving lady tested [Applause] [Music] concert with our talents

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  1. GIRL HOW IS HALLOWEEN HARD ya put a pumpkin on your front porch, buy a bag of candy and throw on a slutty red riding hood costume 😹 Christmas is SO stressful and expensive

  2. IMO Christmas takes a lot of work too tho. Them Christmas lights… a pain to put up (on the roof for sureeee) and shopping for what people want. Harddd, halloween is arts and crafts and handing out candies.

  3. so I think that when they have like an event to go to or a night on the town they should go and have their hair done by the worst rated Salon in their city

  4. I would love to see a video of you guys taking vocal lessons for a month and then performing something after 🙂 Kind of like the video with Devin teaching everyone pole.

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