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We Try To Survive An Alien Invasion In “Grand Theft Auto 5”

We Try To Survive An Alien Invasion In “Grand Theft Auto 5”

– Don’t mind me Mr Alien. (laughs) (dramatic music) – Today we’re attempting to
survive an alien invasion in GTA five. – Yeah I’m pretty good at GTA. I know how to drift,
you know, I’m basically Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious, sometimes Hobbs when I need to be. – I started gaming when I was pretty young but this was like not allowed in my house because, violence. – Here are some steps you should take to ensure your survival. – Enjoy a leisure activity. – Attempt to save your house. – Save a civilian. Can I be the civilian that I save? – Save Los Santos. (dramatic music) – I’m getting really
nervous, I don’t want to, I hate dying. Oh okay, ran, oh my god it’s an alien. Oh I’m sorry for screaming. – Looks like I got to
go back in the chaos. (woos) – There’s an alien and
I’m gonna shoot him. Yup got one, okay, great. Yes, nope, dead. Why? That’s what I hate about
like aliens in games, is that we really assume
that they’re very human-y when really, they’re probably not. (barks) – Leisure first. Oh I kind of want to golf. I’m at the golf course I might as well, they won’t ruin my golfing adventure. They respect a man of
leisure and opulence. – I know I said I wanted
to walk on the beach but if I’m a die, I’m a die pretty. I gotta get a hair cut. – Helicopter shooting? Oh there’s a spaceship. Oh look at that, a flying saucer. Its quite beautiful when you look at it. Can this be my leisure activity, space saucer watching. It’s like looking for shooting stars but more scary. – Seems like I’m safe in the barber shop. – Where’s the entrance to
this (beeps) golf course. They’re now operating in front of my car as if they have a death wish. So that’s cool. – Got the lines, got stars, oh maybe I should get stars, ’cause I’m fighting aliens, you know. – I wish I could golf. I really need a de-stress right now. – Cut me up fam. – Golf course is closed, so
I’m gonna, I’m just gonna, you can do a little red,
did not leisure activity on the bottom corner of the screen. I’ve seen this (beeps) – I got a nice thick
beard, ready to pop off. DJ Khaleed says, when
you get your hair cut, you get your mind right. – I gotta go find my house. It’s close by apparently. Oh my god there’s so many aliens though. – Let’s get out of here, go home. I’m in a strong safe
vehicle, I can save my house. Oh. You’re never safe. (laughs) – (sighs) we arrived at home and
immediately a car explodes so this is fine. – That’s the front of my house. It’s very nice. Yes, that’s my house, I found my house. Close the door. Why is my door like a swinging door? – Hey, how you doing Auntie? Yeah it’s been hard, you know, people been blowing up the world, you just in here watching TV though, – The sounds of death and
destruction are muffled inside, so that’s nice. Can make some eggs. We got some toast, oh I can drink a beer, I need to do that, does this
count as my leisure activity? I’m having a beer. – Well there’s a woman
exercising in my living room. What were you doing when
the alien’s invaded? I was doing my ab workout. – Watching TV. This aint that, you want
to see people burning? They burning outside Auntie, dang. You aint even gonna make room, thank you, make room on the couch. – I’m being shot at by these aliens, I’m defending my property. Why am I being? The Army’s shooting at me. My dog is fine, my mom is fine. – Well I got a real gun with 20 bullets. And two aliens right here. Bye-ow, say something, say something. Woo. One down. Oh. The alien’s heads are weird, so I didn’t know they’d
realize I’d shot at ’em. – House looks relatively
safe, no one’s inside, but they won’t shoot at us
unless it’s me standing outside because they want me. Let’s see here, I wish I would. Oh. Stepped right outside my front
door and died, immediately. So I’m safe in the house. – I’m a try and go somewhere
safe so when I think the chaos is too much here,
people are dying too fast. So I’m gonna go deep into the city, and that’s where I will
probably save someone. Oh no, I ran over an alien. Oh. Got blown up. (laughs) – I need to save a
civilian so we’re gonna get out of the car, get out of the vehicle, and then we’re gonna get our shot gun out and oh, that’s a dead civilian. So, – Oh my god this is bad,
okay, so I died again. To nobody’s surprise, I
may die again right now. And I accidentally messed
up what kind of person I am but so now I’m a soldier. But I did notice I could
recruit a body guard which would be very helpful because then they can shoot at somebody else and they can not shoot at me. Again I can literally cannot stand up. – I’m gonna save, no,
no, no, no, let me help you okay, I’m a do some CPR. Do some CPR real quick,
oh no, okay, alright. You can’t be saved. – Civilian I will save you, stay near me. I will shoot any alien
that will get close to you, me and you babe, us against the world, we’re gonna have to repopulate. You’re dead, we’re both dead. She landed on my body, does that count? I saved her bones from being broken. – Okay so, I’m gonna follow the Army guys ’cause their job is to save Los Santos and that’s also my job. So I’m gonna climb this ladder and I’m gonna follow the Army guys. ’cause maybe they know
something that I don’t. Oh the guy in front of me just died, nice. They’re here already. I’m gonna die on this roof. – They trying to run away,
I got this alien, bow. Right ya, I’m this
hero, oh no, I got shot. – I think what we have
to do is go undercover. I can make myself an alien. I can make myself an alien. I can make myself an alien. We gotta think like an alien,
actually they’re really ugly. Step one of going undercover
is convincing everyone around you that you’re
not undercover and in fact actually, hello alien
brothers, grr and bleh. They believe me. Sometimes you just gotta,
remember when I said I was like Vin Diesel this is what I mean. You gotta drive in the ditch to avoid some UFOs. – Last attempt to save the city here, maybe a miracle will happen? Maybe I will channel
the power of Will Smith? Yup yup, okay see, good vantage point, I was right. Oof, (mumbles) I just gotta
crawl away from this point. And I died, that was very anti-climactic. – There’s no like emoting, oh but you shot, oh hello mom. The mother ship, I didn’t
see that until just now. Okay, now I turn on my friends. Hey um, um you literally can’t
shoot aliens, as an alien. Maybe I can just convince us all to leave. Have you heard of the good
word of the Lord Jesus Christ? I think he would not appreciate this. I’m also just getting
exploded over and over again. I died and turned back into Franklin. So the jig is up. All the other aliens were like, I knew that guys was too
nice, he was super weird. – Oh my gosh. Oh no I got abducted. (buzzes) – This is my first time playing GTA, I really didn’t think this is what it was. GTA on a weird night on some crack. – I did not know I could get abducted. If I had to go out anyway,
I’m glad I got abducted. – I’m glad to know that
in an alien invasion my house, with a warm beer,
is the safest place to be. – If an alien invasion
were to actually happen I want to be one of the first dead. Same as zombies, I don’t
want to have to try and outlive that, just kill me,
I’ll be a zombie, it’s fine. I want to be on the winning
team, is what I’m saying. (upbeat music) – [Curly] Hey guys we’re. – [All] Pero Like. – Did you know it’d
Hispanic heritage month? (speaks foreign language) – For more Latina content. – Subscribe here. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “We Try To Survive An Alien Invasion In “Grand Theft Auto 5””

  1. Exploded and was bouncing away until he died turned into Franklin,slide on the floor and was still able to sand up

  2. Ify was funny as hell in this episode, however I do still miss the other usual people who played gta5 on this channel 💀💀💀

  3. so no offense to these people because they’re wonderful and great people and very entertaining but i got so used to seeing the other 3 playing GTA so i’m kinda sad lmao

  4. Jared: Maybe I can change there minds and convince them to leave

    Have you heard of the great word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I DIED😂🤣

  5. “I wanna be on the winning team” so u wanna be a rotting corpse that walks around feeding on human flesh? Sounds cool

  6. In my simulations we are 95% no death alien invasion. Few treaties away from gaining the power from treaties of the other 5%. Then aliens invade and robots do the work and humans retire to mediate on concerns of the heavens.

  7. Thor: I am going to stop Hela she is destroying Asgard!
    Valkyrie: Alone?
    Thor: Nope I am putting together a team it's me, you and the big guy
    Hulk: No, no team only hulk!
    Thor: It's me and you
    Valkyrie: I think it's only you.
    Thor: 🙁
    Thor Ragnarok logic.

  8. Jared: If I wanna beat the alien, I gotta go undercover as an alien
    Reality: If u can’t beat em join em

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