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Week 4 Dollar Tree Survival Bucket Challenge

Week 4 Dollar Tree Survival Bucket Challenge

my friends we’re on wheat for the final
week of our Dollar Tree bucket challenge and to hope you stay tuned to find out
what is the last thing that I bought for a bucket challenge and where do we go
from here one here is our bucket and look out for
it’s getting now because I have a vacuum sealer I’m gonna go ahead and seal all
of this to recommend two things I would recommend a pressure canner because if
you take the lid off a pressure canner you can use that for a water bath canner
and I would really suggest you get a vacuum sealer a vacuum sealer can do
wonders in protecting your food for long-term storage what did I get for the
last five ingredients for our monthly challenge twenty dollars in all is what
we spend and it was so much fun so I’m gonna share with you the last five
things that I got what I’m gonna do is I’m going to get another bucket and I’m
going to disperse the thing so the edible foods in one bucket and the non
edible foods in another and I’m gonna kill you and I’m going to continue to
keep building up my non edible food supply as you all know I have a lot of
food but I really don’t have a lot of medical things and things that are non
edible that I can use here if the power groups to things I got was dried
potatoes you can use dried potatoes in a lot of different ways and I was told
that the Idahoan is one of the best dried potatoes that you can buy it
tastes really good and they were from the Dollar Tree and they’re also in
mylar bags whenever you buy something that is foil aligned like this that’s
technically a mylar bag now of course it’s not quite as strong as the ones you
would buy but it still is a mylar bag and it still can hold up fairly well and
what I will do is I probably will go ahead and take a second barrier
protection and I will also vacuum seal these so you could put them in another
mylar bag and I will do some videos on that I have so many videos on packaging
in mylar bags and things like that that I tend to forget that not everybody’s
seen buyback videos so I got these potatoes purchased number
three is going to be a very interesting purchase to a lot of you and this may
not benefit some of you but purchase number three is a marigold seeds now why
in the world did I get marigold seeds I bet you’re wondering you know that
marigolds are one of the best plants to plant to naturally get rid of pests yes
the marigolds marigolds you can plant and that would actually help get rid of
whitefly it would help get rid of all kinds of pests in your garden and as we
want to be organic and if the grid would be down we need ways to protect our food
production marigold is one of them and did you know that marigold flower petals
are edible who would ever thought marigold petals are high in vitamin C so
marigold is what I’m gonna put in my survival bucket the next purchase I got
was Epsom salt now why did I get epson salt epson salt is really good for all
kinds of things now it says in the package it’s great for sprains and
bruises and sore muscles also as a plant nutrient but epsom salts also kills
germs and so this will be in my medical bucket because epson salt is really good
also epson salt is magnesium sulfate and so a little bit of this epson salt would
be good for you as well if your vitamins and minerals were depleted so the epson
salt is a really good choice that for everyone to have and that was the point
epson salt not the one with any kind of synthetic scent in it but if you have
your own essential oils you can make scented Epsom salt and it will be more
organic instead of the chemicals that they use in the cheaper brands so epson
salt my last one is matches now you saw me in
week one I bought a lighter week four I’m gonna show you what I’m gonna do
with these matches and they were inspired to me by a subscriber so let’s
get working on our survival project for the week and that has something to do
with matches so let’s get started so a project today is we’re gonna take
everyday matches and we’re gonna make them waterproof and this was given to me
as advice from a subscriber of mine so the matches were only $1 and we’re gonna
go ahead and we’re gonna get a bunch of these matches and we’re gonna turn them
into something that would be great in an off-grid situation so how many times do
you have to light something and it’s raining outside oh I got paraffin wax at
the thrift store what we’re doing is this is some of the wax that’s not
melted but there’s a lot of it that’s melted and it doesn’t take much at all
we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to dip the matches in this paraffin wax and
then we’re gonna lay them for our cookie sheet so let’s get started and making
some waterproof matches now we all we have to do is put our
matches in our glass container and this is going to be great if we ever have to
light a fire or anything outside this is a fun project to work on and it’s gonna
really help you if you have a bug-out bag or if you just want to use it for
your survival box and we’re gonna light one and I’ll see how it looks what fun so here’s our striking area and
what I’ll do is I’ll put this in with our containers so we have it make sure
you always have it right where you need it right inside your a glass jar for $1
we have a lot of matches and they’re waterproof let’s go ahead let’s light
one and see so the tip has the paraffin wax on it and look at that Wow
see how nice that burns pretty cool isn’t it so hope you enjoyed this
project this week I hope you make some of these it was a lot of fun you can use
any kind of wax that you have I just had the paraffin wax which is a cheaper wax
and look how slow-burning it is it’s not burning down these stick like it would
if it didn’t have it because it’s keeping the wax from making it go
further down look at that see how long that’s lasting so it’s gonna save you a
lot of money because you’re not gonna need as many matches one of them is
gonna do the job pretty cool what do you think are you
gonna dip some matches and some wax I hope you do it’s a lot of fun and it’s
gonna come in handy even if we don’t have a grid down situation it’s gonna
come in handy for a lot of things it’s gonna help you save some money take care
everyone I will see you guys tomorrow from Danny’s diary
we’re on January 17th 1943 today I was in the kitchen baking all day I baked a
spice cupcakes and chocolate nut cake just a little reminder if you like these
survival series check out my playlist I have all of them in one plainness for
your handy convenience I hope to see you again tomorrow bye everybody

100 thoughts on “Week 4 Dollar Tree Survival Bucket Challenge”

  1. My husband bought waterproof matches, and they are expensive for just a few so this would be a much better idea. Thanks๐Ÿค—

  2. GREAT VIDEO TESSIE!!! I want to make some waterproof matches too!!! I didn't realize how easy it was!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  3. I have a TON of old half used taper candles Iโ€™m going to try this coated match idea on. Thanks for the reminderโค๏ธ

  4. Good morning Tessie!ย  Great idea about the matches.ย  I never would have thought of it. I have really enjoyed this journey with you! I am excited to go on the next one.!ย  Godย  Bless and keep you safe.ย  I hope you wont be getting that nasty snowstorm.

  5. Good morning Sweet Tessie, I have really enjoyed your videos about putting together a prepping bucket. It has helped me to help some other friends and family get theirs started so they werenโ€™t so overwhelmed with the whole idea . I really like the idea about waterproofing the matches. I think it is a good idea to have more than one way to start a fire, in case one fails you have a couple back ups. I have a little tip for free easy diy fire starters. You need some wood shavings, one or more empty egg cartons, (the cardboard kind, ) and some old candles. Melt your candles. Fill the egg carton with the wood shavings then pour the melted wax over the shavings. Break sections apart and store in a water proof container or a pretty container by your fireplace. To use just place the fire starters under or on top of your Kindeling and light. The cardboard in the egg carton acts as a wick and the wax and shavings give a quick slow burn that will melt down on the bigger pieces of wood and gets them burning. If some of your melted candles were scented then it will give off a nice aroma. I make these for myself as well as give them for Christmas gifts placed in a pretty little basket that I pick up at yard sales and at my local swap building that our town has at the transfer station.(they are free there). If giving for gifts I use the scented red candles, which by the way I get for free at the swap building. Everyone loves them. Well thank you for another wonderful, informative video. And have a super day sweet friend.โ™ฅ๏ธ

  6. Great video Tessie thank you for sharing the water proofing the match I never would have thought about doing that ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  7. Love the video Tessie! Hope to see another challenge in the future. The match tip is so smart! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Tessie, Thanks so much for sharing all the goodies you got. Double sealing this potatoes is such a. Good idea. I loved your project for making waterproof matches. Such a good idea!! Thank you for sharing!! And looking forward to all the future projects. Love, Maryโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

  9. If you have some sand paper, I would also glue a piece to the lid. Just in case the striker paper gets wet or lost. I know me, I would lose the striker paper if I put it in the jar cause I would probably sit it down and forget to put it back. I am a mess, lol.

  10. A nice couple buckets of good Teresa. A supplies bucket is soooooooooooo important. The only thing is that with things like antibiotic cream and such, they lose sttrength over time. Now, that said, I would rather have something that is a little weakened than none at all. We have ace bandages, wrist and ankle braces,, thread for stitches, perozide, alcohol, scirssors, even an emergency surgical kit from the army surplus. Hey…you never know ritght?!?! You can do this with your match striker… You are awesome. God bless you sis!!!!!

  11. Good ideas. Marigolds are also great to dry and feed to chicken and to put in nesting boxes to discourage pests too. Nutrina puts marigold in their feed. Good ideas!

  12. Love the match trick but I also love these ideas because this is something anybody can do no matter where they live they can do things in small ways to be prepared. Because not everybody has an instapot not everybody is a canner I can can but I do not own an instapot they're too expensive. But there's many other things you do that I can do and so can others. Trying to catch all your rewinds as daily there's a little baby here almost 10 months old and he always wants my attention even though I'm not the main caregiver but what a wonderful thing to be wanted by such a cute little guy. It's amazing when we open our hands and open our hearts the people that God will put in our pathway and how he uses us. This little guy's one grandmother lives out of state and the other one lives 3 hours away and yet the Lord uses me to daily love on this little guy about 5 days a week sometimes six days a week with it being 10 to 12 hour days so my living room looks like a small daycare LOL but who can complain not me

  13. I use either the tea light, or those scented wax cubes. The main Criterion, is it they either be cheap, or free. But they work as well as the paraffin wax. And I carry a bunch around in an old pill bottle. With a striker strip from an old matchbook. Actually I've got the entire old matchbook cuz it's got a girly picture that the wrecking yard used to give away

  14. That's a good idea Tessie! I enjoyed seeing that. It sure does make the matches burn slower, that's a good thing! Thanks for sharing!

  15. tessie thank you so much for sharing with us I have also been collecting food and stuff I never had stockpile till i started watching you

  16. Great choices today, will definitely be making the water proof matches as well. Also working on our non food essentials/medical supplies.

  17. week 4, wow time does fly. I like the match trick, I will be doing this. I save my dryer lint to use as a fire starter, great to have when the weather is damp and wet.have a blessed day my beautiful friend

  18. I really liked this series and have followed along. I wonder if the match thing will work with beeswax. I have a little of that laying around.

  19. If government shutdown workers would have been stocking food and saving money this shutdown would not affect them as bad.

  20. I put about a TBSP epsom salt in hole that I plant tomatoes in. Helps eliminate blossom end rot. I also put some in a foot spa when I soak feet in hot water.
    I also started putting a Tsp of Moranga powder in a daily cup of green tea. Moranga is high in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

  21. Learned something new I will have to get some of those seeds. lol I love a good epsom salt bath. Interesting tip with the matches

  22. Wow! I'm gonna dip me some matches, lol. I think they'd be great on windy days too. I had a hard time lighting my bbq last summer because of the wind and longer lasting matches would have helped. Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I love your channel, not only are you great to watch, have wonderful knowledge to share but you make it convenient for us to find different topics ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you P.S. You inspired me to do some matches for our survival bag ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Thanks so much love this series. Iโ€™ve bought in past survival kits that I still have but now feel I can make my own at my own pace.

  25. Hi Tessie, I enjoyed your video. You are helping people and that is important. We learn from each other. I started watching AlaskaGranny. Her channel is different from yours even though it's prepping. I noticed she hardly has views or subscribers. Would you extend your kindness to her as prepper princess did for you. If you can suggest people watch her and like her I am sure she would be grateful. Thank you Tessie.

  26. Prepper Princess sent me, I subbed to you yesterday. My BF works out of town a lot, and needs to cook for himself something fast for dinners since he works long hours, doesn't want to eat out all the time and he swears by the Idahoan brand potatoes. he said they taste like home made mashed. whoever suggested those did a good job.

  27. Good idea to water proof the matches! Someone told me about the hard to blow out birthday candles also. Good for a windy day!
    I doubled up last time since it's in the opposite direction from where I usually shop. We also need to replenish medical supplies so next time I'll get antibiotic ointment and peroxide. I have a huge heavy duty plastic toolbox that used to hold craft supplies, that I now use for the bulk of my medical supplies. The top tray compartments are good to hold the items like flashlight, scissors, thermometer, alcohol swabs, eye drops, tweezers, etc…

  28. Hello, great video and an awesome way to make your own waterproof matches. The ones in the stores are just so expensive, even the ones online. Oh the simple things in life make things so much easier. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful, warm and safe day.

  29. Tessie I loved this $5 bucket challenge! It was fantastic for if you have no idea where to start. The match tip is brilliant! I'm so grateful for the subscriber who suggested it and for you because you showed it to us. I was so happy you showed us how it worked at the end. I'm going to make some of these! Thanks for all that you share with us! You are an amazing person!

  30. Hello , Tessie I see what you did with the matches, that is a great idea. Have a great and blessing day, Tessie!!!

  31. Hi Tessie, love your enthusiasm. Just on the web this morning – a stay at home wife is worth more than $162,000. You ARE a professional. And, you get to love making your home wonderful and great food and baby your chickens. So great! I retired on my farm and the surrounding peace and quiet is so valuable.

  32. Tessie, have you or any one else bought light bulbs at Dollar Tree for $1.00 a piece? and do they last a good amount of time? Light bulbs are so expensive now and I just cringe when I have to pay $4 + for just 2 bulbs, and that is cheap compared to some of them.

  33. im sure you're aware already, but just in case: Heads up for weather coming your way.

  34. Well I won't be buying anymore matches from the army surplus catalog! We use these when we go up the river to camp. Everything always gets wet in kayaks. Thank you Tessie-. You've saved me alot of money. I've always wondered how they got those things waterproof. Thought it was some magic chemical. Thank You ! And marigolds… Dad used them around the garden. I heard they were a member of the calendula. Would that mean there medicinal? Something to look up. Well I'll talk atcha tomorrow, take care now! As always God Bless!

  35. I love those wax matches ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm not considering myself as a hardcore prepper, but still I've got a lot of prepping material. I don't believe that we would be at a great war again, I've never seen a tornado in The Netherlands, In the last 14 years I had 2 times problems with electricity (which was solved in 2 hours). The most reasonable or something that makes sense is that a small accident or health issues can happen. Getting the flu or break something is something that can keep you easily from the street, what than? If you look what you need for cases like that, you probably have a great part of the whole 'survival' kit.

    ย Candles and oil lamps, I have them and use them cause I like them more then the electrical ones. Something to cook on? Well I have some paraffin stoves which I use instead of a slowcooker. I could have buy a slowcooker (which is more expensive) but in this case I'd rather have a paraffin stove cause I can do the same for a lower price and I'm not depending on electricity.
    Something to stay warm? In my barn there is a kerosine heater, that could easily warm my house. It was a gift from my dad, costs.. nothing ๐Ÿ™‚ In this case it was cheap and not depending on electricity

  36. Some more excellent choices for the survival buckets. I would have never thought about the marigold seeds… thank you so much for that info. I've been wanting to make some of the water proof matches … they can be bought but are really expensive…. much more sensible to make your own. I hear you are expecting lots of snow up your way … stay warm!!!

  37. Good video Tessie. Give me a few weeks and I'll send you some medical stuff
    Marigold flowers are delicious actually. I recommend them highly.
    Epsom salt also can help the garden out

  38. Save them powerade and Gatorade bottles and put filtered water in them. Good first aid kit. Dry ice, and save your meds. Plenty of food you will eat.

  39. Tessie, another thing I put in my bucket , with my fireproof matches. I bought a package of cotton makeup removers from Dollar tree and coated those with was. You can rip off small pieces with your kindling wood and light those, they stay lit for enough time to start a nice fire, and take up hardly any space to store. We've all made the firexstaers with was and sawdust, at least we scout mom's did, but they take up a lot of space where as the was coated makeup pads do not. Have a great day!!!! See you tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  40. Tessie my Friend…Please start stocking up on non edibles have suggestions if you are interested..Love these videos! When talking to someone about stocking up I can get a bit excited and probably overwhelm said person…so now…you have given me video references and I can bring it down a notch and they won't feel overwhelmed. Thanks!!

  41. Lol sis just as you said "and the last item I got is" and immediately an add came on that said "patience is a virtue " lol the timing was perfect like you were building the suspense lol! great buys! And I love the match tip! Thanks for sharing it!

  42. Hi Tessie, the 4th week's buys are good and what a brilliant idea for the matches, hugs Noeleen. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  43. If you reach out to the right places you can also get old birthday candle (cafรฉs which host children's birthdays for example), partly used church candles, etc and use these to melt down and combined with material such as toilet paper rolls to make outdoor, water proof, Firestarter.

  44. You and I are rather different politically, I live in an apt in a big City. I dont even have a sunny patio to grow food in containers. My food prep/preservation consists of freezing leftovers.
    I have learned so much from you! And I'm even adapting some of your ideas to my life. I would love to live in a more rural way, with at least my own garden. So I feel like I'm preparing now for my dream life.
    Thank you so very much for teaching this old dog a few new tricks. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  45. I am going to the Dollar Tree today to stock up . I have owned a food saver ( vacuum sealer ) for 20 years love it. Love the idea about the matches. Thank you for your videos love the recipes and tips.

  46. Loved all 4 videos. I purchased 5 cans of sliced peaches in light syrup, they were $1.12 per can. Its a few cents over, but I love peach pie, I also add them to jello and fruit salads. Good information for new Preppers.

  47. I am very concerned about packaging, even mylar bags inside buckets. How do you rodent proof and bug proof?

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