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Welcome To Paradise – Fight Of The Living Dead S2 (Ep 1)

Welcome To Paradise – Fight Of The Living Dead S2 (Ep 1)

[Music] last season on fight of the Living Dead ten celebrity participants were taken to an abandoned hospital to face an epic challenge survive a zombie apocalypse under the watchful eye of the mysterious Khanna they were forced to write beyond dead outsmart their captors and work as a team this season another crop of stars faces an even more terrifying scenario [Music] not initiates a new experiment with necrotic bio forms at a music festival 20 undead are the headliners follow CONOPS rules and help them defeat the mysterious French for or side with rebellion to take them down welcome to paradise calls where the only prize is survival horse poo [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] are you sure you’ll protect me no promises [Music] me and Anwar are if this blacked out as hippie car we have no idea where we’re going then the car opens up to a VIP reception tent I was expecting Sophie’s immediately or a big bag to be pulled over my head I have none bracelet for you again I love the setup like this whole festival sounds sick I love to walk you dad I go to like every Coachella again it’s like combining all the worlds together [Music] I’m glad we got to our destination and they opened the door and I see the paradise calls logo it was ten o’clock by the time we got here so I knew something was going down and as soon as we got here it got real real quick how we’re both general we got out the car start putting on these heavy suits like we were just completely and utterly confused and lost I have $100 on it’s a prison I got a hundred down this is a lake house paradise calls oh shit and I answered we were just on edge ready to play when we pulled up and open the doors just a photo shoot like why do we have to be blacked out for a photo shoot did it makes sense no it’s very fro I had my guard up I was bought the karate chop some people’s faces off like y’all I got this we have paradise calls sincerely hope you’re enjoying our surrender – fun intake process please follow your escorts – you’re assigned these follow your escorts to your side areas so they’re walking in and we’re out to the main stage and at this point I am memorizing all the doors and exits to all the different buildings I was expecting anything but a music festival I really don’t know what to expect at this point we going to this VIP area where these zombies are and they’re actually zombies I guess that helped us can’t really talk to they don’t talk to you all right we already have some walking we got escorted to like these little cages in front of the stage locked in by the guards which is really scary and there were like zombies all around us yeah he’s ready but meeting coach I’m ready oh snap it’s not a game bro of course thoughts I feel we got the throw like kind of stairs lots of room to run Jake and I are like more funny characters we don’t take everything as serious but this was pretty scary so we were just trying to make joke to make us feel a little more comfortable it’s like a terrible Coachella swear that one’s my grandpa I see you doggies I’m just excited to enjoy discussable with all these lively people this is sketchy as hell I kind of feel safe up here though shit save us please first thank you for your participation in paradise calls the show is about to begin so we’re up on stage they have tanco drummers and dancers I’m not really sure what kind of is trying to sell us on [Music] when the show started it was just me and my BA like sitting there going what is happening [Music] now that you’re all settled in settled in let me be the first to welcome you to the site of the upcoming paradise called music fest best music festival a fun-filled time featuring top artists and cool tech that note allow me to turn things over to paradise calls best and brightest the head of our paradise calls initiative dr. June nada welcome for decades zombies have been a subject of fear distrust and bigotry but now through the wonder of technology and the power of music we hope to end necro phobia forever improve that caught up engineered necrotic bio forms can light the way to a better future imagine a world where menial tasks a manual labor our thing of the take my friend Bob here bob is a Tasker a completely safe and subservient necrotic bioform Bob receives a command signal through his viewing hardware here and sees it on the screen in front of him telling him exactly what to do as long as Bob’s eyes are glued to that screen he will obey whatever the screen commands I have nothing to fear Bob would never try to eat my brains we are at the brink of a new world one with a non-living and their undersea friends can collaborate together as water if you don’t believe me then take a look at the paradise calls harmony dancers may I [Music] see a little show do a little damn leave the zombies party get crunk down lay down [Applause] [Applause] workforce room their systems up and all hell breaks loose okay return it’ll take you with VIP room you’ll be safe there [Applause] stay together that’s why I’ve told you we should have been doing something the same time going to sleep out why was that so hard oh my god are we the first ones injured so under the stage and there’s a maze under the stage and we’re having to crawl through it we don’t know where they’re going and I feel like I’m Way more anxious than Anwar and nervous at this point my heart rate is up my adrenaline is up I have to run Hey so we’re really stuck now my sweet Jesus there’s people acting weird zombies start attacking us some guard hands me a key I got a key they’re like over the VIP tent like I don’t know where that is bro hush what are you talking about all I hear is VIP tent and I remember because I I’ve memorized where that was on the back and we just started sprinting it’s my boy VIP room I see a couple of my friends and I’m good [Music] boy we’re supposed to do why do we have to we have to run in there yeah the zombies are literally getting really aggressive and like we didn’t know how we’re gonna get out here we have a sheet up do the lock my really fun was like I am NOT dying right now I don’t know how I’m gonna do it but like I’m gonna survive this part you are almost issue key subject so we’ve finally got the lock off the door like shot straight was a VIP tense [Music] attention guests before we can progress your complete team must be accounted for the VIP tent I repeat your complete team so there’s just a bunch of chaos happening right now we have two of our teammates are missing we’re not getting out this way something’s blocking it something’s blocking it oh I can’t I can’t get out we happen to just make it into the business center everything just went crazy to tasker’s went crazy they were no longer our friends anymore pretty pissed-off zombies look [Music] yeah for sure dude there was no instructions there was nothing in the room I was freaking out the air was freaking out let’s go to sleep together ain’t I together just another load I think that’s when everything became real for both of us oh snap this thing’s on everybody yeah they’re all over there how’s it look at the door handle oh shit oh god I would not wanna be in there look for the microphone this one Yeah right here this microphone yeah what yo you hear us hello hello we don’t know what to do they can’t even hear us so we gotta like be showing them signals like with our hands I sign language it was just it was it’s a hot mess hold on I’m gonna talk to him come here I’ve done this before you guys have to come here oh yes yes he said run v.i.p VIP that’s right yes okay VIP team VIP team where’s that Oh No yes he said yes hey someone someone try to fly them down I’m gonna figure out what’s going on with these zombies here’s Hannah she’s trying to say something to it they have a key okay I’m gonna go talk we’re trying to get you guys but is no way out I am running to run to you he say he’s gonna run us okay okay we’re waiting here eat I’m gonna figure out what’s going on with you zombies who wants to go you want to go alright let’s do it boy oh okay shit shit here here your Ziggy you think no user here [Music] [Music] go [Applause] [Music] good because now we know how to communicate with each other okay congratulations on bringing your team safely to the VIP tent as we try to restore the festival please turn your attention to a brief announcement from the project manager this extremely dangerous situation running on reserve power and our infrastructure is your number one goal should be to simply survive but you only hope to perform missions to help us get our infrastructure back I like particularly the sky pull the transmission tower in the middle of the village means the sky pole is operable a call for reinforcements and an extraction team probably within 72 hours the paradise calls announcer will be reaching out to you with further instructions for now make yourself at home enjoy prepare the Sky Tower get the belts that’s easy let’s go do it right now we regret however that we cannot guarantee your safety for the rest of your staff nice calls that said we hope you enjoy your stay [Music] this season on fight of the Living Dead and then our mission started I think they were sending a message they were sending the message that they’re not playing around we figured out that tasker’s do specific things but if it’s offline they go crazy I noticed little nips girl that she starts motioning for us and I’m like she communicated what’s going on what the hell what do you know about French more what’s French for the only thing we know is that branch for we’re trying to get rid of Donna okay what’s that who do I trust now you can never be chill out there I’ll keep going readmissions and hopefully we can keep everybody alive [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Thanks youtube for making this trash with a shitty youtuber as a main character thats made in FUCKING 2017 giving this fuck a show and canceling scare PewDiePie? Every day i believe more and more that youtube is ran by mindless retarded monkeys

  2. Man…..I’d trade Steve Irwin for jake Paul anyday. Mac miller for Paul. Biggie for Paul. Literally anyone, just get this cuck off the planet. Yeah I said, so what.

  3. What door has a wooden lock from outside the door(no logic) because if the wooden lock locking from outside they can't get out but if is on the inside they can join lift up the wood and get out

  4. imagine all that money wasted on this when you could produce something like walking dead and popularise youtube premium

  5. Fight Of The Living Dead: Champion Survivals (Keep going with seasons and have other winners all go together)

  6. 7:14 (I know that the zombies are actors) Since the zombies are dead isn’t there body temperature suppose to be cold?

  7. U guys had Hannah Juanpa I think those are my favourite and even anwar the best in my opinion omg this is the creepiest thing good luck sleepin tonight youtubers

  8. If Pewds was in this everybody would've been killed by Pewds because everyone that Pewds plays with dies eventually.

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