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What Foods Should Be in Your Emergency Kit?

What Foods Should Be in Your Emergency Kit?

hurricanes floods wildfires we’ve seen it all in the past few months if disaster strikes though would you be ready we’re revealing the best foods to stockpile in case of an emergency so we have foods dr. Warren I think you’re gonna start us off that you would have sovereigns with you a couple of things now it’s not your fresh sashimi from your Japanese restaurant it is fish it’s canned fish canned tuna and canned sardines packed in water you can store them store them well they’re going to keep their great source of protein we’ll fill you up and good for you Judy you’ve got one for us that’s right box milk alternatives they’re obviously much more nutritious than water so you can get oil milk almond milk hemp milk that are in boxes they’re shelf safe packaging and it’s unopened they’d last for eight months so it’s cost-effective and you wouldn’t have to sort of reuptake emergency kit for yourself and I love things like freeze-dried fruits and veggies they keep and on top of that you may think freeze-dried okay so they’ve been dehydrated but the other big thing that I just want to throw out there and we saw this in the most recent crisis after the hurricane is everyone should always have some fresh water on hand because it’s amazing how quickly things we take for granted like fresh water can run out you

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  1. I went through Hurricane Irma recently in Florida and it was one of the scariest things we had ever seen. The week before the hurricane the shelves were empty of all the canned food. We had no power for 5 days and a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs tasted pretty damn good. I never eat that crap anymore but during that storm that was some good chow.

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