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What Happens To All The Dogs If Humans Disappear?

What Happens To All The Dogs If Humans Disappear?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Any dog lover will tell you that our furry
friends make our lives better. they save lives as police and search and rescue
dogs and take care of us as therapy and service dogs. Studies even show that they improve our health
by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. They also make Twitter slightly more tolerable
thanks to their adorable little faces, That’s why whenever I get stressed out,
I spend time with my buddy – professor Cuddlesworth. Here boy! That’s a good dog! Yes you are! It’s clear that life without them would be
horrible for us, but what about them? If every human suddenly disappeared, what
would happen to our dogs? Do they even need us? Researchers estimate that we’ve been domesticating
dogs for ten to forty thousand years. Since then, we have provided them with food,
protection, and shelter. Without humans, dogs that are used to being
cared for would need to quickly learn how to fend for themselves. Since no one will be filling up their food
bowl, they will need to scavenge or hunt for food. So, dog breeds that are known for their tracking
and hunting abilities, like spaniels and retrievers, would have it much easier than other breeds. They will also be living in a world without
temperature control. So some dog breeds that struggle in the heat
or cold wouldn’t fare well in those climates. dogs with thick coats, like the husky, or
brachycephalic dogs with flat faces, like the bulldog, could easily overheat in hot
regions. While breeds with short hair, like the boxer,
or dogs with low body fat, like the greyhound, would freeze in cold climates. Good thing professor Cuddlesworth here falls
right in the middle. Plus, he’s a skilled hunter. Yes you are! Since dogs were bred to be less aggressive
than their wolf ancestor, the portion of their brain responsible for the fight or flight
response has shrunk, which will make it difficult for most dog breeds when faced with predators.,, Over time, it’s likely that most dogs would
adjust to their new lives once they developed survival skills like finding food and shelter
and forming alliances. But it may take a few generations. We’ve seen this happen with dogs who escape
or are released into the wild. Without human contact, they become feral. In a 1995 study, the first few generations
of feral dogs had high rates of juvenile mortality and indirectly depend on humans for food. However, after long periods of time when natural
selection has taken it course – we’re talking thousands of years here – wild dog species
emerge. This is thought to be the story of the Australian
dingo. So, eventually, dogs will be okay. Though it is reassuring that your little buddy
needs you just as much as you need them. So do you have dogs? What kind, and let me know their name in the
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100 thoughts on “What Happens To All The Dogs If Humans Disappear?”

  1. I'm lucky that Professor Cuddlesworth is a digital doggo. 🐶 He's a good boy! 🐶
    Do you have any dogs? Lemme know! Hope you enjoyed the video, and thanks for watching!

  2. I have two dogs.
    One is a mutt named Jax, and I have another mutt named Bizzy. Both are pretty big, fluffy, cute, and could probably live in the wild by themselves because they are good friends and would create an alliance of some sort

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    And a Chihuahua named Ellie, she’s a cute little black chichi

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