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What is “Could You Survive The Movies?”

What is “Could You Survive The Movies?”

(up-tempo music) – And action! – Standing by. – Okay, very good. – We’re gonna get
everybody back, and out
of the ricochet range. – Cut. Hang tight, one sec,
I got a question for you. – This show is a marriage of
cinema and science. I mean, it’s a Vsauce3 episode,
but blown up to the nth degree.
It’s gonna be insane. We have explosions, shrapnel,
people strapped to the front
of cars, burning pig flesh, cars flipping, and so much more
to find out if you could survive
Mad Max: Fury Road. – One minute, James.
One minute.
– Camera speed. – Let me just see that long
piece for a second. – Here we go, guys.
Action, action. – You know, we’ve been doing
this a little while. We make a
lot of different shows as AMPLE. And how often do we
get to do this? To be out in the middle of
nowhere, making a movie.
And doing all those things that I think is the reason
we got into this business
in the first place. It’s unlike anything
I’ve ever seen. – So yeah, we got a
bigger gap between the
Mustang and the old Dodge. – Usually when we film
Vsauce3 videos, this is
literally the entire crew. – This is the team.
– It’s just this. Then we have this.
So it’s quite
a drastic change. – It is quite drastic.
It’s nice to not have it
all on me, you know? – It’s definitely gonna be up a
notch from what we usually make. – Just a few notches.
– A little bit. – Again, don’t help me
unless I’m on fire. – Alright, I have
the “all clear”,
ladies and gentlemen. – On zero. Fire in the hole!
Fire in the hole! (explosion) – We got the shockwave.
That’s what we needed.
That’s awesome. – We had a myriad different
toys on this film. We had slow-motion
cameras, we had high-end
cinema cameras. Amazing lenses, lights, cars,
all that stuff. But one car
that was very, very unique
was the Ultimate Arm. – My name is George Peters,
and today, I’m stunt-driving
the Ultimate Arm
for the shoot, here. We’re just shooting these
crazy cars, we got all kinds
of explosions going up. And the reason we use
the Ultimate Arm out here, is because the terrain is
so rough, and so bumpy that we need a really
stable image to capture
the action we’re going for. We also have to be able
to go very fast,
and accelerate quick. – That’s what we were
talking about too, like, the motorcycle should
come in at the same time
from the other side. – It looked awesome, though. – Yeah, it did. (engine roaring) – So, where we are right now
is 350 acres that we get to,
just, play with. But it’s just this
place where we get to have fun and make something
that’s hopefully going to be
really, really wonderful. And I, ugh… I just…
I’m so happy. (indistinct chatter) (engine roaring) – We’re ready to go. – Ready, and action! – Oh (bleep).

100 thoughts on “What is “Could You Survive The Movies?””

  1. Would it be bad to say that this wasn't much different than any other vsauce 3 video? Aside from the guest appearances and the spike in production value..The key ingredient is you bro. You make these videos what they are. You do an amazing job each episode. !!! Can't thank you enough for making learning so entertaining. You can throw money at anything. There's a reason This video came from you and no one else. Keep it up bro. Hope to be as great you one day.

  2. It's wonderful to see you back in action Jake, missed you man. Welcome back and thanks to you and your partners for keeping up the great work. Looking forward to this!

  3. Wow, huge respect. You really made it. This is professional. I'm deeply impressed. Keep up the good work but PLZ stay on normal YT and don't sell exclusively to YT Red as did VSauce 1.

  4. No I received it, just doesn't interest me in the least. Who cares if you could survive mad Max it's a bloody movie mate

  5. that ultimate arm. has the ultimate air suspension. i mean look at the footage. looks like it rides better than a rolls.

  6. I like how every one bashes Hollywood for running out of ideas and yet these guys are plagiarizing a film shot for shot and its "OMG amazing! Wow how cool!"

    Youtube is full of smart people isn't it -.-

  7. Oğlum sen ne ayaksın len bunu hollywood filmi zanetin seni kutsayacam gücü sana verecem falan filan güç sadece allah aittir bütün dünya bir araya gelsin yine onun gücü ne karşı koyamaz onun için bir sivrisineği öldürmek ten daha kolay

  8. Объясните пожалуйста причем тут BTS ?! Дело в том что я знаю из, но связанное с ними я ничего не вижу и к тому же я английский плохо знаю 🤨🙄

  9. Тот момент, когда у vsauce3 качество видео по круче, чем у рос. фильмов.

  10. As you can see, some people in the comments known as BTS ARMY had clicked on the video thinking there’s something to do with BTS but in fact there’s nothing to do with them and they realize soon after. And I am one of them. Smh. 😂😂😂

  11. Блин, обидно, русские субтитры не завезли, хотя он является 6 по популярности во всём мире(

  12. The thumbnail reminds me of when you're starting a new school year and you see a sign that says bts night (back to school night) and you're just like "Oh my god it's bangtan night" XD

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