What is Days Gone about? Zombie survival game for PS4

The world is not the same anymore. The virus which killed almost all of humanity
and transforms millions into “Freakers”, mindless zombie-like creatures that are evolving all
the time. Even those who were lucky and avoid infection
split into groups and started surviving war. The war against Freakers and each other, for
resources and food. One of these survivors is former outlaw biker
Deacon St. John A bounty hunter trying to find a reason to live in a land surrounded by death. He had amazing happy days in the past, but
these days gone. Now Deacon like a wounded wolf with all hurting
memories in his head and heart. Thank god he has a body, Boozer. They were in the same Mongrel Motorcycle Club. Yes, Deacon was a biker and he still has his
bike, probably the most valuable thing in this wild and dangerous world. So be aware and take care of it. You will have only this one and if you lose
it, you should find it, if you broke it you should repair it. Without a bike, you don’t have any chance
to run from the freakers. They’ll catch you and eat alive. Look after your bike, love it an upgrade it. Mhhmmm, you can upgrade it. Make it faster, more durable and nice. Add new parts, nitro, paint it. Your bike should be ready for broken roads. If you run out of gas in this crazy world
you will be in big trouble. You can find some old gas stations, but these
places are damn dangerous man. If we speak about danger, let me explain what
kind of danger is waiting for you in this world. How I said before we have freakers feral monsters
that operate on pure instincts. They need to eat and drink like you. Try to guess who are the most delicious food for them. Freakers don’t stay in one place all the
time, they migrating and sometimes hibernate. While mutation is still going on, freakers
evolving all the time. Probably most common kind of them is Swarmers. They travel in groups, sometimes alone and
are most dangerous when gathering into hoards of hundreds of them. Some aren’t so aggressive like Newts. They will try to attack you if you invade
into their territory or will be in low health. Be aware of Screamers and try to stay quite
near them, because Screamers are like an alarm system. If they see you, you will hear a crushing
scream and massive chords of Swarms will come after you. Do you ever meet rock trying to kill you? No? You will have this experience if you will
meet Breaker. Breakers look exactly the same. They are extremely powerful killing machines. Then I was in this world mutated wolves, bears
and birds tried to kill me. Be aware, who knows what kind of monster or
freaker will jump out of the trees and try to tear you into pieces. The virus is still evolving. And it’s not the end. Do you know who is the worst enemies for a
human being? Another human being. Some of them just trying to survive and don’t
have any bad intention, some trying to take control into their hands and be new kings
in this freaking world. How to survive there? Use guns and your skills. Crossbows, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Molotovs,
Knives, Fire Axes and more. Some of them drop Enemies but you’ll buy
better in survivor camps. Improve your skills in skill tree like Health,
Stamina and Focus. You will be more accurate, more silence and
quicker. That helps you to take down your enemies faster
and with fewer damages. Few more things that definitely will help
you to survive. Remember that this world all the time comes
for you. And you will not be safe and can’t relax. If you drive be careful. Some bastards can drop the rope across the
road that kicked you out from bike and perverts will try to kill you and take out all valuable
resources. If you will capture a camp or freakers bushes
you can use it for fast travel or spent night before the sun comes back in the morning. Remember Freakers are more dangerous at night
time and in bad weather. Weather conditions, not stable and changing
all the time. One moment the sun plays in the skies and
suddenly snow or rain will catch you. Driving the bike in the broken roads and off
roads in these conditions is very dangerous. So you should be careful because you can
fall break a bike and fall down in the middle of nowhere. Days Gone is Available for PS4 on April 26,
2019. And you need to survive about 30 hours in
the game if you want to see the final. Are you ready to face of a world who is coming
for you? Are you? Thank you guys for watching this video. Want to see more? Say it in comments, push like button and subscribe
to my channel. Good luck in your adventures and see you soon.

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