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What Is The Best Survival Food With Long Shelf Life?

What Is The Best Survival Food With Long Shelf Life?

Top 10 Best Survival Foods To Buy At Grocery Store Whether there is a big storm forecasted or there is nothing but sunny days ahead, being prepared is always important. This is because disasters can strike when we least expect them to. This is why it is wise for you to stockpile survival food for any situation. Shopping for survival food is very different from your everyday shopping. Instead of looking for what looks and tastes good, what you will be looking for is calories, shelf-life, nutrition, and convenience. That being said, let’s have a look at our Top 10 survival foods with a long shelf life to buy at the grocery store. Top 10. Sugar Starting off our list at number 10 is the ever-present condiment sugar. While sugar isn’t necessary for survival situations, you will find having some around is going to be great for you. This is because survival food tends to be very bland and boring. And your palate will go crazy after a few days on survival food. Sprinkle some sugar in though and you can transform your tasteless ingredients into wonderful dishes. 9. Salt Salt is great for the same reason as sugar. We all know that salt can greatly enhance the flavor of just about anything. But there’s more because salt isn’t only great as a seasoning. When you are in survival situations, you will almost never have electricity to preserve your food. This is why having a stash of salt to rub unto meats to stop them from spoiling so quickly. 8. Canned Soup Away from the condiments now and unto the real food! Canned foods are, without a doubt, some of the best survival foods to have around. This is because canned foods generally have extremely long shelf-lives. Canned soup is no exception. And aside from having a long shelf-life, soups also provide you with water and nutrients which, depending on your water supply, maybe a lifeline for you. 7. Nuts When you are in a survival situation, you are going to need a lot of energy. This is why having a stash of nuts is always a good idea. Nuts are known to be high in calories and nutrients. This is why you are going to get that kick of energy you so badly need. Nut butters are also great to have around as they provide you with protein, fat, and flavor as well. 6. Pasta Just because you are in a survival situation doesn’t mean you can’t cook. In fact, being able to cook is essential to surviving. That being said, it is a good idea to stock up on pasta for survival situations. This is because pasta is loaded with carbs. Of course, don’t expect your survival pasta to taste as good as your regular pasta. But even without the flavor, pasta is going to provide you with carbs to get you through the day. 5. Flour On the same note, having flour around is also a very good idea. Unlike pasta, you can use your flour to cook just about anything. With very few other ingredients, you can already make bread. And as we all know, bread is really all you need to survive. 4. Canned or Dried Fruits Surviving on bread alone though isn’t going to provide you with much nutrition. This brings us to the next item on our list, canned and dried fruits. We all know that having fruits in our diets is important. However, fresh fruits aren’t going to last you a week when stocked up. This is why you should go for canned and dried fruits to get the nutrition you need in survival situations. 3. Rice This might surprise you, but rice is undoubtedly one of the best foods for survival situations. In fact, there are cultures in Asia that live off rice. The fact that it needs to be cooked is certainly a downside. But that doesn’t take away much from the fact that it is super nutritious and can give you enough energy to face another day. 2. Beans Carbs, proteins, nutrients, what more could you ask for when it comes to beans? Beans also have an extremely long shelf-life, lasting up to 10 years. This is why beans is a must-have in any survival situation. 1. Canned Meat And finally number one. Canned meats are the ultimate survival food. This is because canned meats are going to provide you with all the nutrients and energy you are ever going to need. Buy different types of canned meat, such as canned fish, and you are going to get a balanced diet. Canned meat can also, of course, be stored for years and years to come. Other Very Good Survival foods Protein Bars Much like nuts, protein bars also provide you with a ton of energy. One advantage of protein bars, however, is their convenience. If your situation requires you to walk some distances, having food that you can bring around easily is a must. And protein bars fit perfectly in your pocket and can be eaten at any time. Jerky If you’re looking for something tasty, nutritious, has a long life, and is convenient, jerky is what you should get. During the American expansion years, people would always bring jerky along as their source of nutrition. It is tried and tested and jerky is without a doubt one of the best survival foods to have around today. So you see, your shopping list is going to look very different when you have survival in mind. Stockpile on these items and you will be ready to face any disaster that will strike you. SHTF Prepping on a budget is easy when you know what to stock up on and doesn’t Have to Be Expensive. Which survival foods would suit you the best? Comment below!!! Our team will be very happy if you can Like this video and share it with your friends.

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  1. Raw honey will never spoil. Heat several quart-sized Mason jars in the oven to 200 degrees (F), remove and add white rice or dry beans, wipe the tops clean, place a canning lid on top, then the ring, let cool to seal, they will keep for a very long time in a dry, cool, dark place.

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