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What kind of perfume do you like? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.30]

What kind of perfume do you like? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.30]

The ladies will each choose a perfume that they wish their boyfriend would wear. Among the perfumes, the guys will each choose one that suits their taste. If both of you pick the same one, you’ll be matched up. (They’ll pick their men’s perfume) (I want to be enchanted by your scent) Welcome. Welcome. Pick one perfume and the ribbon of your choice. (Decorate it with a ribbon) I need to pick among these? (She’s in a dilemma) The scents are woody, white musk, baby powder, rose, and fabric softener. – Can I smell them? / – Yes. (She makes a careful decision) (She talks with her face) Your eyes get really big when you smell them. Right. – Which one will you pick? / – This one. – This one? / – Yes. This is white musk. – Right. / – Please give me this one. – I’d like this one. / – This? Why did you pick this perfume? It’s the scent you get from the fresh laundry. – The scent from fresh laundry? / – Yes. It’s a little masculine and you don’t get sick of it. Which action do you think you’d like him to do after he wears the perfume? What action would make your heart flutter? When he looks at the back while reversing. – Oh, reversing? / – While he’s reversing. That scent from then. – When he’s focused on work. / – When he’s working. But how would you smell him when he’s working from far away? Well, then I don’t have to stay far from him. Oh, then like this? (Like this?) (Just the thought of it makes her heart flutter) Wait, you just smiled really widely. Wait, you just smiled really widely. (Embarrassed) It depends on your preference. Pick whatever you like. Alright, the female members have picked five perfumes for men. (Curious) (I hope it’s to my preference!) The female members… – Should turn around. / – Please turn around. Alright, number one, Seo Seungwon will pick first. What will be the perfume that special forces would pick? It’s the scent of special forces. I liked Lee Danbi the most. She doesn’t look like she’d do the ostrich thing, but she did. I like people who are whimsical. (The unexpected charm of Danbi captured his heart) Do you think you know… Who picked it? I don’t think so. (Who would Kyeonghun like to be partners with?) The person who drew my attention was Park Suyeong who was wearing a blue dress. I’ve never met anyone like her, so I think it’d be nice to get to know her. The one who spun. The one who spun. Her specialty itself was very unique. And sure enough, she didn’t do so well. So I wanted to fill what she lacks, and she was really cute. (The most preferred female member, Park Suyeong) (The male members are done with their selection) (Will it match with the woman in their hearts?) (It’s time to find out!) The one whom I pick should go and spray perfume on the female members. The female member who picked that perfume can turn around. – But you guys know. / – We do, of course. Seungwon, please go first. (Seungwon sets off) (He’s always been fond of Danbi) (Grinning) (I hope my preference is similar to hers) (They’re also getting nervous) (Danbi, is this the perfume you picked?) (Seungwon’s heart flutters at her movement) (Will his preference be the same as hers?) Female members, if you smelled the scent, please turn around. In 1, 2… 3. Please turn around. (It must be the perfume that Danbi picked!) (Please hurry and turn around) (If it’s the perfume you picked, please turn around) (Let’s see) (It’s mine!) (His preference matches with Seoyeon’s) – The white… / – Oh, she picked it! (Seungwon and Seoyeon picked white musk) So they became a couple. (They became a couple with same preference) I was a little sad. It’s the next male member’s turn. (Daun liked Suyeong from the beginning) (We’re watching you) (Is Suyeong reacting to it?) (Is Crazy-haired Anne reacting as well?) (I’m watching you also) Please return to your spot. (The female members carefully smell the scent) If you think this is the perfume you picked, please turn around at the count of three. In 1, 2… (Who has the same preference as Daun?) Three. (Daun and Danbi picked the scent of fabric softener) – Is it yours? / – Danbi. Alright, they’re the second couple. (Three men who are fond of Suyeong) Park Suyeong. She looks a little clumsy. I like Suyeong. She was charming when she showed her whimsical side. (Who will be matched up with Suyeong?) (Will Sanghyeok and Suyeong’s preference match?) In 1, 2… Three. (Sanghyeok and Jihyeon picked) (The baby powder scent) Congratulations on becoming a couple. (What a relief) Please come here. You can’t turn around. (Seunga and Suyeong are the only ones left) (Two male members who like the same woman) Go ahead. Okay. (Kyeonghun sets off first) (He wants to be partners with Suyeong) (Smelling) (Suyeong, who’s whimsical and bubbly) (Seunga, who’s coy and chic) Turn around at the count of three. In 1, 2, 3. (Kyeonghun and Seunga becomes a couple) Daegu Shin Saekyeong. Alright! Look at this. (Suyeong and Jeongmin becomes a couple) (Grinning) (Is she smiling as well?) (When she picked the perfume) (She wanted to be with Jeongmin) (What if he smells like the perfume that you like?) (I’d love that!) (I like Suyeong) Alright, so Jeongmin and Suyeong became a couple. (They have the same taste, and they like each other) (Preference Matching Round 2, The Scent of My Man)

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