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What’s Flying in India Like? (Essential Guide: Best Airlines, Food, Cheap Tickets & More) #HowToRock

What’s Flying in India Like? (Essential Guide: Best Airlines, Food, Cheap Tickets & More) #HowToRock

I’m traveling from Delhi to Raipur in Chattisgarh today, and I’m gonna take you guys on the journey with me. I’ll show you how to fly domestically here in India, I’ll take you over everything you need to know like terminals, food, which airlines to use, how to book, everything okay? And actually, I have this travel board to visit every single Union Territory and state here in India, and I just got three more to go including Chattisgarh, Odisha and Lakshwadeep. Then I’ve visited every single state and UT here in India. Let’s get started now! Now guys, the first thing to note when you arrive at the airport, you can’t get through these gates without your Passport and your boarding pass. I know it’s a little bit different overseas but you’ve got to have the Passport and the boarding card or any kind of form of identification if you’re an Indian. But for a foreigner, it’s best to use your Passport. And actually, there are multiple terminals at for example, the Delhi and Mumbai airports. And, domestic flights leave from both these terminals. Domestic flights also leave from the International terminals, here in India. So it can get quite confusing, so here at Delhi, we have terminal 1, 2 and 3. Terminal 2 is a domestic airport and Terminal 3 is known as the International Airport, but domestic flights leave from the International Airport as well, okay? So, it can get confusing so just make sure you check what terminal you’re leaving from, okay? Today I’m leaving from Terminal 2, which is, the kind of official domestic terminal. Now once you’re in the airport, it’s really quite simple. You’ve got sign here in english, you’ve got the toilets over here and then you just have the check-in counters, just like normal. Just go and check-in, drop your bags off and enter security. So once you’ve got your boarding pass it’s really easy, it’s gonna show your ID and they’ll print your ticket up for you. Then you gotta come through security here and get your bag screened before you can get to the gate. Now once you’re through security, there’s usually a pretty good food court and pretty good shopping options here. You’ve got like McDonald’s, like PizzaHut, like Subway. Yep, then a bunch of shops as well. The foodcourt is really good at this Delhi domestic airport, but actually I always have a problem when I go for security. So, whenever I’m carrying my drone they always stop me, they always want to double check me just because of the drone. But I can confirm, you can carry a drone here on flights, it’s okay, but you will get extra scrutiny when you come for security, which is a pain. And actually some airports like Angola they will ask you to scan your check-in baggage as soon you enter the airport and then you hand that over to the check-in staff. So there’s like a double security at some airports. So let’s go find somewhere kind of quiet and sit down and talk about airlines here in India and which ones are safe to take. Now guys, you have to be very careful with what airline you choose here in India. There’s been a number of problems in the past for example, Kingfisher Airlines went bust and a lot of people lost their money including some of my friends who were staff there, they haven’t seen their pay-checks. And this guy Vijay Mallya, he has just run away to England. He’s a fugitive there and there are so many fugitives from India living in England actually. It’s a shame it takes so long to get them extradited here to India. It seems to be a safe haven for Indian fugitives, England. And also there’s another airline that came into financial problems recently, Jet Airways. Do not book with Jet Airways! They canceled my flight, but luckily I got a refund. But the airline, they’re gone, do not trust your money with them anymore. The best two airlines are probably Indigo and Vistara. Indigo is cheap, it’s usually on time and the service is pretty good. Then you’ve got Vistara and Vistara is, it’s a new airline, its a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Ratan Tata and Tata is a very very famous Industrialist here in India. He’s one of the richest people in India. Actually, he’s a Parsi guy. So be careful of what airlines you choose, you also have Air India and SpiceJet and Air India is famous for not being on time. Okay, so it’s a good carrier, never had issues with them, same with SpiceJet but I can vouch for Indigo and Vistara as being good airlines to take. When it comes to food options you can get a pizza here at 6 a.m. in the morning, but when it comes to airlines, only Air India and Vistara are gonna give you a free meal if it’s a longer flight, like over 90 minutes. Anything under that and they’re going to give you like a snack like peanuts and a drink. All the other airlines, they are going to charge you for food. You can buy like a masala chai for a 100 rupees, a sandwich for a 150 rupees. So, where to book the airline tickets? Well, you’ve got Cleartrip and They’re going to charge you like a four hundred rupee convenience fee for booking with them, but I always book directly. So I booked this flight with Indigo and the best thing of booking directly is you can buy a flexi ticket. You can’t get flexi tickets on these other online portals and the flexi ticket allows me to change the date of my travel to whatever I want without paying any extra, you know, so that’s what I mean, I need that flexibility. So if you need flexibility, it’s only like a thousand rupees more to get that flexibility. Book directly through the airline’s websites. And you see there’s no kind of foolproof way to get cheaper tickets, okay, you have to book as far out as possible. That’s the only way I know, so one to two months before you travel domestically or internationally, like five or six months before you travel. That’s when you’re gonna get the cheapest airline prices. And I nearly forgot to mention, most domestic Indian airports have Wi-Fi, do not worry about that, guess they’ve become the most important thing these days for us, right ? Get here, download Netflix, watch it on the plane. People love to rush to their plane, I always wait till the end because what’s the point in standing there? Once everyone’s gone, then I board the plane. My seat is still gonna be there, right? It’s an allocated seat. So, what’s the point of standing there in the queue for so long, eh? We’re in the air now and air hostesses are bringing around the food options. And speaking about seating, I like to have the aisle seat and I always take the aisle seat if I can because it’s easy to get out, right, I can just grab my bag or go to the bathroom without having to push past people, and get out of the plane quicker as well. I’m fine with the middle seat that I’m in right now, it depends who you’re sitting next to. I’m sitting next to two great gentleman today, so there’s no issues but sometimes they will hold these arm rests, right and you might just get hurt, right? And, you’re kind of just stuck for the entire ride. So yeah, I find the aisle seat the most comfortable by far. Alright I’m here in Raipur, Ram Ram Raipur! What is up? You guys have a pretty nice airport too, its not bad! Pretty sweet! Now if you guys want to learn more about arriving at an Indian airport, I’ve got a video on it too. I arrived at New Delhi at 2:00 a.m in the morning which would be the most difficult time because you’re so jet-lagged. Go check that out! My channels got a bunch of tips for those of you coming here to India. And of course, go to and get my QuickStart safety guide, so you can travel safely and confidently here in Incredible India! Jai Hind! And, enjoy your time.

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  1. Update: I noticed I can now book flexible ticks via online resellers now. And in my latest price comparison, buying from a reseller was β‚Ή2000 cheaper than booking directly with Vistara. Why Vistara Why? So, always shop around Dosto. Got any flight and booking tips? Comment below.

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